Friday, September 30, 2005


Bloody hell! I stubbed my big toe and it bled. Not that I can see really since my nails were blood red too. But it damn hurts! And the nail cracked again. Why does my nail keep peeling off and cracking?



This morning when I woke up, it felt like some monster had taken a sledge hammer to me during the night. Damn. Left side was almost useless. I desisted, whimpered and whined. Panadol really makes aches and pains go away. What else could I do?

Newspapers will catch fire and burn merrily. Be careful not to burn down the kitchen next time.

It was so freaking hot. And just as sudden the sun went behind some clouds and it looked like it might rain.

Or maybe not.

The food at The Rice Table is so-so only. Sweet, unhealthy and salty. Nahh ... :P

But it was nice celebrating PM's birthday with her. It was nice to see her again. And one can't really fault the birthday girl for being late forty-five minutes, can one?

*Shakes head*

Monday, September 26, 2005

A need to plan

I am now sitting with my feet up, had a nice lovely shower, house is pretty neat, kitchen is clean, listening to my favourite Joshua Bell ... and just had two scoops of ice-cream .... *puurrrrr* ... what more could one ask for?


I doubt I'm going to put my feet down and go get my work I brought home today to do. Those can wait. *bleah*

I should go and put some stuffs away, get my stuffs and do my work ... hmmm. :P

It's been a pretty hectic day today, but everything was under control. Well, sort of, the egg dish was a bit dry and hard, but dear hubby is ever forgiving. :D

And it feels really great to be able to rest after all that hard work.

What I feel like doing now is this:



I've been doing lots of planning at work this week, and today things have gone pretty nicely.

And suddenly, there is a sudden urge to plan for non-work matters. So duh, but ... :P

Tues: Cook fried rice in the morning for lunch. Fried rice with prawns, pork, carrot, mushroom, scallops and peas. Then rush home after workshop to cook a simple dinner for dear hubby and later gals night out with PM and Min! PM may be bringing along a cake. woohoo! heh heh. Looking forward to that! :)

Wed: Nothing solid yet. Probably cook dinner at home. Stir fry scallops with big prawns and celery. Remember the celery mil gave? Yup, still there. Mom gave me some vege wrapped in newspapers, have not opened to see what's in it. Hope they are still edible. Probably cook that too! Then again, I should be going for yoga. *lazy*

Thurs: Hot date with dear hubby. woohoo! :) :) I sure hope nothing is going to spoil that! Will kill anyone who makes me stay back late on Thurs!

Fri: Have some plans but may change depending on mood.

Sat: Cleaner in the morning, make-up workshop with Wen in the afternoon. *beamz* Looking forward to that too! Hmm, I wonder if she needs to go to the market this Sat.

tra lala lala la!

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Pretty in red

Talk about being bored! I've finally painted my toes again. heh. That takes almost an hour and a half! In between reading and writing. :)

Found too:
My Joshua Bell's music on the computer. And Stacy Kent Dreamsville. Yay! :)

Favourite Joshua Bell is now:
Massenet Elegie: O Doux Printemps

Whatever it means.

Long time never go CD shopping. Need to do it one day.

Miss shopping for nice clothes. *sigh*

Days to look forward to:
Tuesday and Saturday. :)

My favourite lullaby

Hushabye Mountain

A gentle breeze from Hushabye Mountain
Softly blows o'er lullaby bay.
It fills the sails of boats that are waiting
Waiting to sail your worries away.

It isn't far to Hushabye Mountain
And your boat waits down by the key.
The winds of night so softly are sighing
Soon they will fly your troubles to sea.

So close your eyes on Hushabye Mountain.
Wave good-bye to cares of the day.
And watch your boat from Hushabye Mountain
Sail far away from lullaby bay.

Now to find the piano score! :)

I wonder if they have it at the library. But I can't access the page! Arrgh.

There are eighty-eight keys on the piano.

My poor fingers have been stressed eighty-eight times.

Cleaning each and every of the eighty-eight keys.

Isnt' there a better way of doing things?

Eighty-eight. My god.



I think I'm waking up too early in the morning everyday. Up to a certain time, my body just can't sleep anymore. It has to do something, being extremely restless. So what can one do when it is still dark and one's beloved is still in dreamworld?

I read blogs, iron clothes, make breakfast, played the piano, and just about anything I can think of. Perhaps next time I shall go for a run in the park. Or perhaps I should look for a good book to tide me over this period of time. Or perhaps the TV might help, but I hate shattering the peace and beauty of the morning with mindless chatter. Perhaps I should start on the knitting again.

The soul is restless. And it's a hot hot day again. Waking up too early in the morning only cause lathagic in the late morning, but I just can't sleep.


Saturday, September 24, 2005


I remembered once ...

and in bitterness and in truth,

but it was all too late ...

and I do not know why.

It was a good thing I managed to find my way back again. I had a vague idea it was on the other side, till you pointed out to me, very clearly, and that really did help. I was quite disoriented when I came out from the underground, but the past few trips had also helped.

Now all I had to show was just a little hole. Damnit.

It was the indecisiveness ...

and the depression,

perhaps sometimes ...

but is it truely?

Sticky sticky sticky. And one down soon. Oh gobble me up, what should I do? I dread to see, for I'm out of ideas. And the other is just as bad, where did it all gone to?

Sometimes I wonder too ...

would it have been better?

Friday, September 23, 2005

Me ... lucky?

Perhaps so ... perhaps so.

But me? I do not believe in luck. Luck is what you make of it. You either play an active role in your life, or be a passive chessplayer and wait to be overwhelm slowly by each and every move thrown at you.

Me? I do not feel I am an especially lucky person. Never win any money (not like my mom), nor had any special attention whatsoever. Yet, I am fortunate in many ways and most importantly, I am happy and contented.

Me? I believe that whatever one wants in life, one must go and get it with one's own hands. Wallow in the past and one will miss seeing the pretty butterfly flittering among the flowers tasting the sweet nector. Bury yourself in work everyday and one will miss smelling the sweet salty tangy sea air that comes in from the ocean. Drive yourself to extremes and the soul will know no real peace and serenity.

One must sometimes take a deep breath, cast the mind to silence, cast the heart to stillness and decide whether one wants to be happy or miserable or just be.

Life is full of mundaness. It is when one can live with it and find the happiness in it either alone or together with someone that life has its meaning then. It takes hard work and effort to look for that elusive and translucent little bit of silvery happiness, and sometimes you have to hunt it down and catch it and make it work. Definitely not easy at all.

It was never easy when it all started. There were cold silences and tears, ghosts in the attics and skeletons in the closets. There were criticisms and rejections, unhappiness and annoyances. There were good times and bad times, and times when one feels like stopping the clock and resigning, instead of seeing it to the end. It was easy to walk away, too easy, and it was tiring. But slowly things worked out and we talked, we agreed, and we moved on. And the best thing was simply to be direct and honest ... and perhaps to be at peace in all situations.

It's just a way of seeing things. In the eyes of a sleepy cat, or a hungry wombat, or even a grouchy tiger. And it's just how much effort you want to put in to make things work.

And to ask yourself, and to know yourself.
What is it that you want for both of you? What is it that you are willing to give?

To be loved, to be appreciated, to be there to listen.

Love him unconditionally and be loved.
To do little things and be appreciated.
To listen and be there.

And sometimes it is a sacrifice on your time and your life. But being romantic is all about sacrifice right? :P

I wonder how it is like to be standing on the beach, with the monotonous sound of waves beating a fixed tempo on the sand, with the sky a clear baby blue and nary a cloud on the horizon, with your toes curling around the soft white sand and the sun smilling into your eyes, and all the while not knowing that a huge hurricane is brewing up far far away out at sea, invisible to the peaceful and warm beach you are standing in.

Where the storm will hit in a few hours time, and will cause destruction of a scale unimaginable. And there you are, standing on the beach and staring out at the apparent calmness of the beautiful ocean, listening to the quiet swooshing and not knowing, and just be ... alive at that moment.


Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A trip down memory lane

Dearest hubby restored all my music files!! yay! :)

Many many interesting songs I have. Listening to them brings back nice memories. These were the music which HY transfered to me over ICQ when I was studying. These were the music I listened to when I was doing work on the computer. These were the music I listened to when I was still YOUNG. damnit. Old already.

I don't listen to songs a lot. Usually only listened to classical music, jpop and a some jazz. Classical music because of Xel, Jpop and chinese songs because of brothers, and jazz because of dear hubby. And I only listen to songs when people introduced them to me.

My world is silent until they and their music come into my life. :) Basically because I'm too stingy to buy cds. heh heh. Except for classical music. But that was because I was a perfectionist and decided to 'collect' classical music.

And because I'm doing work now, smsing Min at the same time and listening to old songs, it reminds me of those days when I'm doing reports on the computer, chatting with Min and other friends online and listening to those songs. :)

Good grief! Would that be almost ten years ago now? At least eight or nine!!

And the thought of going to meet up with PM and Min brings back happy memories as well. Do we want to get YS and Lin too? Them both have drifted quite a bit, might be more fun on our own.

I must go back to my parents' place and 'borrow' some of my brother's jpop cds!

Time flies so fast. One month after one month, day through night through day. Those days when you do not have any serious responsibilities. When all you do is to eat, sleep and do homework, play and have fun. Go out with friends, share music, joy and laughter. Have crushes and dreams and exciting things to look forward to. In a blink of an eye, those days are slowly forgotten as work piles up and reality takes shape.

Dear hubby was not really in my group of friends. He has always been there but we were just hi-bye friends. It's so strange, sometimes to think about it. Sometimes I believe that it is like ... well, fate perhaps? I had a few groups of friends I used to hang around with, and slowly I drifted out of the group, and made new friends on my own. There was a period of sadness and loneliness, then Wen was there for me. Now I feel complete with dearest hubby by my side. :)

Come to a full circle. fullstop. :)


Life doesn't stop there. Just when you have finished one test, there's always another one to prepare ... and more worksheets, and more tests and more worksheets. They complain we give them so much, who can we complain to? As if we want right?


Did I mention I got this kid who looks like Mr Bean? The sulky irritating kind of Mr Bean, when he is being very very irritating-look, very very annoying. I never really looked closely, but he seems to be rather cross-eyed. So damn irritating. I feel like giving him two tight slaps to 'straighten' his face. heh.


I shall beat Xena to it and write why I dislike beanspouts too. But I don't think I dislike them as much as she does. I only like them if they are cooked in a certain way.

Say no to beansprouts if
1. they are placed in soup. Noodle soup definitely a no-no with beansprouts.
2. they come with the tail, I mean root, and the black heads.
3. they are soggy and overcooked.

I only like them when they are rootless (and headless) and stir-fried lightly with a bit of salt, prawns and meat like the way my father cooks. heh.

And I can't imagine why anyone would want to have beansprouts with their shark fin's soup! Yeech. What a waste! Spoil the taste! And it rhymes. heh heh.

And beansprouts usually taste good if they are only lightly stir-fried. They taste awful when they are soaked in the soup. But I do not go to the extent of making my friends pick up each and every beansprout for me. heh. I only make my parents do that. :P Always make sure order noodle soup without beansprouts too. :P

PM's birthday next week. Where would be a nice place for dinner?


Seems like my readership has gone up. hmmm ...

So to take this opportunity ... heh heh

Does anyone has Aki Maeda's Gomenne?

Is the Rice Table at International Building still any good? Was like 6/7 years ago since I last went there! Was very impressed when Wen brought me there! Is it still there?

Monday, September 19, 2005

Thinking of you

Dearest hubby,

I love you so.


3. 2. 1.

Xena's latest post on her encounter with the old locum was rather amusing. I guess I shouldn't be laughing at her, ... but ... heh heh heh. :P Well, at least he didn't stink, did he? :P

And it reminded me of a time, a long long time ago, what? Eight or nine years back, when I was so very sick, high fever and all that. I don't nomally see a doctor then, because I don't like taking medicine, but that was either I see one and recover, or I won't be able to go for my star-gazing camping trip at Mersing the next day.

It wasn't a stinky old man, but it was a really really cute young one. Eye-candy okie!! hahah. The most good-looking person I've ever seen, actually. Was very amazed that such a good-looking person existed in such a profession! heheheh. Mustn't be human. Mom went with me since I was too sick to be on my own, and even she commented that wow, doctor so good-looking ah. waaah.

Too bad I was too woozy to appreciate that then. duh.

Too bad he wasn't the usual doctor there. hahaa.


It's amazing how half an hour of sleep can do to you. Was so dead tired, but just a deep sleep for thirty minutes and I could do my cooking and all that. I guess it must be the yoga training.

But you know you are still woozy when you tried washing your face with your glasses on.

And you know you are still woozy when you forget to cut the garlic till you start the cooking.

But with a hot cup of green tea, my sanity's restored. And no more papers to set!

Have I learnt a lesson yet?


Now would be a lull period. Now would be a good time to start my next knit project. :) But I am still two minds about the sizes. What size would be good? *think think*


Damn, dying for something sweet after dinner. :P

My mother-in-law bought us papayas. And celery. I just cut one (papaya), and I took a bite. Dear hubby is going to eat the rest of it. :P

Did I mention I dislike papayas?

The only good memories I have of papaya is the hot papaya wrap treatment we did during one of the spa trip in Thailand at Chiva Som with Wen. That was really shoik. Skin smooth smooth after that! Nice!

Papayas have this smell (and taste), okie ... more taste than smell, which turns me off. Waaaay off. I just hate it. And today while cutting the papaya, I realised that the papaya seeds are pretty gross too. Yeeech.

One more reason to dislike papayas.

My parents knew all my bad habits from young. They knew I disliked papayas. It had to do with them trying to force feed me papaya when I was a kid and having me throwing tantrums and screaming the house down. But still they tried. And they tried very hard. My father buys this special papaya, more expensive than the usual, very sweet ones, and they don't have that 'taste/smell' which I disliked.

And so sometimes I still eat papayas, because they wanted me to, and because it is good for me.

I love my parents! :)

And so how can a spoilt gal like me survive in this world without them?

I'm supposed to make juice out of the celery. Now where am I going to get a juicer? How are we going to finish the celery before they rot?

I have an extremely sweet tooth. So sweet that milo goes with two teaspoon of condensed milk. Roti-prata goes with one tablespoon of sugar (crunch crunch). Coffee goes with 2 teaspoon of sugar and 3 teaspoon of condensed milk. Bread goes with 1cm thick of kaya. Too sweet sometimes, and I'm learning to cut down. So sweet till hubby rolls his eyes at me and is starting to scold me for it. :P

But I'm still not to that standard where I can take barley, red bean soup, green bean soup without sugar. Unlike my dearest healthy hubby and his family. No sugar with barley. No sugar with green bean soup. Wah, can die leh.

How am I ever going to survive if my parents-in-law move in with us?

I've promised to cut down. Really! really really really! But not yet to zero. And sometimes work is so stressful and depressing that one needs the sugar fix. It gives me that energy to survive, and it makes me happy. Damn, I'm addicted to sugar and sweetness. :P

This sweet tooth thing is inherited from my mother and my granny. It's in the genes! I swear. And so far ... there hasn't been any negative aspects of it.

Do people actually get diabetics after taking such sweet stuffs?

I am still healthier than hubby. :P

And I don't take coke. And other sweet drinks.


Sibeh sian too

2am. Have finally finished.

Well, not quite yet. There's still one last thing to do, but I don't have the template with me.

Actually I do, in the laptop. hahaha.

Oh well.

2am. My back hurts.

I shouldn't have tried unpacking things today, but do my work.

I shouldn't have accompanied hubby out today but finish my work.

My brain hurts.

Now ... why can't I fall sick and take MC for tomorrow? :P


Sunday, September 18, 2005

D day

Have not done work yet. Have gotta do else Monday got to stay late. *sigh*

It's a day of cleaning. The new cleaning lady doesn't seem half bad. Anyone is better than the first one who took 3 hours to clean the toilets! We'll see about this one. There are still windows to clean. Windows windows oh dirty windows.

What do I do with all hubby's magazines?


Friday, September 16, 2005

Of pots and kettles, and little pink piggies too

Dearest hubby announced, to the gym he will go.

This little piggy flapped her little wings and went 'oink oink'.

Oh so hardworking me, brought back my laptop, and announced that I will complete my work during the weekend.

That little piggy flapped his little wings and went 'oink oink'.


Which is dirtier? The pot or the kettle?

Congrats to neighbour and their baby girl! :) Good thing I gave her the mittens and booties and bonnet none too soon!

Now I'm envious. How long more?

Wen's giving me lunch treat tomorrow. Me getting greedier. Must quickly grab free lunch before she forgets. heh heh heh.


The art of blood vomiting

1. The worker came in at ten plus (almost ten-thirty) when you said to come at nine.

2. He placed the newspapers on the floor, and disappeared for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

3. He returned with a ladder, and got ready the paints.

4. He started sandpapering the wall ... a little.

5. He left again for many many minutes.

6. He came back after many many minutes and painted up down up down, and left right left right.

7. One room done, and it was almost twelve.

8. He left to wash the pail to pour in the new paint.

9. He set up the plastic sheet for the next room, then came out and tell us he had to go for his lunch break.

The art of blood vomiting is very easy. Calculate how much gallons of blood has been lost by now. The blood bank would be very happy to have all those blood.

Eventually we told him to give us the paint, which he tried to threatened us by not giving us the paint, but the superviser gave it to us nonetheless, the paint-brush (not so lucky there), and the ladder (he needed it). So ... at least we got the paint, and we shall paint it ourselves.

And before he is to go, he can jolly well mop the floor of his dirty footprints from all that walking in and out of the house.

10. He disappeared for many many minutes, and returned with pail and mop.

11. He started to mop the floor of the room when the sharp shrilling of his hp brought the house down.

12. He disappeared many many minutes to talk on the phone.

And he finally! really finally! finished mopping the floor (just a little bit of floor where he walked in and out)

The art of blood vomiting is too easy. We shall hold onto the papers and refused to sign them till we feel like it.

So there.



Cobwebs and dust settle in my loft

Oh yes! *slaps forehead* I am the rabid fan of Xena's! heh heh.

*drool* .. *salivates* .. *wheeze wheeze*


It's a long story. Xena's was the second blog I read. One fine day, dear little Hammie told me to get myself a blog. I didn't even know there were such things as blogs, that there was a world out there. I used to have a nice little webpage, now defunct, of course, and it was quite fun doing it. So I was introduced to blogging, but it didn't really catch when I first started.

And it was mainly because it seemed so boring, and useless to have a blog.

Till I read Xena's ... and was inspired. And the third blog I read was Re-mi's. :P

And I've always felt that I am more of a reader, than a writer. And these two writers are really good at what they write. And it was kinda inspiring, and motivating. To read ... and perhaps to write.

And so I shall be the rabid fan. :P

None of my friends do blog. I mentioned to them about blogging, but none was interested in taking it up. I guess it can be kinda dull if you are the only one blogging and no one else you know does it. Perhaps that's where one makes new friends, but it's still kind of intimidating to be blogging alone. Sometimes I wish some of my friends would blog, and it would be interesting to exchange reads and such, but I guess that is not in their interest. It's kind of like ... sad, I guess. Perhaps I might have given up on blogging if I had not read those two really good ones. Who knows ya?

Only Min from amongst my friends read my blog. But she doesn't comment, not does she really get involved. Except when sometimes when we meet she'll drop some stuffs about what I wrote about, and it always surprises me, because it is so damn strange, to hold a conversation about what one writes about in one's blog.

Hell, I don't even remember everything I write! heh.

And there was once, an old friend dropped a comment on my blog, and that was a really big surprise/shock. I don't think he reads my blog anymore. Thank goodness. Perhaps one day I shall write a little nasty things about him. I felt like doing that once but held back. :P heh heh heh.

Sometimes I wish I could revamp my whole blog to look like my little webpage. That brings back nice memories. I tried to re-do the template, but got stuck. Never did graduate from java and all that, only basic html. And basically I can't quite be bothered, I guess ... because blogs here don't go very far either, and I guess perhaps because those friends I have don't do blogs either.

For me, it's all about inspiration. It's all about trying to keep in touch with some friends I once had, who had slowly moved out of my social circle. Sometimes I do miss them a little, and wonder what they are doing. But nowadays I am so busy myself, that I can't quite be bothered to try to get in touch with them anymore.

Because they don't care ... and you stopped caring too.

Once upon a time, a friend told me he was very grateful that we always made an effort to call him whenever he came back, and if not for us, he would have lost this tenacious friendship we had. I guess it's more Min and YS than me, for I might or might not have bothered. Now, I don't bother to keep abreast of this friendship anymore for it's not something really worth keeping.

Whenever Xel came back, I always made an effort to call her or she would to me. Now that she's working, when was the last time we spoke?

And to be very honest, I am tired of always being the one making the first move. My number has not changed. Call me if you want. I guess I have changed.

Perhaps when I have my house-warming, I shall make the effort to contact all those friends I had, and would like to see. Sometimes I missed the younger days, when we would play role-playing fantasy games together, have our chess/mahjong gatherings and food sessions. I do miss those days sometimes, but everyone moves apart sooner or later.

A little sigh doth escape into the air, but it's too soft to echo. Just a little sadness at the loss of good company and friends, but not sad enough for it wasn't too important. Memories that linger at the edge of the periphery, not too distinct to be able to catch and reel them in. Things of the past, shrouded in cobwebs, hidden behind the thick whiteness; vague, misty and slowly forgotten.

To write for a memory, to type for remembrance.

Thursday, September 15, 2005

There's this thing about chaps

1. They cannot stand pain.

Just a little bit more than usual and you get all sorts of expression, verbal and physical, the wincing and all the works. Hey, I do sports/deep tissue massage one okie. That's the best way to get rid of all those knots in the muscles. I haven't even gone as much as 20% of what I usually experience, and there it goes again! :P Haven't you heard? Must beat pain with pain!


I guess there's always the injection.

2. They don't wash the bottom of the dishes.

Overheard from friend telling her boyfriend.
Girl:Leave it, I'll wash them up later.
Guy (so sweet) replied: You prepared and cooked for the whole day, let me do it for you.
Girl retorted: Yeah, but you always never wash the bottom of the dishes, then in the end I still have to do it.
Guy: ...

Sometimes I find that the bottom of my pots still got stained marks. :P

And sometimes when everything is nicely washed up and cleaned, I found the cover of the pot still sitting at the cookery, unwashed.


3. They like to sleep in the daytime.

Friend tells me her boyfriend never wakes up before noon.

And when the sun comes out, he would always want to draw the curtains, switch on the aircon and cuddle a bit more in bed. And spend the whole night wide awake.

Look who's sleeping after lunch now. :P

4. They don't put things away or complete things properly.

Actually they do, after a big pile up occurs and you show your black face. Or you just do it yourself. *rolls eyes*

5. It's okay if they damage their toys themselves.

Be nice about it, and you have one up against them next time you damage their toys. :P

6. It's very easy to make them happy by making sure they don't go hungry.

Always feed them on time, with something simple, nice and home-cooked, and they're yours forever.

The same goes for cats as well.

heh heh.

How true are they? :P

Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Sharp be thee eye

Point number one. Still very little water.

Point number two. Deflating.

Point number three. Got to make it easier. Easier. easier.

Point number four. Finally found that elusive one.

My backside actually hurts.


Was it a stormy night?

The night is quiet and the air is still.

On a moonless night like this, Snoopy would be sitting at the top of his kennel and typing out ...

It was a dark and stormy night ...

Well, it certainly isn't a dark and stormy night right now. The streets are brightly lit and from time to time, a car or two would turn into the small street down below. The quiet night would be awakened by the heralding of the siren on a police car, or perhaps that would be the fire-engine going off to rescue some naughty cat which had climb just a little too high. Do firemen resuce cats here?

5 more questions for the first section. Damn.

I could see the traffic lights, turning green, orange, red ... then back to green and it's mersmerizing watching the blinking of the yellow light on the pedestrain crossing. The mind is quite numb from searching through banks of questions, and one just pluck out the words from the air onto the keyboard, for the fingers are the ones still sane, not the head. I can feel eye-bags forming under my eyes, and the fingers still go clicking clicking away totally detached from the rest of the body.

Imagine ... moving fingers ... without a body.

Not something one wants to think about on a lonely night.

Even the clock is silent, for the drone of the air-con serves as background music, while the clicking on the keyboard continues to tap out the melody of the silent night.

There are some strange things afoot tonight. The neighbour called to wonder about the strange and unusual fate of the water supply. Was it because of the new desalination plant? Is something terrorising us which we are unaware of? Or was there it because of all those magnetic fields one see in sci-fi which is finally coming to reality?

Speaking of which, on the news today ... the announcement regarding the desalination plant doesn't sound very promising. 'We try to follow as closely as possible to the guidelines of WHO' or something like that, which may read as extremely dubious. And certainly no more talk on our unusual toilet water too. heh.

Oh well ... a short break is good, but work beckons.

Woe betides the unfortunate

Bad things always come in pairs or threes or whatever.

Bad tidings indeed.

Dear hubby banged up the car. There is a sudden disruption in the water supply. I am not getting on very well with my work.

When such unfortunate accidents happen, one has always got to look on the bright side of things.

In the first case, at least no one and nothing was involved. Thank god hubby is all right, though a bit shaken. I blame the overworked and lack of rest dear hubby has to endure everyday. It really sucks when the working hours are long. Too long. And sometimes one does get disillusioned with the people and the system. Poor dear. How could I be angry with him? Will give him a big big hug later. :)

In the second case, at least I managed to wash my hair. heh heh. Shampooed and conditioned and everything. Good thing that. Else I'll definitely be like she in the picture of flowers to Xena. :P

In the third case ... well .... procastination, procastination, procastination ... You see, the thing is that smart and intelligent people are often most times lazy as well. Extremely. *bleah*

I missed my friends online in icq whenever I have to do long tedious work on the computer. There used to be HY or LY to talk to, or even Wen would be around, and some other people, but nowadays there's no one at all. I have to multitask when I do work, for it relieves the boredom somewhat. And the brain doesn't get twisted so much with all those scientific jargon. No one goes on icq anymore. *sob*

So I end up writing more junk here.

I have been blogging for a quite a while now. There are many things that I would like to write about, if I could. But there are many things which I have to hold back, because the blog is too public and too dangerous a place to be too honest. Some thoughts are best left as secrets, and secrets are best kept locked in the heart and perhaps to be forgotten. Words can be dangerous, words can be used against you, and being too truthful with your thoughts can leave you vulnerable to attacks by devious people.

I've learnt to keep my mouth shut, and ears and eyes open. Watching, waiting ... and unfortunately for me ... forgetting. :P Perhaps that is how it is, to be immune to gossips and to avoid being targetted. Keep to yourself, keep a low profile, and just be happy doing what you like doing.

Sometimes one is tempted to reach out and be involved in things. Sometimes one is tempted to put a picture of oneself up and make new friends. Sometimes one is tempted to try to meet Xena and other bloggers for they are so interesting and funny and unusual. But perhaps one needs to dangle a juicier carrot. :P

Gone were the days when I was so adventurous where I would just about meet anyone and everyone just for the fun of it. heh. I wasn't wild or anything, just bored. And boredom is a fine carrot to salivate to. There weren't any regrets, and the best of it all, I made some wonderful and really great friends whom till now are still close friends. Life is so strange sometimes.

Perhaps it is just that we do have something in common. :)


Suffer thyself

It has become an extremely bad habit to do everything at the lastest of the minute. So why do I do that again and again and again?

Basically I guess I'm an extremely last minute person. Can't do anything until the sense of urgency is upon me. And so I am to suffer today and probably tomorrow as well.

My eyes are tired, but they cannot close. My eyes are red, but they cannot tear. My eyes are tired but the brain says go go go. No rest for the wicked.

So I take a short break before I continue my marathon of work. Work, work, work. It's a love and hate relationship. I hate doing it yet I enjoy doing it. If I have more time, but that wouldn't have help because I wouldn't have done anything with the extra time.


Monday, September 12, 2005

Project X

You know ... just so as to have something to blog about.

I'm bored. No more Xena's blog to read. And the only blog left worth reading is re-mi's. I just have to say that. :O


So ....

Did I mention I hate sewing? Finally finished the last mitten, and it's really a chore to stitch everything together.


Just don't look at them stitches too closely. :P Maybe I should have taken up hubby's offer of help. He definitely sews better than me!

But eventually things get done. :)

And I tried to do the 'ribbons', made by doing twisted cords.

1st attempt, 2nd attempt ...

Whoops too short! :P


And finally here is the complete set!

Pretty in pink. I hope A likes them for her baby girl. :)

And yes yes I know, the booties are smaller than the mittens. It's not a perspective error. I made medium size for the rest after completing a small size booties. Because small looked really ... well, tiny. Yes yes I know I shouldn't have done that. What? Redo ..*echo echo*? Nope, didn't hear anything. :P

Hmm, don't feel very excited about it though. Feel like youknowho and her many many pictures of exhibitions. *bleah*


I ought to be doing something more useful right now. But what the heck. :P

Next project coming up soon! :)

And I do hope Xena's blog will be up soon! I need entertainment! I need inspiration!!! *bleah*

Little things that make me smile :)

Joy is ...

when the lift door opens, and you see dearest hubby there.

He was late (as usual) and you rushed back hoping to catch him (knowing that he would be late). And you really did managed to catch him and got that hug.


*goofy grin*

*warm fuzzy feeling*

heh heh heh.

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Ark! ark!

I woke up this morning with a stiff neck, a stiff shoulder and a headache.

Blistering barnacles and thundering typhoons as Captain Haddock would say.


Hubby tried to help, and it is slightly better, but I need a proper massage soon. When can I have one?


I swear I'm worse than my students! All my homework all piled up, and no, I'm not starting any yet. heh.

Whoops. Cannot go out today and play. :P

I finally finished putting all mine and hubby's CDs collection away neatly. And found that ...

I have two classic YoYoMa CDs. Hmm, does anyone want the extra?

I've also found the Stacy Kent Dreamsville. Thank goodness. :)

I got so many cds, some of them I've not even played at all!

Hmm, I wonder where hubby puts my music folder in the computer.

One last mitten to go. :)

One piece a day, not too bad. Can't start on work unless I finish all those knitting. heh.

Is Xena going to get a new blog soon? *waiting waiting* *hophop*

Friday, September 09, 2005

Or not to exist?

Xena's blog has been shut down. Poor thing. I can understand how that feels. Well, I don't get to read her blog either! Poor me too. heh.

Well seriously, I hope she gets someplace to blog soon. It's so boring without her blog around!

So to cheer her up, and since I don't have her email addy, here are some flowers for her! Can't find anything on ice-cream though. Damn weather is sooo hot!

To Xena, :)

Don't say don't have. heh

I need to jump into the pool later.

So very hot! Ironing in such a hot weather in an air-con room is still too hot!

Hot hot hot!

Ten centimeters!!!

What have I gotten myself into?

And the pattern isn't as easy as it could be. Not the usual knit and purl kind. What slip stitch, double stitches etc etc.

My left hand is definitely atrophied.

To exist

A need to write. Because I'm alone at home. It's a lovely day, but rather stressful thinking of the things not done.

A need to clear the head of thoughts.

A need to start focusing on the important things.

No, I'm not feeling lonely. Just being alone tends to cause the head to whirl more than usual, espeically if one's feeling just a little stressed.

Just a little stressed because those bloody workers aren't doing the painting yet and the room is in a mess. I want my piano. I want to do more unpacking and put away more things. It's the last of my hols.

Just a little stressed because there are many papers to set, and I've not gotten into the mood to do any yet. Three full papers to be exact. How cruel.

Just a little stressed because it's the last day, and I wished it would be longer. Just a little longer to enjoy it, to wallow in laziness.

Just a little stressed because I need to plan what to do for the day else I'll be wasting the last precious day I have. Again.


Thursday, September 08, 2005

Monologue coffee night

So sad. Opponents resigned on me rather than let me torture slowly. *sigh*

So all I'm left are the difficult games, where I have to really think. Where's the fun? None too enthusiastic now.

I shouldn't be drinking coffee I guess, but mom's coffee smelt really good this afternoon. Unconsciously, I reached out and before I knew it, I told her she had better make herself a new cup, for there wasn't much left for her. heh.

I like her coffee, very very sweet. 2 teaspoon of sugar and 3 teaspoon of condensed milk! heh heh heh.

And what's wrong with drinking coffee anyway? Mom said that when she had me she drowned cups of coffee everyday. So here I am, extremely hyperactive and wided-eyed and alert about everything going on around me. :P


There, my pair of booties are done! :) Well, except for the twisted cord ribbon to tie around it, which I haven't made yet. It's supposed to be a sweet pretty pink, but the colour doesn't turn out very well in the photo. And it's really tiny! Hmmm.

The booties are for my neighbour's expecting baby. :) I'm starting on the bonnet and will finish with the mittens. Can't do too much in a day! Hand hurts.

I'm trying to be more friendly I guess. It's kinda strange for me to be so friendly. Normally I would have kept to myself and would have ignored everyone on the same floor ... but sometimes it's good to have more friends.


I guess the latest craze for me right now is knitting. All my interests come in periods. :P None of my friends do knitting though, what a pity ... it would be nice to have someone to share patterns and talk shop about. Oh well.

Coffee doesn't seem to be working very well ... sleepy sleepy.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Pretty pretty?

Like two hours later ...

I'm so proud of myself! :)

Now was that the most difficult pattern in the booklet?

Isn't it pretty? :)

Oh dear

So I've bought my wool and needles and patterns and everything else I need. :)

After the 3rd row, I realised I am still a noob.


How to do psso, yfwd?

Gee ... I never graduate to that!

And my all rounda book (or so I thought) doesn't seem to be very clear on that.


google ... google ....


And I found this. Yippee! :)

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Everlasting hyperactivity

Opponents are playing too slowly. Winning games have won.


Have played bricks of egypt until sian.


Need more cracks.




Have cooked three meals today: breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Tiring man.



Can't be a full-time housewife. Bored to my ears.


What's next?

Monday, September 05, 2005

Things that I go gaga about

Jo Sharp.

baa baa baa ...

Ohhh, I love her new books, I love her new wool!


So expensive though.


Maybe I should just finish my last knit project which is like sitting in the cupboard for ages.

Did you see her new pastel coloured new wool?

baa baa baaa ......

Beautiful eh? :)

Xena's blog is down again. There goes my daily addiction. And just when I added an interesting blog onto my list, he doesn't seem to be writing either.

baa baa baa ....


Sunday, September 04, 2005

Domestic Cretins

Note to self: Paper will catch fire in the oven! :P

Where are you going?
Where do you come from?
Show me to your lair,
So that I can build a wall for you.

~from The Extermination of Ants, Chapter 43


Friday, September 02, 2005

Taking stock

Three freaking hours to clean three bloody toilets!



One board resigned ....



Cats are lovely creatures, nicer than dogs. Cats are neat and cool, and they can be affectionate in a certain charming way. Dogs are just way too silly and juvenile. You know, they show they like you by salivating all over your knee. But cats would rub against you and purr their contentment.

If they like you.

But if you forget to feed the cats, beware thy warth!


3pm. Prepare black chicken soup

4pm. Prepare dinner

Now: rest.

And where are those bloody workers to do the wall?


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nothing to do?

The cleaning auntie is finally here. Hubby rolled his eyes and told me that it must be a women's thing to have to put things away before the cleaning auntie gets here. So it was. I was up and awake early in the morning, tidying up the place. hahaa.

Tea does wack to my system. Had only three hours of sleep and is as bright as a bean.

She's washing the toilet right now. I feel like vacumning the floor while she's at it. Hubby stares at me as if I've gone mad. :P

So what do I have left to do?

1 hour 30 minutes later ...

She is finishing the first toilet.

I had vacumned the rooms, swept the yard, kitchen and hall, folded the clothes ... and practised the first 10 bars of Canon in D.

Of the past ...

I don't think I'm really a chess fanatic. It's more of a periodic cycle. Just happened to have a few interesting games which caught my attention.


So I picked up the violin tonight and tried to play a familiar tune which I overheard on the radio. Cannot make it. Need to look for a teacher. Bloody familiar tune singing in my head. I'm sure I have the score some where .... where is it?


Running low on fuel, effects of tea is starting to fade.

It was interesting to read about their blogger meets. :) And all their thoughts and description after that. heh. I feel like an outsider looking into a fishbowl, an intruder lurking at the side, waiting for the next installment of the story. heh heh.


I used to mudd when I was studying. There were the usual mudd gatherings, but I never went to any. When I mudd, I concentrated on killing monsters. Never really bothered to socialise or got very close with any groups. My friend introduced me to it and she had her own party and outings and stuffs which somehow I wasn't invited to. Perhaps I was simply a late starter, and I had my own 'guardian angel' who wasn't very popular with the normal gang.

But I did meet up with people, on a somewhat small scale. I met up with Hammie, but that was because of LY which was because of HY, and that was because of JH. And I met up with a whole bunch of people after that, and that was because of astronomy, weiqi, music and writing stories. I met up with hubby, and that was because of chess and music and cats. I met up with Wen, and that was because of interest group - food gatherings, then yoga then travelling. How strange life can be.

I can count HY as one of my closer friends, but I lost touch with JH. I still see LY around on icq, but I hardly talk to her. She and I were close once - piano, badminton and astronomy. It really takes effort to stay in touch. I've lost touch with the whole group of weiqi people, but I was never really good at weiqi. We used to play badminton together and it was fun smashing shuttercocks into each other. :) Hammie introduced me to blogging, I read his blog sometimes ... but I've nothing to say to him too. :P

Nowadays friends which I still keep in touch from the old days ... HY - because he's the main source of my yahoo games cracks. heh heh. Wen, because somehow we just clicked rather well, and she's a loyal friend, if nothing but getting me to spend more money on shopping. :P But perhaps we too are moving apart, as she has more friends from her doggy gatherings, while I become more domesticated. :P Only those two left from the past.


Perhaps it is time to move on too.

Got a new pair of pretty ear-rings. :)

And a brand new hair cut.

My head feels so light. yipee!

Min, myself and Lin met up over the weekend. It's been a long time since I saw Lin. She's ever the workaholic, going back to work after lunch and movie. Somehow I felt conversation with her getting difficult, for we now have very little common things to talk about. I think it has to be me, for when one becomes domesticated, one's world would shrink.

What do we talk about anyway. Her job, her ambition, her travels .... it's so hard to keep up. Our common interests move apart ever so slowly. We can't do many things together anymore. Perhaps that is also so with YS. Nothing to say to her. :P

People change as they grow older. Perhaps more so for me as all my girl friends I know are still single. Perhaps a few more years more, and we would have no common interests anymore.

Domesticated people like me simply gets more boring. :P