Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tell me why ...

This morning, I woke up very early. I went downstairs to wash the glass bottles and milk bottles and put them into the steralizer. I took out the plastic tray in the steralizer and added water to make up the mark. I put back the plastic tray and closed the cover. I pressed the button and heard the beep of the steraslizer starting up. I smiled contentedly to myself.

Then I woke up, and realised I had to do everything again.


Last night yoga was great. I wished I could do yoga twice weekly ... or maybe even three times a week. Nowadays doing yoga doesn't leave me tired. In fact, I feel full of energy after that. Which is quite bad cos I need to sleep after that! And now that Viv has pushed back the class half an hour ... am I going to sleep even later at night?

I'm making red bean soup right now, and it smells heavenly. *mouth waters*

I felt hungry immediately after lunch. Was itching to pop some chocolates, or cookies (btw, have already finished the 300g of chocolate chip cookies Min gave me!) into my mouth. But restrain! Restrain!!!

Thou shalt not eat too much food with empty calories. May make baby fat! Must eat more fruits!!!


I'm dropping so much hair that it's quite scary. Yesterday morning, dear hubby lifted up my fringe and exclaimed! Bald spot!! Waah lao ...


Thy body is telling me that I must go for a massage soon. :P

But I have so many deadlines which died last week! Arrgh.

I always thought that the males should be clean shaven. When he walked past and peered into the windows, I was pretty much surprised, for I thought a walrus had descended upon me. I always had that impression. hahaha.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


If ever a baby can have a guilty look, my little one certainly has perfected his!

Over diaper changing today, he silently peed when dear hubby wasn't looking, and gave a sweet guilty smile when hubby turned his head back. Puzzled, dear hubby lifted his bum up and found him soaking wet.

Next, my dear little baby transcended all boundaries... he pooed onto me! Onto my shirt and shorts!! A splat of runny hard boiled eye yolk. And with the smell too! Euuugh. I was holding him to clean his face before putting him into the tub! Waah. Euuugh.Waaaah.

So mummy had her revenge, between dear hubby and myself, little baby of mine had a new experience of how water smelt like. He breathed water today, and howled his heart out after that. Heh heh. Drinking tub water has become quite a norm, especially when dear hubby bathes him. Or rather dunks him.

After mummy's shrieks and baby's howls quieten down, we both laughed and giggled and made amends.

So here he is, my little baby boy blue. :) Complete with all that double chin, itching-to-pinch cheeks and rotund tummy. And a cheeky smile too.

Whenever the car door closes on us, baby would start getting a panic attack. He would hyperventilate, whimper and break into a cold sweat.

Gotta get him a sonic jet airplane!

Even if he had just been fed at home, and diapers changed and all that, he would still start to shake and be extremely agitated.

I wonder why? Car-claustophobia?

The only way to soothe him is to let him have more milk.

So you wonder why he's of that size? Heh heh.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Chicken Little

This set of nice green clothes baby is wearing is from Auntie Wen from Bangkok. Jim Thompson wor ... cloth very soft. But if you looked closely enough, you can see his little ... err, big I mean, and super round tummy. And the whole set (which is for six to twelve months old, Wen said) is just a little tight around the waist ... and just a little small for baby.

How about that!

7.8 kg as of today. Eight very soon eh? :)

His other nice cookie mon suit is at my mom's place. The last time he wore it, he pooed into it again. :P So I gave it to my mom to scrub off the poo. Heh. Somehow whenever he wears the cookie mon suit, he'd have so much more poo that it usually overflow out of his diapers. Leaked. Eeeugh.


If you ask me, I think friend Wen is going a little bit off her rockers. Daily poo index, and giving names to ... err ... things. :P I mean I've known her for years, and last time when I told her about blogging, she was like ... blogging? Bah ... imagines waving her hand and rolling her eyes. See what she has become now. Blogging! Man .... the daily poo index and giving names to ... err ... things. Heh heh.

Perhaps that has got something to do with hitting the big Three. *bleah*

Me? I can't imagine calling my computer a ... name! Or my hp, or well .. maybe the bed, and who knows what! Even if I were to have an apple computer, it would still be the apple. And a long time ago, the cat was the CAT, and baby was BABY ... until when he was born, we still hadn't had a proper name for him! :P

Anyway, since her atom doesn't get along with megan, does it mean she's going to get a new computer? heh heh.

I was quite surprised to read that the atom uses palm software. Hubby's mini uses windows, and horrors of horrors, microsoft outlook! He never even sych it then. Good thing I did not get the o2 after all. My sleekest slimmest razor serves me well. The photos taken are of quite good quality too. It's a bit troublesome not having an organiser. My ex-palm was heavily used until it died, and for a while it took a bit getting used to not having a palm. *shrug*

Anyway yoga last night was pretty cool. I was surprised I could do most of the leggy poses now. Seems that I'm getting the strength back from my thighs. But horrors of horrors ... my upper arms are water! I couldn't even do the armstand! I went whoops and flopped down on my head! Arrgh. Yes! I could have done it last time before I had baby!!

Must do more yoga ...

Perhaps when hubby settles down in his work and we've decided to leave baby at my parent's place for a few nights, I can start going for more classes.

Who says dogs don't cry? Ha. Didn't Holly yelp so loudly that she could be heard on the stairs? hahaa. Hey, baby doesn't cry much at all! And he wakes up every morning and greets me with a big wide smile! :)

Monday, March 20, 2006

My little baby terror :)

Today, baby is sooo twitchy the whole day. Put him down on the bed alone and he'd start to whimper. And cry. Rock him to sleep and in less than fifteen minutes, he'd wake ... and start to whimper. And cry. And howl. Oh god ....Let him sucker to sleep, and same thing happen. I'm so tired.

Maybe he knew that his greatgrandma had passed on.

Poor baby. Mom and all my aunties told me not to bring baby down. Will have to leave him somewhere so that I can see my grandma for one last time.

Oh well ...

I guess grandma will be at peace now. Perhaps she'll meet grandpa somewhere and be happy. My elder bro told me she visited him in a dream, looking young and pretty again, and was so happy. She was packing her things and told him to take care, since he was still coughing, and to take more herbal stuffs. Grandma also visited some of my uncles and aunties in their dreams. How come she never visit me? *sniff*

Maybe I'm too thick-headed for such stuffs. Or maybe elder bro has always been grandma's favourite.

Perhaps that's why baby has been fussing all day today.

My little baby terror. I still love him. :) Babies are so much more cuter and lovely and so much more rewarding than any dogs. Heh ... at least, I clean his butt after he poos everytime. Gosh, I don't think one cleans a dog's butt everytime they pooed right ... and imagine them sitting on your bed or on your lap after that ... euuugh. No diapers too. Euuugh.

My little baby terror. He likes to laugh a lot. :) And he always brings a smile to our faces no matter how tired we are. And now he giggles and chuckles at the slightest thing, and baby always smiles at me when I smile at him.

My little sweet baby terror. Every morning when he wakes up, he'll greet us with a big smile. And he doesn't mind being woken up at all when he's asleep. Not grumpy at all. :)

I love my baby so :) .... and dearest hubby too. :)

Hubby now has a second baby. Sometimes he's so busy we do feel a little neglected. And if he's not busy, he'd be worried and preoccupied. I guess that's the way it's going to be for a while. Mustn't get upset ... I guess after all, we must remember that he still loves us. *sigh*

When I feel stressed, I will eat chocolates. Must go stock up more. Amos double chocolate chip cookies had been a great help. Especially with milk. I think my tummy just got even more flabby.

Damn should go for more yoga. And blading. Duh.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


Actually my dear fellow galfriends, when I've been upgraded to mom status, all of you dear galfriends are automatically upgraded to auntie status. So my dear Wen .... you are AUNTIE, whether you liked it or not. At least I don't have a big bum. :P hahaha. Or aching bones. hahaha.

But speaking of becoming old ... don't know why my tailbone feels painful sitting on hard surfaces, or even cushioned surfaces. The only place it likes is the bed. So guess what. I'm spending more time on it to read, to mark etc. :P

And speaking of old again, gosh, two years ago, I could do back bends like no one's business. I remember once I attended a workshop by Joan, and there I was going all the way back like nothing. Nowadays I don't even dare to do it ... for fear of breaking something! The worst is my wrist hurts so much I can't put any weight on it anymore! It couldn't get the proper rest it deserves, for when baby cries I still have to carry him! And bathing him which twist my wrist makes it even worse. :(

Damn damn and triple damnation.

I ought to do something about it soon. I wonder if it'll help if I get it bandaged? Now sometimes writing with a pen hurts as well.


And bloody bleach has gotten licensed.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Making faces

From Xena ... from My Heritage ... the photo you choose is very important ... it tells a million stories.

74%! Lee Young-ae. Wooohooo ... hahahhaa. *blush*

67% Gwyneth Paltrow *bleah*

66% Natalie Imbruglia. Hmmmm ...

66% Greta Garbo Really?

64% Ofra Haza. Dunno who?

61% Rachel Weisz Waaaah.

Unbelievable! HAhaha ... I don't think I look at all like any of them! Hahahaha.

And guess what my dear little baby is like?

54% Uma Thurman. I have yet to die laughing!

From here:

What do we know? :P

P.S: Mushishi ...

PPS: Whoops, I didn't do my homework again.

Baby goes adventuring

So today baby dearest wore another of his new clothes. This time in blue. Baby sports car driver. Vrooom vrooom. I packed him up in his a little too tight socks and onto his pram away we go. He loves going out. And he'll always fall asleep on the train. It's quite easy to move around actually. Where there are lifts to go up and down, except that when the lift is not working, it gets a bit tough.

But hey, it's fun!

Baby dearest is so smart. He knows when I'm feeding him milk in the bottle, and he'd simply grin at me but not wanting to drink any. He wants his milk fresh, thank you very much. Duh.

I bought him down to the baby fair to get some stuffs. Basically I just want to get out of the house. It's so depressing to stay in all day and be bothered by unhappy thoughts. I didn't want to see them too. Changed my mind. Better not be around in case they want to come down!

She just can't let go. It's been more than a year already. :(

I guess I'm definitely not the favourite person of the year. Well, never was, never felt accepted, never felt loved, never felt anything. I shouldn't care so much, but it's me ... sometimes I do get affected.

Hubby mentioned the other day that us sporeans love using the words 'actually' and 'basically' a lot. How true! heh heh.

The phone doesn't stop ringing. I've kinda stopped answering. Heh heh.

But I'd finally sat down and called them back and started making the appointments. It can be quite frustrating, because I don't really know what exactly and how he wants it. So duh. Grrrr.

I should do my markings instead. Brought back a ton of books but have not touched them yet! *bleah*

Finally wore my new pair of tods shoe (bought last year or was it the year before?). They're sooooo lovely! Heh heh heh. Goes very very well with my jeans. Heh heh heh. Heh heh heh. :) Gee, things like that makes me happy. :P Got blisters after that ... but still happy. heh. Waah, can't wait for the next sale ... wanna get sandals this time!

Mom didn't want to stay over tonight and take care of baby tomorrow. *Sniff* So have to bring him there early in the morning. *sniff* *sniff*. They all want him to stay at their place. They all love him sooo much. But he's mine! MINE MINE MINE! How can let him stay there everytime. We'll miss him so much! Don't they understand!

I guess I am not the favourite child after all.

My colleague's mom stays with her everyday of the weekdays and only goes back during the weekends.

Mom doesn't want to do that. She wants to take my baby away from me. *sniff sniff* :(

So since we're reluctant to leave him there overnight, we'll have to wake up very early and drive him down everyday. *sigh*

No wonder I'm losing so much weight.

I'm not the favourite child.

Big brother old man leow have to go army camp, mom has to be around to see him off. Wah piang.

No wonder my brothers are forever mummy's boys .... will someone introduce him a girl!?!!! I think no girls want him too. HAHAHa.

Must not do that to my baby. Ever.


Oh well ... I don't mind driving down every morning to leave baby at my parent's place and picking him up after work, but poor hubby is the one taking the punch, since his working hours are so long. What to do what to do what to do?

Wen's blog got problem posting comments one. I tried and re-tried again and again, copy and paste and click and click ... in vain.

Actually I just wanted to laugh at her for her guy commented that she got short legs. Well said man! HAHAHAHAHA.


And I can't believe she's so chicken ... what, only 90km/h on roads here? Wahh ... I think I actually went up to 110km/h here ... Hmm, never tried it at 160km/h ... sounds fun. Heh.

Anyway, she gave me a couple of yoga pants recently ... said they looked wierd on her. I wondered why. Asked her if they made her butt looked too big. Hahaha :P I also don't wear three-quarts at home, usually shorts only. But just to try them out, I wore the black one yesterday. Dear hubby came home and commented what's with that auntie look. Wah lao.


No can do.

They're quite comfy though.



My dear little baby had his five-in-one jab yesterday. So very macho you know, never even cry. Maybe his thighs too fat cannot feel the needle? heh. Well, actually he was busy drinking his milk when he got poked. He gave a startle, unlatched in astonishment, and decided that it was too much trouble to scream his protest. Food, is more important, and he noisily went back to his enjoyment. :P

Half an hour later, he gave it all he could. Duh.

Monday, March 13, 2006

3 months old

Warning! The following post has a cuteness rating of 10/10. As decided by me of course. Some pictures may be sooo cute that you just wanna pinch his cheeks. :) Look at your own risk!

Here he is, in his new cookie monster clothings. Given to him by Auntie Min. Right after that, he pooed onto his new clothes ... well, at least we know he loves it so much to poo in it!

Cobra pose (Bhujangasana) ... baby style. Betcha can't do it .. his way. Heh

And he's a little dinosaur ...

Xiao Ba Wang ... really.

And why are you looking at me so? I'm charging you for looking at all my cute cute photos! For my milk powder. heh

And so there he is ... three months old. Time for his injection soon, but it's too hot out there.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

Rant mode on

Even them ... so calculative.


So depressing.

Wished my parents could help.

It's all about control and power actually.

I guess she's still unhappy that we went and buy a place of our own.

To live under their roof but not having able to make decisions.

Now kenna lectured. Now kenna shoved into the mouth. Now kenna made difficult.

So many conditions huh.

Hip Hop

They're all playing the harp downstairs. Sometimes I think the best of intentions may lead to the worst of disasters. Up to a certain extent, there has to be a certain trust to do certain transactions. If everything also kenna hiam until like no tomorrow, then how to get anything done at all?

One month has passed.

I'd like something real cold and sweet to drink right now. :)

I'd like to do some baking ... am going to buy a proper oven! Heh.

Have been going through recipes after recipes. Make my mouth water. Did I mention I can never feel full? At most just feel rather sick of the food. Sooo .... I still feel like eating something. :P

I really like mushishi very much!

Liked I've said before, it isn't really very exciting, but the stories get onto you. Very subtly. The drawings with the misty atmosphere and the characters really ... how to say ... the whole anime is simply a work of art. Subtle, breathless, beautiful.

Can't wait for the next episode!

Much things are being said, being planned ... but never were carried out. Either we get too tired, or too busy or something popped out. *sigh*

Poor baby, would his parents be too busy for him next time?

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

It's March!

Gosh, time flies so fast, can't believe it's already March. I'm surviving everyday on about four hours sleep. My eyes are tired. :P

I miss my baby. Especially when he has to stay with my parents for the night. Sniff. Mom doesn't want to come everyday. *sniff*

It's nice to have Mom here. Got nice lunch and dinner and I'm not the one cooking! :)

There's a mushi living in my left ear. It eats up the sound. Especially when it gets extremely noisy. The mushi has the shape of a snail and it resembles the inner ear. When the world is too quiet, it would sneak into human ears and feed on the sound. Mushi-shi is very interesting. I wouldn't say it is exciting ... just interesting. I liked the latest one where there is a snake-like mushi which creep into the brains and eats up memories. It's amazing how creative the stories are!

Fantastic Children was nice. Well, for the first season at least. I wished they had put in more on the mysterious children ... but it turned out to be a tragic love story, somewhat in the lines of Shakespeare. Still nice, but it would have been nice if they mentioned what happened to the rest of them in the end.


I'm always hungry. I've had a big dinner and now I'm feeling hungry. I had a big dinner but I don't seem to feel full after that. Perhaps there's a mushi involved. :P Gotta wait for the next installments. Heh.

PM said that I must be the only one who complains about losing weight. Well, I just don't want to look too sunken and sickly. Wouldn't be nice to be like a skeleton, don't you think?

Hmm ... must look for food ..... *bleah*