Tuesday, February 24, 2009


My daughter is so big now. She is growing so fast everyday. I am so blessed to have the time to spend with her. Simply lying down with her and watching her sleep. Her eyes would flutter and her lips would twitch into a smile when she had a good dream. She's so happy, her smile is the sweetest. She's just so cute! And everyone says so too. :)

At eight months, my dear girl can sit very well, and is starting to crawl. She still crawls on her tummy, but she can crawl forward very fast when she is motivated to do so, especially when you put a handphone in front of her. Unlike my son at that age, my girl loves putting everything in her mouth, so she is being motivated by greed to get the object in front of her and to put it into her mouth.

She has two lower front teeth, and boy, they are very sharp. Can pierce two holes in your hand when you are not watching. My girl loves to play with her brother. She loves to watch her brother, and always eyes his toys. She isn't interested in her own toys but dying to taste-test her big brother's logo. Yum yum, she must be thinking. Why is my big brother's toys all so delicious?

The big brother goes to school everyday, and his teacher was saying that he daydreams quite a bit when it comes to do work, and during Chinese lessons, he would tend to chit-chat with his friends. Oh dear, lots of bad habits. Hahaha. Otherwise he is still quite shy. So there I was telling his grandpa that we ought to tell his teacher to 'punish' him when he talks out of turn, and the smart little aleck heard me and told me in no uncertain terms that he wants to change class (and change teachers). I forsee trouble when he goes to primary and secondary school next time!

Then I was reading Smootie's blog, and she said her three-year-old son can write and spell. Arrgh, am I going to be a kiasu mother and run around in circles and force my son to be the same?

*bangs head*


Thursday, February 05, 2009

We are overwhelmed

The hubby, over a sleepless night, one night, ordered a whole lot more Lego, which came in around 5pm today. Free delivery okay. 4000 pieces, windows and doors, wheels and more wheels. The son's eyes went as round as saucers. I think maybe by the end of the year we would have one of everything. Sheesh.

So I was telling hubby that maybe we should move into a bigger house where we can leave one room just for all the Lego we have.

Yep. That'll be nice right? We can have the train set too.

For me, I shall buy more nice Muji boxes for storage. Now got good excuse. Haha.

Sometimes it's hard not to be envious of Wen. Oh boy, she is really one successful girl. Her hard work really pays off. It's really impressive the things she has acheived. An MBA, a yoga teacher's training cert, an online business as a hobby etc etc. Perhaps the next thing I'd know would be her being featured in some magazine. Heh. Although she has already appeared on the national TV, I guess being in some magazine isn't that a big deal. :P And it's amazing how she can land herself in such a well paying job even when the economy is down in the dumps. That's what I call really fortunate. Or maybe it's her destiny. She always tells me that her fate is to work very hard to earn her money. Me? I doubt I can ever work that hard.

As it is, with two kids, I am already being overwhelmed. That's what comes of being a Taurus. That is, we don't like working too hard to achieve our comfort zone. :P So I was telling my mom just now that how can I be expected to teach the son since I have to take care of the daughter as well? Who is a big handful as well. So she must come more often and help me! haha.

The son is so Lego-crazed that he doesn't even want to sit still and do any work. Work consists of getting him to write his name (which he did) and do some drawing and colouring (which he didn't really want to). Short attention span. Not interested. Picked up the crayons, squibble a bit and drop the crayon and started walking around the room.

I think next time he isn't going to do very well in school. In the schools here that is. The way I see it, exceling in schools doesn't necessary make you a success in life in the future. So I'm not too worried. As long as he's building all kinds of super duper strange Lego creations. And living his life to the fullest.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Fun February

Today I went out to have some time for myself. First a really nice spa, lunch with Wen and a really needed hair-cut and a really nice hair treatment and dinner with Min. Bliss. My hairstylist took one look at my hair and asked if I cut my fringe myself. Gee, was my cutting so obviously amaturish? I was quite proud of my fringe. The last time I trim my fringe myself, my colleague complimented me on it. :P

One would have thought that now that I'm not working, I would have more time to go out and pamper myself. The opposite is more true! I bring my girl everyday when I send the son to school, and juggling her in the clinic is no joke. She's getting real heavy and she wants to be carried all the time. And she doesn't sleep soundly. She wakes up at the slightest cough the hubby makes, at the slightest squeak the door creaks, and when you put her down as well. Did I ever say that she was a sleepyhead? I think I take all my words back. The only time she sleeps very soundly is at night, all the way to the morning.

These kids can really do a one hundred and eighty degrees turn on you!

Sometimes when my son is good, he'll take out all his toys (mainly his lego nowadays) and pass some to his little sister for her to 'play' (mainly she'll put them into her mouth). Other times, he'll get jealous and cry and whine like last night when I gave his sister his pants to wear. (can't find her pants!) The son started crying and saying that he didn't want meimei to wear his pants. Sheesh. My daugther loves looking at her big brother. She'll laugh and smile whenever she sees her brother walk pass, and she'll crane her neck to see what he is up to. I hope my two kids will be very close to each other as they grow older.

The son is getting very used to school nowadays. But his favourite thing to do in school is basically to stone and to observe what the other kids are doing. He doesn't really like participating in what the rest of the kids do, but rather stay quietly in one corner and watch the world goes by. I'm not really too worried, because when he gets home, he'll do all those crazy things which he was supposed to do at school. What a strange little boy. Too much worries and anxieties in such a little brain.

Man, my legs ache from all the walking. Yep, just the walking around town! I'm not so young anymore. *sigh* Sometimes I register pts and am amazed that they're born in the same year as me. They look soo old. I'm so lucky I don't really look my age. hahaha. But sometimes it's not hard to feel my age. Especially when one has two kids. I don't really feel like going back to work anymore, but it's hard not to have earning power. I'm still at two minds about it, that's why I haven't called to confirm what I'm going to do next month, and I should really call them soon. Life is really good right now, and I wish I could continue like this for a longer while still. But the reality is that things may not always be this good, and the practical side of me screams that I must not indulge in this lifestyle for too long. Unless my hubby supports me wholely, but he's not the kind who would. I just hope that he appreciates me rushing back to buy him nice dinner after my hair treatment and before my dinner with Min.

It's hard to explain, but one must never take things for granted.

I need to buy myself a nice pedicure set. Just cut my sole - ouch. Using a pair of blunt sicssors. Don't ask. *mutter*

Finally, just a quick note, mind going numb from sleepyness: My girl can sit up very well now. She can almost crawl forward (now she's doing the backwards crawl), can almost lift her body up in the correct crawl position. She can pull herself to standing by pulling on my shirt, but usually by pulling on my hair. Strong grip. Strong legs. When in the car, she likes to be carried upright to see the world goes by. She will then stick out her tongue and drool as she looks out of the window. Okie, maybe not so much drool nowadays. :P She poos once every two to three days, and her poo is really really sticky. Just the other day she pooed into the tub while my mom was bathing her. Very very sticky poo. Now I know: using wet wipes to clean poo is so much easier than washing poo off the backside. Really really really sticky and slimy. So slimy that you wonder if you manage to wash all the poo off. So sticky that it sticks on your foot and you don't even know it until half the day later. Okie I exaggerate, maybe about 15 mins later, after walking half round the house. *bleah*

My girl looks like a little boy. My brother on MSN asked "who's that little boy" when he saw her on the video. I think it's because of her wispy hair and her tendency to wear her brother's pants. She likes to sleep on her tummy and she likes to open her mouth WIDE. Have not started weaning her yet, because my mom has not tried weaning her yet, and I'm just too lazy to feed her anything else except breastmilk. :P

She likes apples and oranges. She doesn't like baby food, those kind of nestle rice dunno what where you mix the rice powder with milk or water to get a goory paste. She was so excited when I made it for her the other day, and was all but grabbing my hand with the spoon to put it in her mouth. After one taste of it however, her face changed colour immediately, and she practically pursed her lips and turned her head, angry that she had been tricked to eat something so awful. My mom says that if you continue to try to feed her that goory paste, she'll scream high murder on you and cry like she's been bullied. Trust me, she can cry really really loud. With geunine tears. :)

I love her very much, just as much as my naughty son. :) She's very fussy with who carrying her at night, only myself or my mom and not her papa, which she proceeds to cry bloody murder too, and genuine tears. I think my son was less fussy at that age, all he wants is his milk.

Yep, I still love her very very much. :)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

Seven months old

My little girl is now seven months old. Well, almost a week ago, that is. Her pearly whites peeked out admid lots of gnawing and salivating, but she survived without any fever or unhappiness on everybody's part. Her big smile is still ever so sweet with a dripping nose to boot. Two bottom teeth. Yay! Big brother, now I can bite you back!

Otherwise, I'm working at the clinic yet again, because everyone else who is smart enough has gone on a holiday. I miss the little one, not the big terror, since he broke his lego the one hundredth time, and I had problems fixing it back. Got a bit upset with him, but I guess legos are supposed to be broken and fix again yeah? Just didn't like that part where he threw his toys all over the place.

My girlfriends' birthdays are here again. Two on the same day, but fortunately they don't celebrate on the same day. Lunch on Sat with PM and Min was nice, and conversation was quite good. Min and her two nephews, PM and her niece and me and my two kids. Who says married women don't get along with singles? haha.

It's a quiet day today, whoever says our business is recession-proof is really an idiot. Seriously, people will reconsider calling in sick when they are facing axing, and they'll probably grind their teeth and wait in long queues to get cheap services. But looking at the way people are still out shopping, hmm .. one wonders if they're rich or what.

So we have KFC for dinner just now, and I requested for a cripsy thigh and an original wing. Just what came back was totally the opposite. :( So much good it does for my throat and my nose. I'm falling sick yet again.