Thursday, June 29, 2006

B is for Baby Smile

The Sexy Hand

From Xena ...

Line of Heart
Your Line of Heart is a curved line. You are creative and sensitive. Sometimes ruled by emotions, sometimes by imagination. Sometimes you let feelings get in the way of clear thinking, and often for the better.

Girdle of Venus
You have the line called Girdle of Venus. Few people possess your level of passion. Your desires and needs are many and strong. An artistic nature which can be very original when given freely to expression.

Shape of Fingernails
The tips of your fingers are round. Sometimes other people seem too slow, so you finish their sentences for them. You are bright and intuitive, with a tendency to stick your neck out too far and getting hurt.

Thumb Flexibility
Based on the flexibility level of your thumb you have a good balance between brains and feelings. Don't think things to death, nor follow emotions over a cliff. Your mind can be changed, but the argument has to be convincing.

Highest Mound
Your highest mound is on the base if your thumb. A people person. Outgoing and going out. Likes to laugh and party. Appreciates good food, good friends, and good drink.

And I've submitted Baby's big smile with the tongue here. Have you submitted yours? :)

The King of Fruits

It's been a while since I've written anything, I know ... but there's hardly anything interesting to write about. Work, rush home, feed baby, or maybe help out hubby, sleep, work ... rather monotonous, and hardly any time for yoga.

Dear hubby is still in the red. He hasn't got his first paycheck yet. I do hope that things will get better for him. My parents are rather strange people. They should be encouraging us, yet they don't always sound extremely positive especially when I go help my dear hubby. Can't help it what. Any good wife would do such a small thing for her husband right? Hmm ... I wonder what do the in laws think. :P

Anyway, the town central is certainly a big money spending place. Everyday I would pass by those stalls and everyday I would leave with big plastic bags. Of what you say? Fruits. :P The King of the fruits and the Queen of the fruits. Durians, mangosteens, lychees, sometimes grapes and the other day, a very heavy bag of oranges from NTUC. Somedays baby would be grouchy and I have to bring him out for walks. So what do I do? Visit the fruit store and get a box of durians. Sat outside on the benches and wallow in the bitter oh-soo-sweet fruits. Baby loves them too! He'll stare at me without blinking and drool, lick my fingers and smack his lips. Heh heh. That last box on Sunday was really fantastic! One whole box all to myself. And it was so perfect! Hubby was rather put off when I finished everything leaving him none. :P

So far all the durians I bought are really good! Okie, the other really good one was the one Wen got for me at Taka. DROOL .... Damn, now I feel like durians. :P

The mangosteens were really good too. I passed by them today, but I ran out of cash. Perhaps I'll get some tomorrow. :) Can't have durians too often though. One box a week is just nice. :) :) :)

Dear hubby had been sick last week. He ran a fever of 39 degrees for a few days. I was so worried. :( Had to stay up at night to check on him, and he certainly didn't appreciate me trying to sponge him! haha. Antibiotics helped, and you know the best part of it all? He had the same thing a few weeks back and he didn't finish his antibiotics that time! Lesson learnt eh? Some people must kenna whacked left right and centre then can learn. Ha. Then again, I understand how it happened. One gets so busy one forgets to pop the pills. The last time I was on antibiotics I forgot to take the last one. Bleah.

Baby came down with some slight fever on Monday. Cried a bit when we forcedfed him panadol. Fortunately he seems in top shape right now. :) Did I just hear him whimper? Yikes. Baby is still coughing though. At times. Seems to be rather bad. The phelgm. His poor little lungs.

So the other day I blew a balloon for him ...

And he was so extremely entertained by it.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Three blind mice

Dear hubby is sick again tonight. He's sleeping off the parcetamol right now. It means no work equals no money. *sigh* Dear baby is also a little bit sick. He's sleeping side by side with hubby right now. Hope the small one doesn't get squashed. Heh.

It means I have some time to myself. :) But I can't go for yoga. *sigh*

They gave me back my old class, and took away the better of the worse classes. Damn damn damn. I don't want the old class back! And I'd rather they took that awful class away. *sigh* Now it translates to many many remedials to catch up. :(

I've become quite a TV addict nowadays. Hooked on CSI, House, Top Gear ... to name a few. One of the latest Top Gear had me in stitches. Jeremy, James and the gay guy (I forgot the name) are really cute. I loved the one they challenged one another on a amphibious vehicle. Jeremy modified a small truck and put in a jet engine. Richard (the gay guy ... I think that's the name) transformed a small minivan (minibus?) into a big and heavy ship. And James is the best! He used a car and did a sailing boat. With all that sails too! I can't explain. You just have to watch it.

Then again ... well, the challenge involved them driving around somewhere to reach the lake. James sailboat kept hooking onto trees and hanging cables. Somewhere in the middle, it died and hitched a lift to the lake. I think Richard's boat was too heavy. It died many times too. And Jeremy's seems to be the most problem-free. Anyway, the best part was ... Richard's boat sunk almost immediately when it went into the water. It was too heavy and he forgot to waterproof his boat. Jeremy was doing very very well. He reached the end point, and did too sharp a turn, and the whole amphibian vehicle capsized. Just a couple of feet from land. So slow and steady James was the overall winner after all.

Gosh, I must watch it again! :)

And House too had me in stitches. Can't wait for the next season!

Whoa ... did I just see an ant crawling around my keyboard?

B is for beri sian

I am beri sian because

1. I hate cordless mouse and keyboard. When the bloody things batteries died, it's so much trouble. Took me at least fifteen minutes to find good working damn batteries. Why do guys like such technology?

2. I can't go for yoga tonight because no one takes care of baby. Can I give him away?

3. Baby woke up three times again last night and cried his head off. Can I give him away?

4. Stupid printer also gives me so much problem. All these new tech stuffs really sucks.

5. :(

I wanna go yoga. :(

Sunday, June 18, 2006

B is for buy!

Working for hubby is definitely an eye opener. One gets to see things one doesn't normally see. Haha. Some quite gross of course. And it didn't get any easier because baby wanted to help as well. Most of the time was spent playing with him and watching House. Heh. And dear hubby is such a relentless taskmaster. I get scolded too, you know. Sniff.

Oh, and there were so many goondu people who didn't know how to read signs. Hubby can't sack me otherwise he would have done so. Hahaha. I scolded each and every goondu person who interrupted my solitare. Under my breath of course. :P

Anyway, that was that. How to make myself happy? I bought two pairs of shoes at the Tods sale. Woohoo! Now trying to see the shoes Wen got. Memory on hp is full so can't receive her message yet. Gotta upload to computer. Heh. Gee, I can't believe she only bought one pair. There were a few more I had wanted to get, but ... *shrug*

Oh dear, baby just fell backwards and kok his head on the floor. Well, there was a mattress under him. Must get a thicker mattress though. The kok was quite loud and he cried pretty loudly. Too bad the rocker was in the car. Baby doesn't seem to want to sleep at all right now. *Sigh*

Friday, June 09, 2006

B is also for beer and baby scoundrel

Baby doesn't want to drink water at all. In fact, he doesn't even want to drink anything from the milk bottle. We did a simple test today. My father passed him the milk bottle. He sqirmmed and pushed it away. My father then passed him a beer can. Whoa ... baby boy grabbed it and immediately put it to his mouth. Another time, baby gaze was fixed on the TV. My father held the milk bottle in front of him. No reaction. Milk bottle was transparent. Then my father held the beer can in front of him. Without leaving his gaze from the TV screen, baby dearest reached out for the beer can and put it to his mouth. Win already eh?

Did I mention baby dearest has his two front teeth. :) Sooo cute! Heh.

Dearest hubby missed the most spectacular event of the year today. He wasn't at home when it happened. Four days worth of very smelly and slimy brown poo. Two explosions. During change of diapers, he was still oozing brown stuffs. Eeeugh. Guess who was the unfortunate one who had to clean his butt. Eeeugh.

We are upgrading baby dearest to XL diapers. His butt crack shows through when he wears the L diapers. Someone got big butt! Wen should be his godmother. They have a common feature! :P

We are seriously considering to get him a potty on wheels and place him on the potty all day when he runs out of diaper sizes. :X :)

So here he is, my cute little imp ... almost six months old now!

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Peace in the house

I am at home now, minus a baby. Peace has descended. Gosh ... this is like ... so shiok, no baby to worry about. Baby is at his granny's place, being dotted upon and overfed. :P

It's been a while since I've done Astanga Yoga. Damn it, I was so breathless after almost an hour in it. Can't do all those vinyasa towards the end, and my heart felt funny for a while. I am soo soo out of practice. *sigh* I'm not really aching so much actually, but I can feel all my hamstrings are extremely tight. With the seven day free pass, I hope I can go more often during this period.

I'm starting to introduce baby to other foods besides breastmilk. We had the packets of rice cereals and mil even made brown rice (powdered) for him. Baby dear however, doesn't seem to appreciate that at all. We prepared brown rice with water and milk and gave it to him in a milk bottle, and feeding him that is like asking for his life. He cries when he sees us bringing the milk bottle to him! Heh. All he wants is breastmilk. *slaps forehead* ... Oh yes, he'd rather go hungry than to have the bottle.

So I've bought this for him today, it makes mashing fruits easier. :)

Coming home today isn't all about relaxing. I've to wash the clothes are tidy the house a bit. But ... perhaps there's time to catch a nap. :)


P.S: OH how I hate those people who come asking for donations for some charity. Arrgh. You don't force people to donate nor do you blackmill. Can I complain?

Saturday, June 03, 2006

B is for busy

I swear that when the holidays are here, I'm even more busy! One week flew by just like that. Now that the boys are sleeping, I finally get some time to myself. :)

Dear hubby really pushed the car to its limits. On thursday night after I dropped off Wen and picked up hubby, the car finally gave a shudder and almost laid to rest. Almost. Somehow something got stuck somewhere, engine misfired, but fortunately we could still go a phutthering all the way home at second gear. We didn't dare to park the car at the basement carpark, instead we parked along the road for the night. Next morning, we went a phutthering to the car doctor.

Engine oil was due to change some 8000km ago. Brakes were practically worn out. There was something wrong with the gearbox and injection coils. The car doctor told us to bring the car back to the agent to get free stuffs fixed. So we went a phutthering all the way to Leng Kee. Driving at 50 to 70 km/h on the highway was quite and adventure. And the engine was phuttering and the car was shaking all the way.

Today we picked up the car from the agent and went a zooming to get the car serviced. Poor car. It used to get a bath from everyday to once a week to never bathe for few months. And when it was due for servicing we just happily ignored it. Only when the car was at deathbed that we finally brought it to see the doctor, dragging its poor engine all the way around spore. Heh.

We were telling baby that next time when he grows up he might want to be a car doctor. Hey, just two hours of tinkering with it and they're seven hundred plus dollars richer. That's more that what his dad takes home in a week! Yep, baby shall be a car doctor next time. His father whispered into his ear that next time when he brings his cars to see him, he will charge him only ten dollars for each of them. I whispered into his other ear that he'll charge a thousand dollars each, and boy ... baby will be a millionaire in no time!

Baby fell off the bed the other night. I was too tired and slept too soundly. :( I was feeding him and dozed off. The next moment I heard a bump and baby dear was already on the floor. Poor baby. He cried a bit but stopped when I cuddled him.

The last couple of days, baby hadn't been sleeping very well at night. He kept waking up every hour. The first time I didn't know why, and was too tired to discover why. Only in the morning, I decided to rub his tummy and massage it and I did the same last night. He slept soundly after that. I guess he was a little constipated. Hadn't been pooing constantly after I started him on rice cereal. And goodness, now his poo really really stank! And it's like an explosion of brown awful looking and smelly stuffs. Urrgh. Hubby wanted to change jobs with me. Ha. :P

But baby was really really good when I brought him to the yoga demo. Heh heh. :) He just loved all that noise and all that people!