Monday, February 28, 2005

Thy sweeth thooth

First it was the blackforrest cake at Baker's Inn. It has been like a year since I've eaten it, can't even remember when was the last time. Delicious, mouthwatering. I love it. And extremely fattening.

Then it was chilli crabs of the sri-lankan kind. The meat wasn't that tasty but it was very well made. And the chilli gravy was excellent, especially just with plain rice. I'm a 'rice-container' after all. And I sat there contentedly and dig and ate and purred happily. The guys finished theirs very fast, and us two girls were still sitting there slowly scraping of each precious meat from the shell, and licking our fingers, not wanting to waste anything.

I shouldn't have taken the potato chips after that, espeically after such a huge meal, but it's not very nice not to keep the hostess company. And the show was quite funny after all.

And finally hazgan daz cookie & creme with hot chocolate brownie ... absolutely melting.

Just three days.

You will show me some sympathy for my sore throat right? Damn, it's sore all right. :( Hubby wasn't very impressed, he couldn't see anything. But it's sore. It hurts. It hurts when I swallow. *sniff* And I do have some running nose.

I'm going to lose my voice at this rate. Preferably by Friday. heh heh. *bleah* Thursday also can lah. *bleah bleah*

Sunday, February 27, 2005


I love dogs. Don't get me wrong. Just as long as I don't have to wash the dog's backside, clean up the poo and all that stuffs. A small dog is fun to have around, like Wen's dog, Bis, you can clamp your hand over his snout, play frisbee with him etc. But a big dog is definitely overwhelming.

Hubby's friends got a huskie. A huge young highly energeric young male who doesn't like to be caged in the toilet. He practically bowled me over. And those huge snapping jaws. No joke leh. I was trying to get my hands away from his large teeth, not that I was trying to clamp his mouth. Surely no, you wouldn't think I would do such a thing right? So dangerous. And I was trying to get out of his way when he went skidding from hubby to me. And yes, he was trying to jump on me too! Bis jumping on me is tolerable, you know, like a little pesky animal, annoying at best. But Max ... more than half my height, it's not funny at all. I ended up on the chair, right at the corner of the walls, pushing him away with my knees. Bis sniffing my bum is at worst, just laughable. But having Max pawing and sniffing me is not a pastime I would like to indulge in. But you know, it's really nice to pat him. :) That is if I manage to do so and not end up with my hands in his teeth. heh.

Handsome big brute. He's damn cute. heh heh. Eighteen kilos in all. And the toilet stinks. Real bad.

Their cat could not stay in the same room as Max. She has gotten thinner too, those loose fur, since we last saw her. Must be all that running around the house avoiding the enthusiastic pup. Poor kitty. Sometimes even got locked out of the house when she goes wandering out at night. Lost her status as big boss now, I guess. But she still gets her way. Definitely the most ~teh~ cat I've ever seen. Extremely vocal. No qualms in meowing her opinions and displeasure in an extremely loud and harmonious tone. heh.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

Being Happy

... is watching Howl's Moving Castle and falling completely in love with the anime and music.

... is putting the theme song on repeat over and over again, and listening to it with a silly smile on one's face.

... is leaning against hubby's shoulder while watching said movie and laughing together at the funny stuffs.

I think I prefer the song being sung by Yumi Kimura, except that I only got that for 48 seconds. I think I'll just die to have a copy of the song sung by her. :P Leave me a message if you have a copy of it!

I am definitely going to watch the anime again. And I'm definitely going to get the vcd or dvd. Beautiful movie. :) Of course, I think the book is greater ... but ... movie is good too. :)

Being happy ... is meeting up with old friends and talk about music and life and philo. Had a wonderful time with Xel and YS tonight. Both are back for good. And it's so nice to be able to catch up with them, listening to Xel's ambitions and passion in the world of dance and music. I'll never be like that, I'm a stay-at-home type. Perhaps in another dimension, there's a me who is just as ambitious and passionate about something. :P

Damn, if I could only get the piano score for the soundtrack of Howl's Moving Castle.

Now that Xel is back, I shall find inspirations to learn the violin again and maybe even play the piano ... once I bring my old 20 year old piano over. :P But I shall learn the violin first! I shall! I will! And now that she's going to work at the E, I shall go for some concerts and stuffs. :P And I'm going to get her to bring me around the place ... and all the secret hiding places. heh heh heh.

YS is still as crazy as ever. She had to go back early so as not to miss her chinese serial. Err ... taiwanese show? Nah ... unfortunately we couldn't get her to hang around with us for a longer time. She got into a car accident recently, and had some hip problem. Xel told me that when she went to see the doc, she asked the young, wet between the ears doc if it's going to affect her a) sex life, b) childbearing abilities. Imagine her saying that with a total air of seriousness, with a total air of airheadedness. And she still said she felt embarrassed about it. I wonder who was more embarassed. hahaha. Felt more like she saboing the poor chap! *bleah* So damn funny!

YS was wearing a really ... errm cheesy pink dress tonight. hahaha. I could be evil and put the pic I took from my hp up here. :P Nah ... just a strapless pinky dress with a BIG flowery sorta design right in the middle of the non-existence bosom. It's very ... errr ... her. Must show Min at least. heh heh. But the impact is not there, you just have to see it with your own eyes. My eyes popped out, as a matter of fact. I had to lean against Xel to stop from falling over backwards.

The music from Howl's Moving Castle makes me feel like twirling around and dance. :)

And YS's favourite phrase tonight was ... kawai desu ne! *falls completely backwards*

And I love the main theme of the song. Gonna try to pick up the tune on the piano once I get my fingers on one ... and transpose it to the violin. :)

It was nice sitting out in the cool windy night, under the slow diminishing round moon, smelling the woody smell of a cigar, watching people walking on the sidewalk, listening to fire and lightning, and sipping a very interesting cocktail. Xel had two. She can really drink. I bet PM might finally find someone to drink with her! I'd have to agree with YS that PM can really drink too, although she always insist that she's just accompanying YS. heh.

I still think Diana Wynne Jones is a better writer than Terry Pratchett, although now finding some of TP's stuffs very funny, but still not as much as DWJ. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Life just sucks right now

I realised that there's no one I can crap about how much goddamn awful it is right now. I'm stressed, depressed and unhappy. Not a good combination at all. But don't take me too seriously. Gals always need to say a lot of things to get sympathy and pity. Hubby doesn't understand. He gets stressed out by me by what I say and all that. And he is just as stressed by the house too. Guys just want to have action and results, but sometimes things don't always work that way.

I just feel so sorry for myself. No one to talk to, except to my blog. I cried at work today, because I just felt so goddamn upset. I guess I need to do more yoga soon.

Yes, and I stepped on a nail the other day, and it hurts like hell, still. Floor cannot be done yet because it cracked again. Walls have cracked again. It's just so depressing, isn't it?

Work sucks as well. One cannot punish them, one cannot scold them, one cannot stalk off the class in anger. And one cannot be late for work. And just the other day, I read in the newspapers more articles demeaning the profession. I wonder what I am doing. It's simply too demoralising and depressing.

Bloody arsehole of a student dropped his heavy textbook on my feet and took off a piece of skin with it. Damn bloody painful too. And why did that happen? Because they were playing and swirling books around and all that crap. I wish to give him a good tight slap at the sight of his blothcy ugly ape of a face.

Idiots and morons and fucking rude selfish stupid monsters.

They can all fail and go to hell for all I care. Why do I bother to talk until I become hoarse? Why do I bother to even talk to them? Bah.

Monday, February 21, 2005

rant mode on

Conversation with a friend on ICQ: (somewhat edited)

I: oh ya .. my mom complaining her hip always painful ... should i send her to see ortho?
A: hip ah? yup... should come here.... get an x-ray.... or see polyclinic first and get x-ray first....
I: oh ya .. but the doc at poly says it's nothing, some nerve only.
A: got x-ray done ah? bring it along so i can see it loh....
I: the poly doc says if she wants her x ray must pay full price or something.
A: hmmm.... then get referral to come and see ttsh loh....
I: can ah .. ask them to refer her to ttsh ortho?
I: think my aunties recommending her to see some chinese physician.
I: they are disillusioned with the medical treatment in singapore.
A: up to her lah.... no point seeing us if she don't believe in us.... let her see whoever she wants.... really...
A: but she needs to believe in the meds and comply with treatment before it will work.... sigh....
I: it's not that she doesn't believe in u .. but the poly doc say : no cure one .. it's the nerves ... gave her some vitamin B ... tell her she can do nothing, dun give her her x rays .. ask her to come back in couple of months when he not around because he rotate to another clinic ... how u expect her to believe?
A: well, if that's what he says, it could be a back pain sort of problem.... like slip disc.... which needs physiotherapy.... physiotherapy works more than vitamin b
I: ya .. but he also never refer her anywhere .. ask her to go back when he not around ... and that's it. so how? see the poly doc again? i wonder who's the quack
A: sigh.... then go back and see another dr.....
I: and then what? same thing happen?
I: they all don't care one lah.

That's what life is like here in Spore.

Everything speaks of money. Even justice is expensive (quote from another friend).

And if I bring my mom to see my friend in ortho, she'll be charged private rates which is like sky high. Till now, I have not claimed a single cent for my hospitalisation that time. Life sure as hell sucks.

I hate this world. I hate the G. Legal corruption. bah.

Murder with intent.

I'm feeling murderous tonight.

The walls have cracked again. The floor is still damaged. It's very hard to have dinner without a proper dining table. The weather sucks, hot, smoky and goddamn awful. The kids are extremely tiring and horrible. I wish to strangle each and everyone of them and strike all others with lightning. Grrr.

Sometimes I just hate this place. This here and now. I hate everyone.

One minute miracle

I can't play with a time control of thirty minutes! Wasn't it supposed to be an hour each? DOH.

Anyway, I've told them to let me off in the morning so that I can go for yoga. At ten in the morning, the captain frantically called me and asked me to come down since they were short of one player.

I had to oblige since I did tell them to let me know if they need me. So off I went. I figured that the first game would have to be a walkover, and Captain said that at least can play the second game. So... okie.

I bumped into an old friend there who brought me to the playing room. He kindly showed me where I was playing, and when he saw my clock, he said, hey, there's still slightly more than a minute left on your clock, why don't you just start playing? I was surprised since I thought it was already a walkover, and in the muddle, I sat down, and started. To my surprise, the opponent played moves like e4, h2, g2 .... huh?! What the? Just pushing pawns and waiting for my time to run out? Ya right, in your dreams. Whack whack wham wham ... and I managed to checkmate him with 26 seconds left on my clock. heh heh heh.

I was playing extremely fast, and I left a queen hanging somewhere. But he didn't see it, and I sure as hell didn't see that either! My team called that the one minute miracle. hahaha. That was so freaky! *bleah*

The rest of the games didn't go so well. 30 minutes is too fast for me against players of my standard and better. And bloody captain put me on the first board and himself on the fourth. That's bullying as a matter of fact. My second opponent thought slower than me, so he lost on time. And for the rest, I lost on time. All the professors and whatnots. Oh well.

It was nice seeing some people again. Mr M is still as fat as ever, fatter actually. Isn't he going to lose some weight and stay healthy? Also saw a few of my juniors who have become sooo old, and some even balding. hahaha. And some people have gotten fat, and some still look the same. Time sure flies. :P

Saturday, February 19, 2005


Ahh, the familiar feeling of butterflies in the tummy, fluttering against the walls trying hard to get out. It's an awful dread feeling, and the heart thumps wildly against the breast. Shoulders hunched, fingers frozed, but thoughts racing faster than one could think.

How I do miss those feelings NOT.

I forgot that the Malaysians liked playing French. And would it be considered unfair to pair me up with a guy? But then again, that wouldn't matter, would it? A gal could be just as good as kicking balls, or maybe better. heh heh. And why is the team captain on the last board, and me on the second? Gee.

To remember forever:
1. e4 e6 2. d4 d5 3. Nd2 Nc6 4. Ngf3 Bc4 5. c3 Be7
6. Bb5 Bd7 7. 0-0 dxe4 8. Nxe4 a6 9. Bd3 Nf6 10. Ng3 Bd6
11. Qc2 Bxg3 12. fxg3 h6 13. Be3 Ng4 14. Rae1 Qe7 15. d5 Nce5
16. Nxe5 Nxe5 17. dxe6 Bxe6 18. Be4 c6 19. Bd4 f6 20. Bxe5 fxe5
21. Bg6+ Kd8 22. Rxe5 Rf8 23. Qd3+ Kc8 24. Rxf8+ Qxf8 25. Rxe6 Qc5+
26. Kf1 Kb8 27. Re8+ Ka7 28. Rxa8 Kxa8 29. Qd4 Qb5+ 30. c4 Qg5
31. Qxg7 Qc1+ 32. Kf2 Qc4 33. b3 Qc5+ 34. Kf3 Qc1 35. Qg8+ Ka7
36. Qc4 Qa3 37. Qc2 Qf8 38. Bf5 Qf6 39. Kg4 Qf5+ 40. Kf3 Qf6
41. Qc5 b6 42. Qc2 a5 ...

I was running out of time. Only 3 minutes left! Opponent had 20 minutes left. He sure can take it easy. Blitz ah. What was I thinking of? I was one whole bishop up and I failed to exchange the queen properly in move 29. *kicks myself hard* Trying to be too smart for my own good. Trying to grab more pawns so that it would be easier in end game. What have I done! What have I done! *clutches head* Opponent was playing on my time. In the final last minute, I rushed to queen my pawn, almost didn't make it ... and managed to checkmate him with a few seconds left.

And it was a relief. It felt good. It was a win, I would not have settled for a draw.

Boy, that really felt good. I was so lucky to have won, before the flag drops. I can only play properly when I'm super stressed. Some people will never change. That's why I should not be playing competitively any more. :P And it was just a friendly match.

The Malaysians weren't that great personally. I knew I could beat him pretty early in the game, but I took too long to think. He wasn't playing French very correctly, and I made mistakes in the beginning, and he made even more. Perhaps a female opponent might have been more serious in her attacks. I remembered the last time I played French against a Malaysian female. She appeared to know all her moves pretty well. Otherwise, it would be rather risky. Or perhaps I'm just not so silly now.

But the rest of my team weren't that great either. I wonder what happened to all those stronger players. It's quite disappointing to know that I'm the only one who got a point, and another player had a draw. After all that hard work one went through. *sigh* ... I missed my team in JC. And I missed most having YS as team captain, and people like PM and Min as team mates. *sigh* :P

Min, wanna play in the National Women's? heh heh heh.

Ya right ... and with all those kids who has very proper training. siao ah. I would have to go around with my head in a paper bag like Charlie Brown. :P

Friday, February 18, 2005

Little things

I always sms in perfect English, since the dictionary is extremely helpful. But that also means I have problems reading pple when they sms me with numbers and one letter to mean a word and all that. So crappy! Sheeesh.

I have got Liszt Hungarian Rhapsody No. 2 as my ringtone. Very explosive and dramatic opening bars when the phone 'rings'. heh heh. Espcially so in a quiet waiting room. heh heh heh.


Getting smarter

One learns that ...

the kitchen cabinet doors have to be closed immediately after taking stuffs out, otherwise one's head will always get into contact with them bloody sharp corners.

spiders and moths have better get out of one's way whenever one is brandishing the vaccum cleaner, or be suck into oblivion. (I think my vaccum cleaner is somewhat stuck after that last moth!)

one is actually pretty obsessed with cleanliness and will go down on hands and knees and fingernails to clean and scrap paint off on the floor. Good yogic exercise though.

one has to be reminded how old one is by one's doctor ... I swear he is pro-G. Good grief. Everytime when I have to see him, I get 'lectured' to start planning for a baby. *rolls eyes* heh heh heh.

Terry Pratchett is actually quite funny and one actually likes his witches stories best. And he writes along the lines of famous stories, like Phantom of the Opera, Macbeth etc ... still reading, still reading. :)

one has totally no clue as to what one is going to play for tomorrow's game. Just hope one doesn't make embarassing bloopers like giving a free Queen on the fourth move. doh.

Valentine's Day has come and gone. We don't celebrate actually, for I love him everyday and not just on that day. I cooked a special dinner, well ... a specially ordinary dinner really. :) He didn't have time for candle-lights and roses and soft background music and all that, but it really doesn't matter does it?


Nevertheless, shopping today was rather eventful. I brought him a pair of bedroom slippers. Hardly romantic but I hope it'll be extremely comfy. And his favourite colour and his favourite animal. After all, he does need it, what with him ill-treating his left feet all the time by stepping on those land mines, causing blood and agony and swear words. He should be rather well-protected now, at least when he wears the slippers, he'll be watching where he steps right? For if he does step on those nails again and spoil the slippers, the wrath of a wife will descent on him. heh heh heh.

It'll be a surprise, and they are now by the door awaiting his warm feet. Shhh. :P

Someone once told me a long time ago that if the husband is always busy with work and works late, and the wife is too free, such relationship will eventually not work out. What crap that all is. *laughs* That's just a silly excuse.

Hubby works long hours, but there are so many things for me to do while he is away. There's the house to clean, clothes to iron, food to cook, work to do, books to read, stuffs on the computer and even shopping. So busy! Time flies. I'm quite happy with all the time I have on my own, and it makes the time I have with hubby even more meaningful. :)

Like just watching him sleep and drool onto the pillow. :P

Damnit missed watching Howl's Moving Castle over the weekend. When the bloody hell is it going to show again? *sob sob* Must get the dvd if it comes out. Grrr.

Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Blistering burning hot

It hasn't rain since December. It is so hot that I could fry an egg on the floor of my balcony. It was so hot till the park caught fire and is now a whole black mess of char. It is so hot that I could sun-tan just by lying on my bed. It is so hot that my brains are scrambled and my limbs vulcanized. It was so hot that the students finally climbed up the shelf to turn on the air-con. It's simply blistering burning hot!

I think our electric bills are going to be sky-rocketing high this month!

It is so hot that I can't even remember what I wanted to write!

Made sweet potato soup for dessert a while ago. Now waiting for dear hubby to come home to try it. I'll take a break after today. No more cooking for tomorrow and friday at least. heh. :) Going shopping instead. heh heh. On Friday. heh heh heh. :P

Playing chess OTB this weekend. It's actually not a very good idea at all, especially in this super hot weather. I guess I was just flattered that someone remembered that I still exist. haha. I was never very good at chess because I just could not remember openings. The only one which I know pretty well was the fried liver one which is only worth swindling little people, and it wasn't even foolproof, as M showed me once. And my favourite opening being the Gucco Piano, because it has musical connotation. Ya ... I'm that cheap. *bleah*

Monday, February 14, 2005

Little clumsy me.

I have not broke any dishes yet. But I've been hitting quite a few of them on hard surfaces. Good thing what I have are chip-proof. Not going to test if they are break-proof! Not yet, anyway.

So all I've done lately was to spill lots of stuffs onto the cabinets, onto the floor and onto myself. Uh huh ... got scalded by hot water last night. Put some aloe vera gel by banana boat, and it sure works! Too bad no fresh aloe vera though. Must get some from MIL soon.

Chinese New Year was a frenzy of cooking and eating. Been eating lots of good food mainly cooked by my parents ... and Wen's mother. Had prawns, abalone, crab, scallop etc etc. And I cooked lots too. On the eve, it was pot-luck, so I did abalone with prawns and mushrooms, and baby bak choy (I think) with three types of mushrooms. On the second day, we had crab meat balls for lunch. On the third day, I think I cooked lunch, after coming back early from work. On the fourth day, we had crab meat balls again. Parents-in-law came over for dinner, and I cooked vege and bittergourd with soup and another with chicken. On Sunday, I cooked fried Japanese Udon with prawns and lots of mushrooms. Today I cooked squid with bell pepper, and cai xin with lots of mushrooms and scallops. I think I should take a break from all these cooking soon. It's extremely hot in the kitchen.

Strangely enough, I'm feeling hungry right now. :P That's why thinking of all these food. :)

Tired, did lots of housework today. Can't think of what to write. Been reading Terry Pratchett. Not extremely funny as I had thought, but nice enough to want to read more. Hogging the books in the libraries. Can't seem to find the first couple in the series. Hmm.

I feel zombified.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Life goes on

On Saturday afternoon, I fell asleep holding kitty in my hands. He was sleeping peacefully on my tummy after his lunch. We brought him to see the vet in the evening, because he kept crying, and the assistant got him to shit. I guess it must be the milk we gave him. By night he was sick and restless. Hubby held him all night. I woke up at 2am, rubbed him with medicated oil, while he gasped for air. Half an hour later, he stopped breathing and was still.

It was just so heartbreaking. I guess we really didn't know how to take care of little kittens. I'm not going to put any more pics of him up here. It's just too sad.

But perhaps we would adopt a couple more cats - bigger kittens, when we've settled down.

I really miss GWC.

Last night, we went to Wen's place for dinner. There was shark's fin and abalone ... but no bird nest soup. hahaha. Just kidding. Her mother was happy for us to come. More people means can cook more food, especially me and hubby eats a lot, and wipe their dishes clean. Gee, they eat so little! tsk tsk. But then, I am still lighter than Wen. We weighed ourselves after dinner, and she glared at me. *chuckle*

After dinner, we took Bis out for a walk. Happy dog. Had a delicious meal of raw chicken, after dinner dessert of cherries and oranges, and a nice long walk with four dog walkers. He gallop freely in the wild, froliking with the field mice, and chased cats away from their dinner.

I heard that he was a woozy when it comes to rats. He had killed one before, after Wen's friend hit the rat unconscious, that is. Before that, he was rather afraid to go too near the rat! The field rats in Wen's neighbourhood have a strange stategy when it comes to defending themselves against fast moving, cold nose sniffing greyhounds. At the sight or smell of an intruder, they drop onto all fours, rolled over and play dead. Kept their toe-claws crossed, and hoping that the big ugly doggy would get bored and go away. hahaha.

At the end of the long footpath, there was a couple feeding the neighbourhood cats. Bis ran up and said hi to the cats. The cats didn't like him though, even if Bis was trying to be friendly. Or perhaps Bis shouldn't be too enthusiastic with his greetings. Laughs. The people feeding the cats weren't too amused though. Two fat ugly people with a mind as small as a pea. Wen was 'scolded' for not keeping Bis on a leash. Some people are just awful.

The cats were extremely well-fed, read fat, and pretty. Not sprayed yet however. Hmmm.

I took some pics of Bis in my new hp. I'll put them up when I've figured out how to use the software.

We tricked Bis into getting into our car. After much entreats, he jumped into the backseat, and wham, hubby closed his side of the door, and I closed mine. haha. Dog napped. Bis had rode in our car before, so he wasn't too frightened. He must be thinking: are we going somewhere? Are we are we? Whee, so fun! But he was quite surprised that Wen has not gotten in yet. He looked around in puzzlement but was quite contented to enjoy the cool air-con. heh heh. Even after Wen said bye-bye and walked away, Bis still didn't want to get out. We had to practically pushed him off. He was quite sad there was no car-ride that day.

Picture of beef steak I cooked for hubby. :)

Sunday, February 06, 2005


Kitty has died.

I guess we should never have taken them in.

There is no god. Just cause and effect.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Driving Tales #5079

I think nowadays I can only go on and on about my little kitty. He's really very cute, soft and furry and smells like just a sweetie. Woohoo ... there I go again. :P

But seriously, I've been driving quite a bit again. Actually drove down to town all by myself and gave Min a lift home. Driving is sooo ... empowering. hahah ... I'm that kind of driver who can drive pretty fast. And curse people who gets into my path. Hey, that actually rhymes! :P I swear, you'd hear me muttering under my breath.

Damn idiot, keep to your bloody lane.

Do you actually know how to drive?

Bloody hell, I hate it when they don't signal before cutting into my lane!

Stay on your lane, bloody fool! Don't keep hogging two lanes.

Turn lah! Scared what!

Women driver. Bah!

Not that I'm a very good driver myself. hahahah.

It's actually very challenging and frightening to travel along the CTE. That's the most dreaded expressway. It's always jam, and there's always usually an accident. There are simply too many cars on the CTE. Just a couple of weeks back, when everyone was driving back to back on the CTE, a motorcycle rammed into the back of a car. The car was simply moving slowly, minding its own business. It was a terrible business. We didn't exactly see what happened, but there was a loud noise. And guess why everyone was moving so slowly? Ahead about a hundred meters or so away, there was a traffic police car. Stupid huh.

My favourite expressways would be AYE and ECP. Well, not when they are jam, of course. But there's a nice scenery on the expressway, and usually traffic is smooth flowing. Can drive fast too. A hundred and ten perhaps? :P

PIE can get quite slow. And PIE is curvy. I don't like it curvy. You can't drive too fast then. And PIE has changed a lot since my childhood days. There used to be many trees lining both sides of the expressway, now they simply feel like a concrete road, especially towards the central side.

And do you know that on the TPE, about every twenty bloody metres, there is a bloody camera on the bloody lamp-post. That is the most awful expressway to travel. Someone sees: There goes me driving on the TPE, going to Jln Kayu where they got the delicious roti prata. There goes me going to be late again and driving very fast. There goes me exiting at such and such. I tell you, big brother is definitely breathing down your back!

SLE can drive very very fast. Be careful of traffice police though. And it's way too long and round-about. KJE is boring. But it has a beautiful sunrise, where the sun shines straight into your eyes, effectively blinding you completely. Lovely. Sometimes there is a rainbow too, if you're really lucky. BKE is ... usually blocked by big buses and heavy lorries. They should be banned! Have I missed any else?

So I drive around the whole country like nothing. I've been to many places ... and it's actually nice to drive, with the air-con full blast on, accompanied by nice music or nice story-telling on the bbc. It's nice ... but I'm still a little frightened about driving. And I hate parking. period.

I'm always afraid that I'll simply drive bang straight into the car in front of me. Or when going around the curve, run into a tree. Or run down some pedestrains like ants. Actually it's nice to be able to run down pedestrains. And go over them a few times. back and fro. Hear the satisfying crunch. Like stepping on a dried leaf. Don't tempt me.


My little Tom

The little bugger is now officially known as G.W.C ... which stands for Gangster Wild Cat. That's his name. My little Gangster Wild Cat. Cute name, don't you agree? heh.

Well, that's cos' the vet said that he's a mixed breed. Some wild handsome young punk cat must have rape his mommy. meow! So he's going to be a little wild one all right.

Take a look at his stripes. A beauty isn't he? Gonna break many hearts. The clinical assistant at the vet cooed and went goo goo ga ga over him. Even offered to kitty-sit for me. heh heh.

He's starting to open his eyes now. It was his right eye first, peeled open a tiny bit, shiny with a glazed look. Now both his eyes are partly open, but I think he's still blind. His ears were open on Wednesday, and nowadays when he suck his milk, he would twitch his ears wildly, to show all the effort he's putting in his feeding. Greedy little bugger!

Yep, those are my hands ... and yes, I know I've got pretty hands. heh heh heh. There's something about hands these few days. See Re-mi's hands. LOL

And that is GWC's claws. See how sharp they are! Scratches tough too. He's in the middle of screaming for his milk, see ... Cute isn't he? :)

And he certainly got a nice head pattern. Really an atypical gangster tattoo. I bet he's going to climb a lot when he grows up and probably enjoys jumping and parachuting too. As well as scratching on all our furniture. Perhaps it's still not too late to flush him down the toilet bowl?


But I'm worried. He's not shitting much at all ... in fact, not yet today. Hubby is tickling his tummy patiently, and we've fed him with honey-water. But he's still not doing his business ... oh dear. Have to call the vet again tomorrow. I hope he'll be all right.


Thursday, February 03, 2005

It's a boy!

Yep so it is. And a little wild one at that. Mix breed more likely, not totally the local tabby.

We finally brought the little bugger to the vet. Damn expensive. He was given a clean bill of health, got some expensive vitamins and a new tin of milk powder, which was supposed to be better and certainly more expensive than the current one. Damn expensive cat. Better stay alive. Also gave me so much problem, because the vet stayed in a very confusing place. I got lost many times, wandering round and round with a big red pail. Silly me. My feet ached. I'm tired.

At times we got rather tired of the feeding and the crying, and was thinking of disowning kitty. But he's really cute! Just ... oh, extremely tiring. Hubby sleeps soundly throughout the night even when kitty screams his lungs out. I lie in bed, awake but can't move my body. heh heh heh. No no ... eventually I do get up and do something. But it's just soooo tiring.

Oh well.

More pics of kitty coming soon. Just too tired to upload them. I am dead tired ... to the bones definitely!

Someone called me up, and asked me to play chess again. Now that I'm home and feeling extremely tired, it doesn't exactly seem to be a good idea anymore. Besides I haven't played for donkey years. I'm not sure if I can handle that kind of stress.

One really can't run away at all. They found me eventually. :P

Crossed thoughts:

Me: Dear ... they didn't move the sink back!
Him: Huh?
(I actually meant the washing machine)


Wednesday, February 02, 2005


We picked up the kittens on a Saturday night, right after coming back from dinner. I remember I was watching Infernal Affairs 2 before that, which was supposed to be followed by IA and IA3, but we skipped IA because we were too hungry. Was supposed to go out for a quick bite, but ended up missing the whole movie, and half an hour into IA3. So the whole of IA3 catch no ball.

But I digress. IA2 was nice! Heard that IA was supposed to be best! Damnit. I like Tony Leung. heh heh.

I digress again ... :P

We heard the kittens mewing away on Friday ... and maybe even Thursday too. So we guessed that they were born maybe on Wednesday or so. The workers told us they had been feeding them since they found them without the mother cat. We took them in on Saturday. By tomorrow, perhaps my little pretty one would be a week's old. :)

The grey one was already quite bloated when we found them. Perhaps it was greedier than its sibling. And perhaps because of that, it was more constipated. I guess, at that time, I was still reading up on how to take care of orphan kittens, and we didn't manage to get it to shit enough. Or perhaps it had an infection in the tummy - its umbilical cord was still hanging and eventually dropped. I'd never know ... it cried and cried and suddenly went quiet and lathagic. We should have known better. *sigh* Next moment we knew, it was stiff. Poor little kitten. I hope it is peaceful wherever it is now, in a cat's heaven or something.

We took a walk down late at night and left it in the nicer part of our estate, just beside the fountain and the pretty lights. In a nice little box with lots of soft tissue. In the dustbin of course. Unfortunately, we can't dig a hole.

So it means we are more diligent in taking care of this little pretty one right now. We spend half an hour rubbing, feeding and cleaning almost every four hours. And make sure it shit and pee well enough. I don't want to lose this little pretty one. But perhaps it's dangerous to grow too attached to it now. It's still in the danger zone. When its eyes open, there will be more complications like infection and all that stuff. And it's quite scary actually. If it cries too much, we got worried; if it sleeps soundly, we also got worried and wondered if it's still breathing.

But just a little touch is enough to get it screaming. Boy, I wished I did not do that this morning! Had to spend a long time coaxing it back to sleep, after feeding and washing and all that! :P It seems more frisky nowadays, like doing all the scratching and crawling with enthusiasm, and at night, it seems to be able to sleep better. I hope that's a good sign. Must call up the vet tomorrow. :)

You know, the information given in all those webpages made it seems so simple to feed a kitten, but I tell you ... try holding a crawling little bugger in one hand who kept scratching at you (pain pain!) and squirming out of your hand, and holding the bloody dropper in the other hand and trying to aim the tip into the mouth, being careful not to poke in its nose or eyes ... I tell you ... it's harder than trying to break any Guiness Records!

Maybe keeping a puppy might be better.

This little kitty better stay alive and grow up to be a nice kitty! GROWL.

Hubby dropped kitty a few times ... and on its head as well. whoops. heh heh.

I did too, a couple of times. *bleah*

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Eternal sleep

This is so depressing.

The bigger grey one has died. By the time I got home, it was already stiff. So peaceful ... but so stiff. :( :( :(

The little one cries a lot. Hang in there, little one.