Thursday, September 15, 2005

There's this thing about chaps

1. They cannot stand pain.

Just a little bit more than usual and you get all sorts of expression, verbal and physical, the wincing and all the works. Hey, I do sports/deep tissue massage one okie. That's the best way to get rid of all those knots in the muscles. I haven't even gone as much as 20% of what I usually experience, and there it goes again! :P Haven't you heard? Must beat pain with pain!


I guess there's always the injection.

2. They don't wash the bottom of the dishes.

Overheard from friend telling her boyfriend.
Girl:Leave it, I'll wash them up later.
Guy (so sweet) replied: You prepared and cooked for the whole day, let me do it for you.
Girl retorted: Yeah, but you always never wash the bottom of the dishes, then in the end I still have to do it.
Guy: ...

Sometimes I find that the bottom of my pots still got stained marks. :P

And sometimes when everything is nicely washed up and cleaned, I found the cover of the pot still sitting at the cookery, unwashed.


3. They like to sleep in the daytime.

Friend tells me her boyfriend never wakes up before noon.

And when the sun comes out, he would always want to draw the curtains, switch on the aircon and cuddle a bit more in bed. And spend the whole night wide awake.

Look who's sleeping after lunch now. :P

4. They don't put things away or complete things properly.

Actually they do, after a big pile up occurs and you show your black face. Or you just do it yourself. *rolls eyes*

5. It's okay if they damage their toys themselves.

Be nice about it, and you have one up against them next time you damage their toys. :P

6. It's very easy to make them happy by making sure they don't go hungry.

Always feed them on time, with something simple, nice and home-cooked, and they're yours forever.

The same goes for cats as well.

heh heh.

How true are they? :P

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