Wednesday, May 31, 2006

tao sa bao

Yep, when you've nothing better to do ... that's what you do for your kid. Heh heh

Every parent would think his/her kid is cute. Mine is definitely the cutest. I guess the main reason is my baby really loves to smile and laugh. That's why everyone says he's cute.

Baby has finally gotten his highchair. He can now sit and eat with all of us. Previously we had to place him in his rocker on the floor when we were at the table, and he would be protesting loudly. Now he has his own chair and he can bang his spoons and plates while we eat. :P

Main reason we're starting him on semi-solids and fruits. Kinda hard to hold and feed him at the same time. Most of the rice cereal I gave him still ended around his mouth and not in it. The battle is still on-going. Baby keeps pushing the food out and smiling gleefully at me. Humf. He doesn't want to drink water too. Oh dear.

More cute photos coming up. Only via email. ;)

Friday, May 26, 2006

Something ...

So much for doing yoga. I went to class on Wednesday morning, chirpy and eager to start doing lots of poses. Halfway through the class, I felt decidedly faint. Giddy. Didn't had much of a dinner and not much of a breakfast. Waah .... had to time out for fifteen minutes to stop shaking. And had a sweet to load up on some glucose. *sigh* Wen wrotes about women's thighs quaver like jelly. Ha .. that was how my thighs were, different context though. :P

Last week I forgot to bring baby's milk bottle to the in-laws place. Yesterday I forgot to bring his diapers. Heh. Poor baby had a very dirty butt by the time we picked him up. MIL did wash him and lined his diaper with toilet paper ... but still. That's the problem with bringing him to and fro. I had a set of everything at my mom's place, but nothing at the inlaws. And that morning there were so many things to carry. Rocker + pot of orchard + big bag of heavy scripts + hubby's and my big bag of gold bars + bag of milk. Oh, and not forgetting big heavy baby! Plus we were already late. It's no wonder things get left out. I guess the diaper bag was just forgotten.

I miss my baby when I'm at work.

It's such a pity Tetanus is not blogging anymore. :(

Monday, May 22, 2006

Bane of my life.

Durians are the bane of my life. The first time I had durians early in the month, I came down with a sore throat for many days. Recently I had durians again. Now I have a huge ulcer on my tongue. Wahhh ... why am I so unlucky! @(

It hurts so much I can't quite eat solid food. Now drinking milk. No more cookies.

Question: What does one do when one is very tired and very hungry?
Answer: Drink milk and blog about how tired and hungry one is. :P

Hmm ... I think I shall go and sleep first. ... To be continued.

Saturday, May 20, 2006

Resident Evil

Last night, we had a new resident to our little cosy home. He was a town chap and he had moved to the countryside. As of an hour ago, I found that he had been residing in the toilet downstairs.

Last night, dear hubby brought home a box of butter rolls his mom gave him a couple of days ago. I opened the box and out jumped a horrid little icky lizard. Yes, I screamed, dropped the plate, and danced about to avoid stepping on it as it scuttled under the sofa. Damn. And hubby got so philosophical about it! That was definitely one less lizard at his workplace. Ha, no thanks.

So just a while ago, I discovered the lizard making himself very comfortable in the toilet. Too bad the water wasn't hot when I sprayed at him. Damn it. So now he had disappeared to heaven knows where. Better not let me see him again. Remember the last episode when I encountered a lizard? They don't live long when they see me!

Grrr. Horrid little lizard. Must get hubby to kill it but he's just sooo .. unhelpful.

And ants have over-ran my kitchen. Damn damn damn.


Friday, May 19, 2006

Wu Qing

Lunch was awful today. Two pieces of cold sardines, and piece of bitter stewed bittergourd, and lots of tomato sauce. I felt like vomiting after trying the bittergourd, and totally lost my appetite after that.

I left early at work and rushed home to pick up baby's milk bottle, which was left behind, and rushed down to the in laws place. No milk bottle = no milk. I have one set of almost everything at my parents' place, but nothing at the in laws place. So poor baby was spoonfed. MIL said he cried a lot, but he managed to finish the rice cereal. Oh well.

I asked for permission to leave early. He said if you need to, then you go. But can't your in laws go somewhere and buy a milk bottle? And he said a lot of rubbish in between. Of course I need to go! It's so inconvenient for them to go out with a baby to buy a milk bottle! And besides the kids have finished and gone home, and I've done my duty, can't you simply say ok, you heartless man? Why so scared of what? Evil heartless people. Ha.

I don't care, and I left early and rushed down with the milk bottle. Dear baby was sleeping peacefully. Heh. But of course the next feed would have problems without a milk bottle.

I guess when one becomes a mother, one priorities would shift. I don't want my boy to grow up neglected or unwanted. I don't want to be the busy mother who puts her boy second to everything else. You see a lot of children end up being horrible kids because their parents simply have no time for them. They give them everything except their pressence.

Oh well.

I drove baby home alone in the car. He sat up in the front seat and was pretty good the whole journey. Whimpered a bit now and then, but didn't cry, thank goodness. :) Don't need Wen leow. heh heh heh. Bleah. Called him a perv. Ah bish. And taught him wrong things like spoilt spelled as sport. DUH. :P

Baby is now sleeping happily. :) And I'm sooo hungry.

Thursday, May 18, 2006

Baby talk

Dear baby had his final jab. He was soo brave .. or rather, so uninterested in the whole procedure. He didn't cry when the needle went in. Not even a whimper. He was just smilling throughout. My dear baby! So brave. And dearest hubby was simply wonderful! :)

And just when I was commenting to Wen that baby was so good and quiet today in the car, he immediately started protesting and howled his lungs out. Bleah.

My dear baby boy is just so cute! :)

Darn, Wen called him a perv when he tried to grab her boobs. Duh. Baby hungry lah. Humf.

And I've seen Bitsy. I'm so utterly speechless. C should sign his name on it since it really took a lot of effort. Heh heh. Material for blackmail though. Evil laughter.

So Wen was supposed to be saving money. She wasn't tempted by evil me to skip her classes and go for yoga and sale, but somehow she managed to get to the sale and spend money again. *Shakes head* Better save some for the tods sale!

While I was queueing up for my brother this afternoon, I overheard a lady calling her man daddy. Oh groooosssssss. Why do women call their husbands daddy? Hello, the husband is not her daddy. It makes my hair stand when women call their husbands daddy. It's sooo ... incestuous, or I dunno how to explain. Yucks. And if you look carefully at those women who call their husbands daddy, you'd realise that their husbands are usually the mousey-listen-to-wife-and-probably-also-scared-of-wife types. Duh Duh Duh. Can't the wifes call them by their names, if they don't want to use an endearment?

I would like to watch MI2 and X-men. Do not want to wath Da Vinci code. The book is crap anyway. Plot is crap and utterly predictable. I think I wrote once how crappy the whole story was. I can't believe such a book can be a best seller. It's so utterly unintelligent and cliche. I never bothered to read any of his books after that. The whole story was so flat. Why did they make a movie out of it?

I guess I'm not the only one who feels the froze emitting out of her. :X She doesn't even look at you when she walks pass you. All this talk about family, when you aren't even treated like one. Irony irony.

Monday, May 15, 2006

I've moved!

No longer am I sitting at the junction where every pair of eyes walking pass me can see what I'm doing. This new place is still not that great, but at least there's a pillar to hide me somewhat, and I've built a few condos behind me. Hmm, need to build the condos a bit higher. Perhaps I'll move again.

At least I'm not right under the air-con. It's really dusty sitting underneath the air-con, but the disadvantage is that now there's hardly a breeze. Ah well.

It's the time of the year where we'll be working the wrists. Red is for marking, blue and black is for them, and green is for corrections. I told the kids that if they do the whole paper with pencil, I'll take the trouble to use an eraser and clean off all the pencil markings. How nice I am! :P

Wen was saying how she was drinking five cups of milo a day. Well ... I don't drink five cups, but everyday I'll have my 3 teaspoons heap milk + 4 teaspoons heap milo + 2 teaspoons heap condensed milk in the morning. And just a while ago, I made myself a cup of 3-in-1 milo. Nothing out of the ordinary, but one packet of the 3-in-1 didn't really taste very nice, so I added another packet. Heh heh. It was nice and thick, and the bottom was so thick that I added extra water. Is that sinful or what?

Note to self: Need to bring a spoon to work. I was tempted to use a pen to stir my drink, but decided that I don't need more stomachaches. So I covered the cup with the lip and shake it up. It's a good thing milo doesn't stain on paper after it is wiped off by a tissue!

Sunday, May 14, 2006

Just remembered ...

Where's my birthday cake? And no candles to blow? Sniff sniff. :(

So baby is finally asleep, clothes are in the wash, and here I am ... no animes to watch since there's hardly any good ones either. Would have gone to parents' place for big prawns, but hubby is working tonight, and I have a slight headache. No big prawns and abalone.

Now I'm sad.


I'm so cute! :P

Baby at five months

I'm big! :)

I'm bigger!! :)

I can sit and blow bubbles!! :O

The day I lost my handphone

So how unlucky can one get on one's birthday?

There I was walking along the pavement, pushing my heavy baby along in the pram, when my phone rang, and it was PM who told me why we had changed from dinner to lunch and didn't tell her. I had sms her a few times, not my problem if she didn't read her messages huh? :P

So I dropped my phone in my bag, it's kinda hard to struggle with so many things with only one hand, and the heavy baby in the pram, so I guess the phone didn't drop into the bag as it was supposed to, but dropped onto the ground, which I didn't notice.

Actually at that point in time, I remembered distinctly that I should check if my phone had gone into the bag, that I had a strange feeling at that point that something was wrong, like time froze a minute while I stood at the crossroad, but I shrugged it off and continued to push my dear heavy baby in his pram.

So while in the train I was wondering why no news from PM yet, so I thought I'll sms her. And panic hit, I couldn't find my phone no matter how hard I searched. And that moment in time flashed into my head, and I had a sinking feeling that my handphone is gone. Oh woe .... all my contacts and of all the days! :(

I rushed out of the train, with my dear heavy baby in his pram, and thought of going back to trace my phone, but I was going to be late, so I borrowed a phone from the security guy and called my number but no one answered. So the next best thing is to call dear hubby. :P

And guess what, he had everything in control! Heh. I wonder if he heard the panic in my voice. Ahh ... but he sounded rather smug. :P Still love him. Heh. Apparently someone picked up the phone and he got the contact of the person who picked it up. Yay. I know my brother picked up a phone once and he threw away the sim card and kept the phone. Rotten fellow eh? Good thing not everyone is like that. Heh.

Good thing I made myself memorise dear hubby's number after the last time I forgot my handphone and couldn't remember his new number.

And there I was, mulling over my head, wondering how to contact min ... and slowly, her number came into my mind. Good thing she has never changed her handphone number too. I can't remember all those new numbers. I think once I hit 25 I stopped remembering things. :P

And it's definitely a good thing I had lots of ten cent coins this time too. Heh.

Min gave me a soft-toy octopus for my birthday. I am soo .... speechless. I guess when one has a baby, one will slowly cease to exist. :P Okie, she did give me some kino vouchers and other stuffs ... but still ... it's my birthday!! SNIFF. :P

PM gave me a yoga book ... err, a bit for the beginner. I should give it back to her as birthday present! She should be reading it! Ha. Well, perhaps I could read it and memorise all the sanskit names and go and teach yoga. :X

Wen gave me a C&E bathrobe. Now that is ex. I knew it was ex because I went to look at it before and decided that it was not worth getting. So I bought two cheap ones after that. Heh heh. Whoops ... but still, it's nice to have another one. I can always wear it when the other's in the wash. Wen was wondering why I wanted a bathrobe. It's useful to cover over when one wants to go swimming, and it's extremely useful when you're halfway in your bath and baby started screaming. :P

Oh well ... next time I'll just tell everyone what I want. Heh.

Now how come this year I never get a single birthday card? Grrrr.

PS: Baby really love the octopus. It had eight legs and he loves chewing each and every one of them. :) At least someone is extremely satisfied!


Sunday, May 07, 2006


Seven dreams before death:
1. To have dear hubby with me until I am old and die.
2. To walk on the beach somewhere far away, hand in hand with dear hubby, with the smell of seawater in the air and the crunchy sand in the feet, seeing the setting sun and waiting for the stars to come out.
3. Sleep on a open beach again with millions and millions of stars above me, looking at the milky way and trying to catch more shooting stars, and have dear hubby next to me.
4. Write (and be paid for it too). *heh*
5. To travel to many different places and explore castles and dungeons and graveyards with dear hubby.
6. To have lots and lots of money (maybe strike lottery, heh) and don't have to work and can buy whatever I want.
7. To be good at yoga.

Seven things I can’t do in this lifetime:
1. Kill somebody (like the bosses).
2. Burn down some buildings (like where I'm working).
3. Kill all those whiny spoilt extremely naughty kids.
4. Tell all those parents to wake up and take care of their kids properly.
5. Tell all the people in the world not to have kids if they aren't going to take care of them properly.
6. Change the leaders of the country.
7. Have magical powers.

Seven things that attract me:
1. Intelligence
2. Beautiful eyes
3. Sincere smiles
4. Laughter
5. Good books
6. Freshly baked nice-smelling cookies
7. Rainy/cloudy days

Seven things I say:
1. shit
2. okay
3. darling
4. really
5. actually
6. oi
7. then ...

Seven books that I love:
1. Dragonlance Chronicles -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
2. Dragonlance Legends -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
3. Howl's Moving Castle -- Diana Wynne Jones
4. To Kill a Mockingbird -- Harper Lee
5. The Belgariad -- David Eddings
6. Death Gate Cycle -- Tracy Hickman and Margaret Weis
7. Good at Games -- Jill Mansell

Seven movies that I’ve loved:
1. My Sassy Girl
2. Labyrinth
3. The Muppet Christmas Carol
4. Spirited Away

To be continued ... have to find out what are the names of the movies I've watched. Me bad at remembering names.

And I don't have seven people reading my blog. :P And those who read my blog have been tagged. :X

Only one tag:
1. Yogini Wen (now that she has a blog)

Saturday, May 06, 2006

I, Me, Moi.

I AM: happy
I WANT: to know how to get my sleeping baby out the car and into the house onto the bed without waking him up.
I WISH: I have lots and lots of money. :P
I HATE: all types of politics and stupid people.
I MISS: the food at alia manggis.
I FEAR: not being able to be a good mother to my baby.
I HEAR: things that I do not want to hear.
I WONDER: why people are sometimes so foolish.
I REGRET: not being more confident when I was younger.
I AM NOT: as young as I looked.
I DANCE: when I was young.
I SING: to my baby to make him sleep, except that he'll be even more awake and I'll be yawning away.
I CRY: when I'm sad.
I AM NOT ALWAYS: as cheerful as I look.
I MAKE WITH MY HANDS: a knitted vest for my dear hubby.
I WRITE: my thoughts for myself.
I CONFUSE: days and time sometimes.
I NEED: a holiday.
I SHOULD: be tidying up the house instead of sitting here writing. :P
I START: a lot of things.
I FINISH: nothing.
I LOVE: my hubby and my baby.
I REMEMBER: too many things some unwanted.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Midnight ramblings

The last time I sat here and started up blogger, I was interrupted by dear baby who howled. It's 2am now, and the boys are quiet, so I get some time to read and perhaps write. :P

No time to complete the tags yet.

Wen's latest post on the Moo-Moo song is hilarious. And check out her link to an authentic cow song. Priceless.

My throat is screaming in pain. So pain so pain. :( I guess I never really recovered from that bout of flu yet, and eating the crabtree and evelyn cookies yesterday that Wen gave me was not a smart move. Damn, the breakfast cookies tasted so yummy with milk! :)

Baby had bad runny nose last night. He cried for one hour and I was alone to hold the fort. Carried him till arms and back ache. No need to do yoga can get enough exercise. Was quiet worried about him, why do babies cry so much? Perhaps he was in pain? *sigh* He finally cried himself to sleep after I smarten up and put him in the carrier. Duh.

Am a bit stoned to write properly.

Last week we went to the Imperial Herbal for the FIL grand 70th birthday. Well, I loved the soup best. Buddha jumped over the wall! Heh heh. First time I tasted it. Soup very thick and just nice. The rest of the dishes are so-so. We had cod-fish, pork-ribs, sea-cucumber and noodles. I thought the gravy on the cod-fish was a bit too much, I'd prefer my cod-fish without any gravy, just simply fry/bake/etc no condiments required. And everything was a little too sweet and a little too salty. They didn't have any of those weird insect dishes, thank goodness, due to some extreme cold weather back in China, the insects died (or something, haha). And for dessert, too bad they didn't order that sweet potato yam thingy - I loved that one! :P But instead we had a sinfully rich chocolate cake from the bakery at Raffles Hotel, so sinful, the chocolate cake was made of real thick chocolate, it's like eating chocolate, not cake! Wah, cannot eat too much one this one, too rich for anything. Delicious though. Heh. I can do chocolates anytime, not just not too much.

Younger brother said he wanted to treat me for my birthday. Now ... where is a good place to get him to pay for a good meal? Heh. We think and think and think - he wasn't interested in Mediterranean food, and we think and think and think, and I think we kinda decided on Lei, and we'll get the peking duck. :P He's paying what. :) At first he wanted to treat me to a chocolate buffet, but I shudder at that thought.

Sooo ... people will be asking me out for a meal soon ... where are the good places for a good meal? Yep, Wen and I used to go around places and try out food and write reviews about them - those were the good old days. But on my own, I hardly eat out, and hubby isn't exactly an adventuous kind. Even now, with Wen, we tend to go to places where we know they're good. Must get more pple to recommend good eating places!

Anyway what Wen said is true. Doing yoga does change the appetite. Most of the time I like my food simple and home-cooked. The way mom cooks or I cook. :) And I like the soup. Tonight we went over to mom's place for dinner, and her onion-potato-carrot-tomato-porkribs-chickenbone soup was heavenly. Plus chicken and beef steak. Heh heh. I think I eat more at her place than at home. And I'm 2kg less from my original weight. Poor me! :P

The other night while I was sleeping, I dreamt that I was eating mouth-watering meltingly delicious durians! Waah ... :) Hubby bought four boxes for durians for me the next day. Four boxes for three bucks. Not bad eh? Not bad the durians too, and another nail into my throat. :P

I like the durian roll and goodwood park hotel. :) Die ah ... throat better recover else no need to eat anything!

Alamak, 2.30am, and thinking and writing about food! Too bad my throat really hurts and I can't swallow :( else I'll go dig for more cookies and milk. :P

And I do like Wen's cooking, especially her ox-tail stew. Wah ... I'm sad she never invite me to eat her ox-tail stew nowadays. Then again, she got C to wipe clean the dishes, no need me leow. hahhaa. I remember when we eat together (at her place or anywhere) I'm always the one finishing up every dish, because don't waste what, and she's such a tiny eater. Nowadays do yoga must control - don't eat too much! :X

Cookies and milk? :p