Friday, September 09, 2005

To exist

A need to write. Because I'm alone at home. It's a lovely day, but rather stressful thinking of the things not done.

A need to clear the head of thoughts.

A need to start focusing on the important things.

No, I'm not feeling lonely. Just being alone tends to cause the head to whirl more than usual, espeically if one's feeling just a little stressed.

Just a little stressed because those bloody workers aren't doing the painting yet and the room is in a mess. I want my piano. I want to do more unpacking and put away more things. It's the last of my hols.

Just a little stressed because there are many papers to set, and I've not gotten into the mood to do any yet. Three full papers to be exact. How cruel.

Just a little stressed because it's the last day, and I wished it would be longer. Just a little longer to enjoy it, to wallow in laziness.

Just a little stressed because I need to plan what to do for the day else I'll be wasting the last precious day I have. Again.


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