Friday, September 09, 2005

Or not to exist?

Xena's blog has been shut down. Poor thing. I can understand how that feels. Well, I don't get to read her blog either! Poor me too. heh.

Well seriously, I hope she gets someplace to blog soon. It's so boring without her blog around!

So to cheer her up, and since I don't have her email addy, here are some flowers for her! Can't find anything on ice-cream though. Damn weather is sooo hot!

To Xena, :)

Don't say don't have. heh

I need to jump into the pool later.

So very hot! Ironing in such a hot weather in an air-con room is still too hot!

Hot hot hot!

Ten centimeters!!!

What have I gotten myself into?

And the pattern isn't as easy as it could be. Not the usual knit and purl kind. What slip stitch, double stitches etc etc.

My left hand is definitely atrophied.

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