Monday, June 27, 2005

Good grief

I hate taking medicine then going to sleep. When you wake up, the whole body feels like kenna hamtum. Ouch. Still feeling sickish, but I guess much better than yesterday. I shan't take anymore of the medicine if I can help it.

The resident lizard mentioned earlier had met with an unfortunate accident. It attempted to be friendly, but I was not amused. Too bad. I really didn't mean it. Really. It just gave me a fright. I think it had probably drowned.

We exchanged the money plant for another. After its memorable bath, it couldn't really stand upright and was all drooping with the after shock. Was never the same again.

Still feeling sick. Damn.

Friday, June 24, 2005

Last Day

Bliss is when you finally get to sit down, put your feet up, and enjoy your ice-cream.

Dust is what you always see, but the dear hubby doesn't see. And all those long hairs as well. So there is no wonder why you are always doing the vacumming.

It makes me sneeze.

The resident lizard has arrived and taken up a nice place in the toilet. It scuttles away whenever the lights are switched on. Still a bit shy, and rather small and thin, but I guess that would change soon. I suppose it is feeding itself quite happily, though I wonder what it's eating. No I don't want to know. I'll only be glad if it does not decide to shift house. We would have to take steps if it decides to move out of the toilet. *bleah*

Five more minutes to go and I have to start preparing lunch. There's always something to do, and you can't just lie in bed all day.

I don't feel like going out on my own nowadays. And there isn't anyone to go out with me. I should be shopping for things for the house, but I'm feeling extremely lazy. Was thinking of enjoying my last day to have dim sum with mom, but the house was too untidy to leave alone. I'm becoming obsessed.

It's the sneezing.

Udon for lunch. Fish for dinner perhaps.

My top of the list of all favourite fruits is now the cherry. Need to buy more. Second in place are mangosteens. They're a bit messy that's why. Then followed by lychees, grapes (of the sweet seedless and thin skin types), watermelons, oranges and apples. Bottom of the list include banana ... and last of the last are papayas.

Need to do more exercise.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Happy endings

I've finally gotten to watch Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. After hearing so much about it too. Didn't really read the reviews, but heard it was pretty good. Well, it was a pleasant surprise. I always thought Jim Carey was only good as a lousy joker. He sure did a pretty good job in this show. In the beginning, I caught no ball ... but as the story progress, it capitavated and engrossed ... and it was really rather charming ... and most interesting. Ingenious too.

No matter how much you can erase your memories, what attracts you to the person still seems to attract.

And going back into your memories of the good times, you realised just how important the person you loved is to you.

It just felt so powerful.

There are always good times and bad times. Perhaps the trick to live happily (or maybe not happily but to be in love) ever after is to remember the good times and continously change and improve. Both learn important things about themselves and each other. And when they are willing to accept that and work towards loving each other ... perhaps that's all that matters?

True isn't it?

There was a mutual attraction, yet they ended up pushing each other away. I'm so glad it ended happily ... with a hope, and a hope is enough for a dream.

And I'm so glad to be so lucky ... to have found someone to belong to.


There will always be good memories and bad memories ... and hopefully there will always be more good than bad memories. :)

Blow wind blow

The windows were opened the whole day today, welcoming the cool wind throughout the house. Oh blow, things went flying and tumbling, doors went a-banging and my hair flew wildly around me. Lovely to have such cool wind, that is ... if you close your eyes to the dust it brings in as well. You don't want to think too much about that.

It's nice to go out to do up the hair, and feel very different from the frumpy housewife you've become recently. With hair styled and blown, you just looked good in the clothes you try on, plus having a special discount really makes you part with your money even faster. People all tell me that I've lost weight. From my aunts to the therapist ... and even the weighing scale seems dubious. I'm not sure if I've really lost much weight, and hubby remarked that my arms seem rather watery lately, having not been going religiously for yoga. I guess it's just part of becoming older. One finally loses one's baby fat. heh

I should have gone for yoga this morning, but it feels good to lie a bit longer in bed. Realllly good. That's bad. I need motivation.

I returned Xel's call today and finally told her. There was a stunned pause for a while. I swear I could hear her thinking ... what? I thought you ... But she recovered pretty quick. It doesn't matter. That would have been my reaction too. I just thought it was pretty funny. heh. Anyway, all that is behind, and we're certainly looking forward. It's kinda strange how fast people adapt to things. :P

It's so easy to be a frumpy housewife at home. There's always the cooking, cleaning, washing and ironing to do. What else do you wear except a frumpy old T and shorts while you sweat it all out? Just did an hour of ironing and boy, do I creak after that. Twists are best after standing for such a long time. It's amazing how easy it is. Fortunately I'm simply too lazy to be too obsessed with cleanliness. As long as it looks neat and clean, I'm quite happy.

The most frightening movies ever are not those horror shows that play on your nerves and try to scare the shit out of you by all those cheap trills. The most frightening shows ever are instead those real life documentary shows you see on BBC world or Discovery or National Geo which depicts the life of a woman in a third world country, or in some very ulu part of Africa. I was watching one such during my vacation. A young girl of seventeen was forced into marriage. The groom gave ten cows to the father, and the girl was promised as wife. Oh no, they were not selling her. those were just a gift. No one gave a damn what she wanted. She wanted to continue her studies (they were not as ulu as not having an education), but she was simply told to marry the guy, and promised a better life. Groom wanted a fat wife. So the fiance was force fed cow's milk everyday, almost every hour for four months before the wedding ... to be fat. And to continue after the wedding as well. Imagine being shuttered in a small hut, waking up drinking a gourd of milk, another, an hour and half later, another for lunch, another for tea, another round for dinner and last round for supper. One big gourd each time under the watchful eyes of Grandma who would beat her if she did not comply. In between each feeding, there was nothing for her to do except to sleep, and not to think. I could not imagine the horrors of that. I could not tear my eyes away. There was a horrid fascination about the whole show. It was just simply so awful. And the villages were Christians, who believed they were giving her a better future, and in time to come, she too had accepted her fate. Resigned.

I cannot get that out of my mind.

Being fat had problems too. Her sister-in-law had heart problems and other illness due to her obesed body. She had difficulty getting up, walking around and probably had her life shorten by twenty years. She was interviewed too, and you can see in her eyes the resignation of her life. That is the life they knew. That is the life they lived.

At the end of the programme, you could see that from a gawky skinny teenage, she had become much rotund and fat. There was a sense of dispair and sadness about her, she cried every night when not seen by relatives. Her tears flowed as she was being interviewed. She cried silently during the wedding ceremony. There was just not a glimmer of smile or joy about her person. Her face just read misery and resignation. How could anyone look forward to such a life?

Back at my grandma's place, my two aunts spent their day cleaning, washing, cooking and all the housework which have to be done as well as seeing to the kids and granny. After which, they would plop down in front of the tele and while away the rest of the time glued. Horrors of horrors, they were watching our local productions! Arrgh. One soap after another, another after another. Maybe HK as well, or Taiwanese etc. Perhaps only to unglue to cook or to take a short break. And beyond that conversations were trival and superficial. I can't imagine a life like that either.

What do I have? Work - repetition after repetition. Home - cleaning, washing, cooking, ironing. Rest - the tele? Books? Conversation? What is to prevent me from spiralling downwards to become mush or an unintelligible glob? What is there to allow me to keep my sanity and to give me room to grow? Do we all become monotonous and boring and unthinking? Is that how we become as we grow old? Oh horrors.

Xel reminded me that Noriko Ogawa is coming to town again. We might just go and see her. I need my piano soon! I need to learn new things! Arrgh.

Sunday, June 19, 2005

The travelling apples

The best part about Malaysia was the relatives and definitely the food. It was nice visiting my uncles and aunties and cousins and most certainly getting free lunches and dinner ... and transport. heh heh.

All in all, a most satisfying holiday. The first hotel we stayed wasn't too good though. A three star one which faked a five star on the internet and cheated us to pay five star rates. Thanks to my father who remembered wrongly and gave the lousy recommendation. We moved out almost immediately the next day, and you can sure as hell hear me grumble the whole day! Even hubby wasn't too pleased, and that says a lot ... since he's usually the easy-going one. We'll never be back there for sure!

Dinner first night was crabs, chilli kangkong, a kind of shellfish called lala ... and I forgot. That three dishes was enough to make me die without regrets. Food there was really good! And pretty cheap. And we didn't even have to pay a single cent. *bleah*

We drove down to SP the next day and had lunch with some of my aunts. The roast duck was pretty good, but that was about it. Nice meeting them though. I always got along pretty well with all my aunts. Then Father drove us down to Alor Star to visit Granny. We stopped for durians on the way ... very very delicious durians, though the aftertaste wasn't too good, what with each of us burping along the rest of the journey and contributing to the sour smell. heh. But the next best part were the one kilo of mangosteens we bought! Oh mangosteens. My favourite. *swoon*

Dinner on the second night wasn't too ideal. Fourth aunt wasn't around, and she's the one with good suggestions on where to get nice food. Still, I guess one shoudn't complain too much especially when they treated us after all. If Grandpa were still around, he would know where to go for nice food. Grandma doesn't want to leave the house nowadays, and we couldn't get her to come along, no matter what. She's getting absent minded nowadays. I guess age is finally catching up.

I'm sure hubby was dreaming of driving fast cars. The next day when he woke up, he told me he wanted to go to Langkawi. My uncle worked there and he sells cars, and over dinner the previous night, my aunts were telling him all about the Ferraris and being able to test drive around the island. You could sure see his eyes sparkling after that. So off we went then. The water was extremely choppy, and I threw up my lunch, which had never happened before. Damn. It's ok though, lunch wasn't too good too. I told Father I wanted to go to the place where we used to always go for lunch with Grandpa, but he brought us to the wrong one. :( It was quite disappointing at AS.

So we spent the third day at Langkawi. No fast cars to test drive though, since most of them had been sold due to the impending tax. But we certainly did have a great time with fourth aunt who brought us to the most delicious seafood place with lovely steamed crabs, steamed fish, big prawns, lala ... and they were very cheap and extremely fresh too. *droooooool* My fourth aunt is like a tribal leader in the island. Almost everyone greets her when they see her and she gets special privileges. heh heh. We got to stay at one of the best resort hotel for half the rate. Must go back again! :P We also went to the pasa malam and bought the nicest mangosteens ever. Oh drrrrrooooooool. I sure as hell stuffed myself full of mangosteens that night!

The last day wasn't very interesting. It was a long road trip back ... from Langkawi to AS to SP and back to Penang to catch out night flight. (oh yes, we changed our flight twice, and almost a third time as well!) Lunch was at AS with very nice noodles. At least Father got that place right. Now I now why mom loves the noodles there. We had three bowls between the two of us. heh. Dinner before leaving was western steak, and I must say ... the portions were huge. So much bigger than what we have here. Oh boy.

Food. I've been eating non-stop since I got there. Crabs, prawns, fish, lala ... and best of all ... mangosteens. Drooling even now to think of them. Oh, the mangosteens. Oh wow .... and the crabs. Too bad I didn't get to eat really nice lala yet. Oh well. :P

Mangosteens. Arrgh.

Oh, and what was it about the apples? We took some from home before we left, since there were still quite a lot left from that time, and we were afraid they would spoil by the time we got home. So the apples went island and town hopping with us as well, till they were finally slaughtered at AS.


Arrrgh ... those mangosteens. I sure didn't have enough of them. The stomach can only hold that much each time! *bleah*

I wonder where xena has gone off to. Has she gone off blogging for good?


Everyone seems to be talking about it. All because the nation main newspaper published a lousy gossipy article. I just have one opinion of it. It's sad when the nation newspapers resorts to taboid gossips to keep its readers entertained.

And hubby brought to my attention the other day that front page news was about how people are all spending so much more, to give a sense of a growing economy, and hidden away on the fourth page was an article about an impending technical recession. Bad times ahead are not important for us to know.


Things are decidedly starting to look gloomy.

I saw mangosteens selling here. Wonder if they're any good. Expensive though. Very much more ex than back in M.

Grandma is in hospital back here. She was losing energy and didn't want to eat. Refused to open her mouth. Mom panicked and called the ambulance. She was put on drip and now seems better. Last I heard, mom told me they're sending a speech therapist to see her. Speech therapist?! Whatever for. DUH. The last time we sent her to the hospital they also sent a speech therapist who ended up wasting time and money. Grandma's mind is gone. Gone. I told mom to get a social worker to access the finanical conditions. I doubt anyone can heal grandma in her mind. It was too late. They should have let her see a psychatrist when she was showing signs ... or maybe neuro ... but nooo ... no no no. At least Grandma seems to be picking up again, I suppose that is ... good, and mom's burden of taking care of her on her own will still continue. My friend had advised to get a social worker. I wonder if mom would do that.

Poor grandma. When she was still aware of things around her, she didn't want to live anymore. I wouldn't want to myself if I'm ever in this state.

And mom suffers the most. Oh, she doesn't see it as a burden at all. Who am I to say that she's suffering. I'm sure she would have loved to go with us to Malaysia this round. She loves the food there as much as I do. She hasn't been back there for so long. It would have been fun to have her around too. I bet she'll stuff herself with noodles and durians. :P

Yesterday MIL washed our little money plant the way I would wash my vegetables before I cook them. The poor little plant looked ... well, extremely clean and the leaves are pathetically drooping over the pot. I think the plant must have gotten a shock of its life. hahahahaha. I told hubby he has got to sing to them later to sorta perk them up. I'm no green thumb. Plants are hubby's territory. heh.

Monday, June 13, 2005

uh oh ...

Booked tickets wrongly.

*sticks tongue out*

I wonder if we could change the flight later. I thought I clicked on the one which I was supposed to click. Oh dear.

No harm really ... just not very ideal after all.

1 am. Have not packed yet. Was glued to TV and enjoying comfort of new sofa. heh heh.

Will have to wake up early and pack.


Sunday, June 12, 2005

Super idle sunday

There isn't anything much to write about nowadays since life is peaceful and monotonous. Some may say boring, but I kinda liked it. Just days passing by, like the clouds floating across the sky. Not much worries ... and being happy to spend the time with my dear hubby. Perhaps it has also because I've come to accept it as part of life. After all, if not now, when?

So another idle sunday goes by. We woke up latish ... not me, I managed to catch Japan Hour again, had a nice dim sum brunch at a kopishop near by, which was pretty good, and idled the afternoon away. When hubby wakes from his nap, I bet he'll be feeling hungry again. heh. Going for a dip later in the evening, pack the bags for tomorrow, and perhaps if there's time, go out and buy some stuffs for tomorrow.

Yep, and that will be a short trip to Penang. I've not been there for ages. The highlight would be all the nice food which I'm kinda looking forward to. And we'll be visiting my granny as well. Father has volunteered to be our tour-guide, but he hasn't been to Penang either for a while. Hopefully my aunts/uncles would be free to bring us around. Never had been really close to all my cousins. The big ones are all over the country, I doubt we'll be seeing any of them.

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Teesie Weesie Problems

The problem with having a nice hot shower is that afterwards you just don't feel like doing anything much at all, except wrap yourself nicely and snuggedly in bed and snooze a bit.

The problem with eating out is that those food contain so much salt and MSG that it makes you so thirsty and you found horribly that your stomach can only hold a certain amount of water and watermelon and it's still not enough to quench that awful thirst.

The problem with having dinner with dear hubby is that lunch was only three hours ago and the food in your stomach have not had the chance to really digest but you would rather eat with him than eat alone later, so you stuff yourself happily because once you start eating, it doesn't seem so bad, except that afterwards you really feel fat and bloated.

The problem with dearest hubby is that he is a kaibutsu (monster) who actually can feel hungry three hours after huge lunch, and three hours later after huge dinner, and almost every hour in between.

Hey, so I didn't succumb to the nice inviting bed with the cozy covers to wrap oneself in, but I washed the clothes instead. You can't just dump them all in the washing machine, you have to soak them for a while, not too long or they'll smell, rinse and/or scrub them and finally put them into the wash. Hubby is more detailed than I. Me? I'm not that patient.

I wonder how Xena is. She doesn't seem to be writing anymore. I hope she is all right after her treatment. I must remember not to bug her to write more often for my amusement, else she'll definitely start charging me a flat rate. heh.

Okie, now all I need to do is to try to throw out all that dinner I had earlier so that I'll feel much more at ease. Damn feeling so bloated now. ... n e e d w a t e r ! Must not watch TV and eat at the same time. Unconscious shoving of food in mouth is definitely not healthy! Arrgh.

Chuzzle puzzle

When all else fails, you know that you can always rely on mom to have lunch with, or to spend some time together with. I guess I'm one of the lucky few people who really get along with their mothers. Last night she accompanied me to get some groceries and we had dinner together. This afternoon, when there's no one else to have dim sum with, and you really feel like having dim sum, because otherwise there will hardly be a chance to have nice dim sum again ... so who do you call? Mom's the best! :)

We don't eat a lot, and it's nice to bring her out to eat something which we both like. Now if only my grandmother is well. She loves dim sum too. Unfortunately and sadly, her life is pretty much gone. So I tell myself, I will bring my mom out more often to enjoy nice meals together, especially to places where she likes to eat. One never knows when a stroke might hit, or when the brain fails. And everyone gets old ... too fast.

After that, I tried to put my mind seriously into getting something for Wen ... for her birthday many many months back. It's really difficult to get something nice for her. She has everything she wants .... and damn it, she got a damn expensive taste as well. In terms of trinklets ... I cannot appreciate the stuffs she likes, so it's kinda difficult. Very difficult. Very very difficult. Extremely explosively difficult. It's giving me a headache and I had to retire early. Will shop another day. :P

Didn't manage to get my books from the library yet. Should I play more chuzzle? Or maybe I should go and do some housework. heh heh. Four rounds. That's really it. :P

Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Insomaic ramblings

Just a cup of Earl Grey this morning and I'm doomed to be awake and hyper the whole day. Tea was at about eightish, and it's more than twelve hours but the effects have not worn off. Oh dear me.

Perhaps three teaspoon is way too much. Even hubby felt super hyper after that. Must use less leaves. :P Wedgewood's having a sale. Is the tea there any nicer than Godiva? The Earl Grey at Coffee Club tastes really interesting, the last time I had was like two years ago, I wonder what kind they use. I'm starting to like earl grey as much as ceylon. Mustn't drink too much though. :P

So here I am, after tossing and turning for a while in bed. My brains are still on full gear, and my body is extremely awake. We swam this morning, extremely refreshing ... and I think I'm of two colours now. There were millipedes on the floor of the pool, must be careful not to squash them. Yikes. Hubby didn't care much. But I went all googled eyed staring hard and trying to avoid them. I need to build up stamina again, kinda feeling breathless after a while.

I was remembering something earlier, and thought that it might be worth putting it down to remember. But unfortunately, there are people reading this, and it might be rather strange. Perhaps another time. Somehow, my eyelids seem to be getting heavier. Somehow the mood seems to have dissipated too.

Ah well.

Monday, June 06, 2005

A different perspective

I wonder what happened to Hammie. He's not on icq anymore, nor is he writing his blog. It's kinda strange I guess ... one always see him around on icq but hardly ever talk to him ... and only in absence does one remember. Hmm.

Did I ever mention that Hammie got me writing blogs? I wasn't very interested in writing initially, till I read some good and interesting blogs ... like xena's. heh. There .. inspirations. But I'll never write as well as them.

Nor am I funny or entertaining. I write because sometimes I'm bored.

Like now. After playing chuzzle for the umpteenth time, I really need a break. I'm seeing cute little fuzzle creatures at the back of my closed eyes, and hearing weird explosions all over the place. Pop .. goes the weasel.

And I ran out of books to read. Just finish The Fifth Elephant a while back. A book a day because the later ones were good. Need to haunt the library soon for more.

I must remember, in future, only to buy wrinkle-free shirts for hubby. A wrinkle-free shirt takes only less than five minutes to iron, but more than fifteen damn minutes otherwise.

Do I sound very lethargic? That is because I am feeling extremely bloated after dinner. Also did yoga this morning, and my thighs feel like lead. Plus all that chuzzle playing makes my brain kinda numb. Feeling extremely fat, foolish and fluffy.

And no, I should not lie in bed anymore for it'll only make it worse.

I think I'm quite deprived in my childhood. I never get to read books like Cat in a Hat ... hmm, where did my pretty bookmark disappear to? ... or many other cute picture children books. Mom didn't believe in too many picture books. She wanted us to read lots of words ... and not be distracted by too many pictures. Strangely she allowed us Tintin though, I think she liked those books, though she should be more wary with those books, since Captain Haddock had so many swear words. :P Mom patiently taught me to read and write and to say the multiple table before I entered school. She wrote words on cards and got us to read. I remembered her hand over mine as she helped me write out letters. I remembered standing and reciting the whole multiple table and feeling extremely clever after that. Studying under her was fun. The only thing she didn't believe in was studying chinese. Being English educated herself, I remembered her saying ... aiyah, Chinese not important one .. nevermind. heh heh. Unfortunately ... and till now I always wondered why, I went on to do Chinese as a first language, and suffered horribly over those years. Life goes on, and I still managed to survive that phrase in life. The saving grace I guess was my Chinese teacher in sec four. Who made the language slightly more enjoyable, so I did not spend those time practising my drawing secretly in my books. I really listened, and made an effort. Well, as much effort as I could in my weaken state. It's amazing how with some work one can always pass.

Perhaps I should have worked harder. But my parents never had any ambition or goals for me. Neither were they anyone I could looked up to. Perhaps it's important for parents to have a positive influence for their kids. PM was telling me her mom wanted them to be this, and her father wanted them to be that. They always knew what they wanted. They had an aim. They were rewarded for good grades. I never was. When I got slightly older, all I felt from them was indifference. As long as they see me studying during exams, which can be easily achieved with a storybook hidden inside a textbook, they were okie. There was no interest or urgency to study. I spent my time killing monsters instead. I never studied. I never worked hard. Till now, I can't seem to work hard either.

And it's easy to fall into a depression never knowing what it is that you really wanted. I guess I should be contented with what I have, for it is not in me to work hard. Perhaps I should pick up something and put in effort to be good at it. And that's where personal satisfaction comes in. But I can't seem to find anything worth doing. And so sometimes life is like a monotone. And you can only admire and sometimes envy the passion your friends have in the things they do.

And at the end of the day, you lie to yourself and paint pretty pictures around you.

Perhaps then, that is all that matters.

I wondered then, if my friends would have envied me for what I have. A loving husband, a beautiful home, and a close family. Not much worries most of the time. A pretty easy life and long holidays. Not that I'm complaining, not at all. But sometimes it just feel a little hollow and frightening. All that I have and need and want is just my dearest hubby. What if ... love fades away? Would that ever happen? What would I have left? Nothing, nothing meaningful left for myself.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Woe betide the careless

Oh, what have I done! *slaps hand to forehead*

My two games of chess in chessworld have gone down the longkang. Flush and see it swirling. No photoshop to show the horrible mess I'm in, thank goodness ... not something I want to remember. I'm just sitting on them till I decide on a good day when I'm in a happier mood to resign. They are absolutely hopeless. No knight in shining armour's going to help me. *sob*

Latest addiction of a game: Chuzzle! Wow ... my eyes kinda hurt playing for hours. Very addicitive. That of which was like ultima was a bit tough. After getting killed twice, enough is enough. Perhaps I shall go and dig out my old games. Wonder if I still have them.

I think I should go and rest my eyes. Chuzzle is damn addictive. All those yahoo games in fact. Brainless and addictive. Just the sort to pass the nights away. Definitely good to vegetate.

I should continue on my knitting instead. Of maybe even ... ahem, put in a bit more effort in my chess. *bleah*

We might do a class action suit. Neighbours aren't very happy either.

I'm very tired. I just want my furniture and my lights and have a warm and cozy home.

Nothing doing

It's a beautiful day this morning. If only I do not need to go to work later, that would have been perfect. Now that hubby is not in, it's indeed a good time to clean the house. It's still a bit messy. And it still needs a few more furniture, just that we ran out of money.

Oh well, don't we always need more money? :P

Going out with PM is always interesting. Pigs would fly if she were on time. And I was too optimistic to think that I could get her on her handphone. Yep, it died on her. YS was disappointing too. She didn't turn up. Now why wasn't I too surprised after all? Anyway it was a fun evening. I did my nails before that, and now got a pretty set of toes. heh. PM must learn to be firm and say no without feeling bad. I never have any problems with that ... most of the time. I guess I'm more practical and bochup what others think. Oh well. I got irritated and told her to just tell them no if she didn't want it instead of saying next time. It reads indisicive and sharks are out smelling that blood. The sales talk was really annoying. And I was getting hungry.

Poor PM. I guess sometimes we get gullible when we are down.

But now is a good time to look for apartments. Min might want to take note of some around the city area. Some of the small units looked really good, and perhaps the prices might be suitable. Check out Saturday's newspapers. They usually have their adverts then.

I guess I'm really fortunate to have someone to share the burden of buying a place of our own. It's nice to be able to live away from your parents. My parents are the nicest people on earth, yet I still felt stifling staying with them. I think it's the being able to be mature and independent thingy. You also grow up faster. Not allowing people the means to live on their own is really rotten. Lack of space and housing is just so lame. They just don't want the young people to be too individualistic and independent huh. So they rather let all those public housing go empty.

Well, I'm sure my galfriends can afford it when it comes down to getting a small place of their own. Just that, it simply shackle you to the bank and you really become a poor slave after that. Freedom of another kind, prison of another type.

*sticks head back into the sand*

And we continue to fool ourselves and have pretty dreams.

What a nice morning this is. There are things that need doing around the house. To work!