Saturday, September 24, 2005


I remembered once ...

and in bitterness and in truth,

but it was all too late ...

and I do not know why.

It was a good thing I managed to find my way back again. I had a vague idea it was on the other side, till you pointed out to me, very clearly, and that really did help. I was quite disoriented when I came out from the underground, but the past few trips had also helped.

Now all I had to show was just a little hole. Damnit.

It was the indecisiveness ...

and the depression,

perhaps sometimes ...

but is it truely?

Sticky sticky sticky. And one down soon. Oh gobble me up, what should I do? I dread to see, for I'm out of ideas. And the other is just as bad, where did it all gone to?

Sometimes I wonder too ...

would it have been better?

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