Wednesday, February 04, 2004


Sometimes I wonder what friendship is all about. Can one really have a very best friend, someone whom you can tell all your secrets and who really understands you and stand by your side and be with you whenever you need them? Well, that sounds like my hubby right now :) ... but besides him, do I exactly have a girlfriend who is like that to me? Conclusion: I don't think so. No one, besides my hubby, falls into that category. Is that the way it is with most people? It seems that some girls I know have girlfriends to hang out with, but as one gets older, do such friends then drift apart and make their other half their only and best friend?

Or perhaps it's just me. I have quite a few good friends, but I sometimes wonder what friendship means. We used to email and share our troubles and joys but after a while everyone drifts off. Now and then, we still try to keep in touch, meet up for birthdays and the like, but not everyone really bothers so much. We all seem to be so caught up with our own work that it's hard to find time to get together without much trouble. Of course there are some who takes the effort but others require sheer persistence to get through to them. If I have not bothered, I would not have any of these friends left. If I have not bothered, would they still remember me around? If I have not bothered, would they still have bothered? On the other hand, would they still want me to keep bothering them? Had I been a good friend? What does a good friend do anyway? Perhaps one doesn't need friends anyway.

Friends cannot help you deal with your problems and troubles. Friends doesn't make troubles go away. I'll feel guilty if I unburden too much to them, then again I'll feel even more guilty if they unburden themselves to me and I cannot help them solve their problems either. So what is friendship all about?