Sunday, July 22, 2007

Thoughts and sniffles

People (not my parents) have been asking me when I'm going to have a second kid. Not that I'm not seriously considering, now that my boy is pretty big, but it's rather tough to get around the idea of doing it all again. Can't we just skip that nine months of pure torture and get down to business? Hubby said I shouldn't have anything to complain about, seeing as how I did not even experience any morning sickness and was for the most part very happy-go-lucky throughout that period. But one wouldn't know what the second time would be like, ya?

I was just tired most of the time, and couldn't get up on time to go to work. And my reporting officer sure made my life hell making me feel awful all the time about that. Now that I think of it, I really dislike her. There, I've said it. I should have just asked my doc that time to give me lots of MCs. Ha. The way some of my colleagues are doing now. Doh.

Then again, do I really want another kid? We are still financially unstable, and I don't think I've been a good mother at all so far. Sometimes I feel like I'd rather work, and free time? I'd rather have the time for myself. To do my own things. As it is, I've not been doing to yoga. And there are still so many things I want to do. Watching animes is definitely one of them. :P

I guess I'm just tired. Baby is cutest when my parents are around to take care of him. He is so difficult especially when it comes to feeding time. Why did it turn out this way? He was such an angel once upon a time. Arrgh.

Oh no, he's awake.


I think I've caught some bug. *sneezes*

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Things my boy can do at a tender age of 19 months:

1. Use a pair of chopsticks to pick up food. Well, at least he could hold his chopsticks pretty well now, and he managed to pick up his favourite prawn once. After a while, he threw his chopsticks down because his fingers were tired. (I got photo and video to prove) :P

2. Help me vacumn the floor. I got photo and video to prove too.

3. Play the piano and read music. At least that was what he was trying to do. Playing my piano and flipping through my score sheets like he knows how to read. Ha. Whenever I wanted to practice my Schubert, he'll quickly come look for me, and demanded to 'sit here sit here' and starting pushing me off my seat, [Mummy, go away] and even pawed (poured) at my music sheets like he can read the beansprouts. Yeah right. *rolls eyes* When he's done, he say 'close piano', and I have to close it and he'll squeal with laughter whenever I'll narrowly miss his fingers.


In other news, Schubert is coming along nicely. I can play the first two pages of the sonata pretty well now, and that's because I've only got the first three pages with me. And besides now that I listened to Nodame and followed the score, I realised that she only played the first two pages and skipped to the end. Darn, must get a Schubert CD. I hardly have any Schubert at all, or do I even have any of his music?

Come to think of it, it's so much easier to learn a new piece when you get to listen to it. To think that when I was little, my teacher was/or appeared to me, at least, to be quite against listening to tapes of people playing the pieces. I think he once said that I shouldn't listen because I shouldn't be playing like that for exams. Only can listen to the exam pieces played by exam-approved players. It's no wonder I hate playing the piano when I was little, when each piece was an exam piece. School ya, Yamaha, ya. Got to make sure the little pesky kid pass her exams ya. It wasn't until I stopped learning, and made friends with Xel that I started listening and appreciating classical music more. If I have not known her, I think I'll never play the piano ever again. Or learn the violin. I wonder how many people have teachers like mine and got their interest killed.

I love Nodame Cantabile! The anime is extremely cute too! :)

Just watched Blood Diamonds last night. Thought L D'Capro looked extremely good in this show. No more that immature silly boy look. Heh. The story was pretty good, but we felt that it was too hollywood for anything. And I'm just too poor to afford so many diamonds. War is war is war. I wonder if the chap is a real story.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

The wheels on the bus goes round and round ...

So I have this piece of music going round and round in my head. Schubert Piano Sonata in A minor. At least it's better than my boy's children's music going round and round in my head!

Eversince the first time I heard it, and saw it being played (by Nodame) I just fell in love with it. Managed to get my hands on the sheet music, and am wondering when I'll get to try it out. The last time I did, my boy quickly ran up to me, and started demanding that he 'sit here! sit here!' too, and 'Mummy go away!', trying to push me off my seat.

Maybe later, he's still asleep. :)

The things my boy says nowadays:
'Excuse me! Go away!' and he tries to push you off your seat
'Hand, go away!' and he tries to slap your hand off from holding him
'Ah Gong eat what?' Last night, he saw his Ah gong munching something, he actually asked that!
And lots of other stuffs. He's very chatty for a nineteen month old.

Last weekend we went to eat at Le Maison (spelling?) at the new Central (Soho?) place. It's a kind of fusion Japanese place, my younger brother said. I thought it was French infused Japanese. Anyway, food was really good. I love it, except that portion was rather small. Was still a bit hungry. Not too expensive too. Nice, can go back again. I remember the last time Wen and I had French. Portions were really small. *shrug*

Oh well, I think I'd better get some housework done before everyone wakes up!