Monday, September 19, 2005

3. 2. 1.

Xena's latest post on her encounter with the old locum was rather amusing. I guess I shouldn't be laughing at her, ... but ... heh heh heh. :P Well, at least he didn't stink, did he? :P

And it reminded me of a time, a long long time ago, what? Eight or nine years back, when I was so very sick, high fever and all that. I don't nomally see a doctor then, because I don't like taking medicine, but that was either I see one and recover, or I won't be able to go for my star-gazing camping trip at Mersing the next day.

It wasn't a stinky old man, but it was a really really cute young one. Eye-candy okie!! hahah. The most good-looking person I've ever seen, actually. Was very amazed that such a good-looking person existed in such a profession! heheheh. Mustn't be human. Mom went with me since I was too sick to be on my own, and even she commented that wow, doctor so good-looking ah. waaah.

Too bad I was too woozy to appreciate that then. duh.

Too bad he wasn't the usual doctor there. hahaa.


It's amazing how half an hour of sleep can do to you. Was so dead tired, but just a deep sleep for thirty minutes and I could do my cooking and all that. I guess it must be the yoga training.

But you know you are still woozy when you tried washing your face with your glasses on.

And you know you are still woozy when you forget to cut the garlic till you start the cooking.

But with a hot cup of green tea, my sanity's restored. And no more papers to set!

Have I learnt a lesson yet?


Now would be a lull period. Now would be a good time to start my next knit project. :) But I am still two minds about the sizes. What size would be good? *think think*


Damn, dying for something sweet after dinner. :P

My mother-in-law bought us papayas. And celery. I just cut one (papaya), and I took a bite. Dear hubby is going to eat the rest of it. :P

Did I mention I dislike papayas?

The only good memories I have of papaya is the hot papaya wrap treatment we did during one of the spa trip in Thailand at Chiva Som with Wen. That was really shoik. Skin smooth smooth after that! Nice!

Papayas have this smell (and taste), okie ... more taste than smell, which turns me off. Waaaay off. I just hate it. And today while cutting the papaya, I realised that the papaya seeds are pretty gross too. Yeeech.

One more reason to dislike papayas.

My parents knew all my bad habits from young. They knew I disliked papayas. It had to do with them trying to force feed me papaya when I was a kid and having me throwing tantrums and screaming the house down. But still they tried. And they tried very hard. My father buys this special papaya, more expensive than the usual, very sweet ones, and they don't have that 'taste/smell' which I disliked.

And so sometimes I still eat papayas, because they wanted me to, and because it is good for me.

I love my parents! :)

And so how can a spoilt gal like me survive in this world without them?

I'm supposed to make juice out of the celery. Now where am I going to get a juicer? How are we going to finish the celery before they rot?

I have an extremely sweet tooth. So sweet that milo goes with two teaspoon of condensed milk. Roti-prata goes with one tablespoon of sugar (crunch crunch). Coffee goes with 2 teaspoon of sugar and 3 teaspoon of condensed milk. Bread goes with 1cm thick of kaya. Too sweet sometimes, and I'm learning to cut down. So sweet till hubby rolls his eyes at me and is starting to scold me for it. :P

But I'm still not to that standard where I can take barley, red bean soup, green bean soup without sugar. Unlike my dearest healthy hubby and his family. No sugar with barley. No sugar with green bean soup. Wah, can die leh.

How am I ever going to survive if my parents-in-law move in with us?

I've promised to cut down. Really! really really really! But not yet to zero. And sometimes work is so stressful and depressing that one needs the sugar fix. It gives me that energy to survive, and it makes me happy. Damn, I'm addicted to sugar and sweetness. :P

This sweet tooth thing is inherited from my mother and my granny. It's in the genes! I swear. And so far ... there hasn't been any negative aspects of it.

Do people actually get diabetics after taking such sweet stuffs?

I am still healthier than hubby. :P

And I don't take coke. And other sweet drinks.


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