Thursday, September 01, 2005

Nothing to do?

The cleaning auntie is finally here. Hubby rolled his eyes and told me that it must be a women's thing to have to put things away before the cleaning auntie gets here. So it was. I was up and awake early in the morning, tidying up the place. hahaa.

Tea does wack to my system. Had only three hours of sleep and is as bright as a bean.

She's washing the toilet right now. I feel like vacumning the floor while she's at it. Hubby stares at me as if I've gone mad. :P

So what do I have left to do?

1 hour 30 minutes later ...

She is finishing the first toilet.

I had vacumned the rooms, swept the yard, kitchen and hall, folded the clothes ... and practised the first 10 bars of Canon in D.

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