Monday, September 26, 2005

A need to plan

I am now sitting with my feet up, had a nice lovely shower, house is pretty neat, kitchen is clean, listening to my favourite Joshua Bell ... and just had two scoops of ice-cream .... *puurrrrr* ... what more could one ask for?


I doubt I'm going to put my feet down and go get my work I brought home today to do. Those can wait. *bleah*

I should go and put some stuffs away, get my stuffs and do my work ... hmmm. :P

It's been a pretty hectic day today, but everything was under control. Well, sort of, the egg dish was a bit dry and hard, but dear hubby is ever forgiving. :D

And it feels really great to be able to rest after all that hard work.

What I feel like doing now is this:



I've been doing lots of planning at work this week, and today things have gone pretty nicely.

And suddenly, there is a sudden urge to plan for non-work matters. So duh, but ... :P

Tues: Cook fried rice in the morning for lunch. Fried rice with prawns, pork, carrot, mushroom, scallops and peas. Then rush home after workshop to cook a simple dinner for dear hubby and later gals night out with PM and Min! PM may be bringing along a cake. woohoo! heh heh. Looking forward to that! :)

Wed: Nothing solid yet. Probably cook dinner at home. Stir fry scallops with big prawns and celery. Remember the celery mil gave? Yup, still there. Mom gave me some vege wrapped in newspapers, have not opened to see what's in it. Hope they are still edible. Probably cook that too! Then again, I should be going for yoga. *lazy*

Thurs: Hot date with dear hubby. woohoo! :) :) I sure hope nothing is going to spoil that! Will kill anyone who makes me stay back late on Thurs!

Fri: Have some plans but may change depending on mood.

Sat: Cleaner in the morning, make-up workshop with Wen in the afternoon. *beamz* Looking forward to that too! Hmm, I wonder if she needs to go to the market this Sat.

tra lala lala la!

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