Wednesday, December 31, 2003

I'm back! And I'm married!! .... and I'm the happiest person in this world!!! Well ... except perhaps for my hubby. :)

Gosh, it's been a long time since I blogged. Can't even remember where my blog is, but thanks to Hammie, a special friend who reminds me of cute little Hammie in Baby Blues, (though he looks nothing like that I'm sure (but come to think of it maybe he does - he has a baby face after all *grins*)) for his link to my page (and his page is found at amleth ), and his inspiration and reminder .... I'm back, once again .. haha.

Okie, I do have a lot of things to blog, it's been a long year, today being the last day, let me put down all that have happened ... slowly.

First, let me explain my absence (yeah right, excuses excuses) ... well, my monitor broke down and I bought a new LCD monitor! Way cool big 18th inch Sharp .... then my computer broke down, and that took me a reeeaaaally long time to get a new one fixed up. By then it was in Sept/Oct I think .... and I was really truely honestly (I swear) busy with work - exams and all that ... ya k'no .... okie okie ... so perhaps I was really hooked on Freelancer (great game btw) - got playing after watching now-hubby and bros playing and decided to push now-hubby off my computer to hog game myself. Won the whole game finally and got busy with work again, and shopping and trip to Aus and marriage prep .... and those are really my excuses. So now on the eve of the New Year, I'm finally free to sit down and blog. 2nd last day of my holiday! Time flies *whew*

Many things happened this year (2003). It had really been a busy year in terms of work. It's good to put that behind me and look forward to the new year, so I shan't blog that down, unless I have the time and feel like it. The best part of the year happened towards the end. By November, due to my best friend's nagging, I managed to buy a beautiful lime green dress for my rom. Got matching ear-rings and necklace - interestingly I actually bought them before I got the dress (I'm really fated to get the dress apparently), and after that most of the things are done. Shopping is always fun, period.

After which I went on a trip to Australia with my family and now-hubby. We visited Caines and Goldcoast. Here's a short account of the trip (whatever I can remember after two weeks):-

Day One
Was very ill on the whole flight cos' bro gave me flu before we flew. Touch down Caines 6am. Tour guide had a merry-go-round at airport cos' he has to settle domestic flight to brisbane and didn't know where to go. After that we went to visit the rainforest Kuranda. Mountaineous region, took a cable car up, beautiful scenery ... you really have to be there to see it. The dam, the waterfall, the river and the trees ... ahhhh :) Up there we met up with the Aboragines and got to know more of their culture - like their dances, boomberang and spear throwing. After which we visited the Noctarium where the koala bears and kangaroos and wallabies and crocodiles and wombats and komodo dragons or big monitor lizards reside. Koala bears are clingy and have a bushy butt. Wombats are oh-soooo-cute. with their short little piggy snort and they sleep with their four paws up in the air! Kangaroos and wallabies are too busy eating from the hands of visitors. Crocodiles are simply too lazy to blink at you. And the big monitor lizards ... well, the big monitor lizards ... are just big monitor lizards, or are they komodo dragons? I never know the difference.

Day Two
Great Barrier Reef! The sea, the sun, and the sea-sickness! I had fine sea-legs but I really felt sick after looking at some fellow passangers going green and literally throwing up in front of you! uurgh. We reached the floating platfrom in the middle of nowhere and did all touristy things possible. Snockel, swam, helicopter ride, glass-boat ride, semi-sub ride etc. Fun, hot and I'm burnt after that ... Aaahhhhh ... my rom!! :P

Day Three
This is the day we went free and easy and had really wonderful delicious mouth-watering food! Had crabs and lobsters and big prawns and shark fin and beef steaks. Before that compliments from the tour - first dish: boiled lettuce in abalone sauce. Verdict: salty. second dish: salt water ... erm, I mean soup. Verdict: salty :P We certainly didn't spent the whole day idling. We went horse-riding! My first time, so please be patient and imagine how exciting it was for me. Also the first time for all my family! My mom actually had the courage to ride a horse!

Her horse was called Noddy and she's really a naughty little horse.
All went up and down the mountain 'cept she who prefers to be boss.
Ate grass and weeds and refused to move,
till my mom whacks and cajoles her to move her hoofs!

I honestly think my mom over-reacted. haha.

And some things you never see on TV when heros ride into battles or the knight in shining armour on his white horse:-
1. The horse shits whenever he feels like it.
2. You are on the horse when he stops suddenly and big blobs of shit come out from his big asshole.
3. Your horse will sometimes step on the shit - do not let said horse then kick you.
4. Horse pee is dark yellow and forthy, and they pee as often as they shit.

Day Four
We had to wake up at 3am in the morning for our domestic flight to Brisbane. As usual at the airport, our dear tour-guide screwed up the terminals and a whole bunch of us had to drag our luggages to another terminal. Imagine 30 world-weary grey strangers stumbling in the dark dragging along their heavy burdens. We are so tired, we just want to rest ... oh my precious.... Damn the bloody tour guide.

So off we went to Brisbane and to Goldcoast and straight to Dreamworld. Oh ... dreamworld, where all your dream rides come true. Tower of Terror, Vortex, Cyclone, Wipeout ... names of rides which sends tingles down your spine. I've never ever went up anything before, and was going around with open-eyed wonder with hubby. Oh look, my little cousin is all alone queuing up for a ride, let's go let's go and keep him company! So round and round we go, higher and higher, and round and round, higher and higher, round and round .... and round and round. Why is the world still spinning even when I'm now on the ground? Oh my head! Round and round it goes, Aarrgh my tummy, round and round it goes. Will the world ever stop spinning? Does the Earth spins round the Sun or is it me on Earth spinning round the Sun? R O U N D and R O U N D ... and I really need to lie down till my world stop spinning. And never, never, NEVER, will I take a ride which goes round and round (famous last words) ... and never, never, NEVER, will I ever take a ride anymore.

A whole afternoon in the sick bay with medciene will be how I'll remember this day. :P

Day Five
Too sleepy to write ...