Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Loving my boy

During the holidays, my mom went off to Macau for a short (5-days) trip. I was left handling my boy all by myself! Was feeling a bit apprehensive though, cos it's been a long time since I have to take care of him on my own, especially the feeding part.

So anyway, on Tuesday off she went, and that was the day I had to go back for some workshop. My family are so wonderful people though. My older brother actually took leave to spend time with him, and watch over him and the maid! My father came back during lunch to check on him and my younger brother came home early too. It really says a lot of how some people are huh. The other side could not be moved to return. *shrug*

Anyway, the rest of the week passes by so quickly. My boy and I spent our time playing, doing some artwork, and I got some time to myself reading when the maid plays with him. On Friday I brought him out to the Botanic Gardens and to an impromptu artclass. He enjoyed himself so very much and was deeply sound asleep by night. Must really do these things more often!

His favourite song is now Puff the Magic Dragon. :) And he listens closely to the lyrics and wanted me to tell him the story. And he'll ask questions regarding the lyrics too. Are all kids like that?

He'll be playing with his toys and listening to the song, then he'll suddenly run up to me and say, 'Mummy mummy! Why does it say 'but not so little boy'?' And he'll listen intently to my explanation and goes 'Mm'. And runs back to play with his toys again. Heh.

My boy loves going to parks. But he hates sand. He loves fixing aeroplanes and tanks and bulldozers and guns out of his lego blocks. He loves his playmobile motorcycle more than his bulldozer. He loves to listen to songs and stories. And he hums and sings songs when he's happy. And I love him very much. :)

That's him posing for the camera, rare actually, but because I told him to smile for daddy. :)