Thursday, September 08, 2005

Monologue coffee night

So sad. Opponents resigned on me rather than let me torture slowly. *sigh*

So all I'm left are the difficult games, where I have to really think. Where's the fun? None too enthusiastic now.

I shouldn't be drinking coffee I guess, but mom's coffee smelt really good this afternoon. Unconsciously, I reached out and before I knew it, I told her she had better make herself a new cup, for there wasn't much left for her. heh.

I like her coffee, very very sweet. 2 teaspoon of sugar and 3 teaspoon of condensed milk! heh heh heh.

And what's wrong with drinking coffee anyway? Mom said that when she had me she drowned cups of coffee everyday. So here I am, extremely hyperactive and wided-eyed and alert about everything going on around me. :P


There, my pair of booties are done! :) Well, except for the twisted cord ribbon to tie around it, which I haven't made yet. It's supposed to be a sweet pretty pink, but the colour doesn't turn out very well in the photo. And it's really tiny! Hmmm.

The booties are for my neighbour's expecting baby. :) I'm starting on the bonnet and will finish with the mittens. Can't do too much in a day! Hand hurts.

I'm trying to be more friendly I guess. It's kinda strange for me to be so friendly. Normally I would have kept to myself and would have ignored everyone on the same floor ... but sometimes it's good to have more friends.


I guess the latest craze for me right now is knitting. All my interests come in periods. :P None of my friends do knitting though, what a pity ... it would be nice to have someone to share patterns and talk shop about. Oh well.

Coffee doesn't seem to be working very well ... sleepy sleepy.

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