Tuesday, September 20, 2005


Life doesn't stop there. Just when you have finished one test, there's always another one to prepare ... and more worksheets, and more tests and more worksheets. They complain we give them so much, who can we complain to? As if we want right?


Did I mention I got this kid who looks like Mr Bean? The sulky irritating kind of Mr Bean, when he is being very very irritating-look, very very annoying. I never really looked closely, but he seems to be rather cross-eyed. So damn irritating. I feel like giving him two tight slaps to 'straighten' his face. heh.


I shall beat Xena to it and write why I dislike beanspouts too. But I don't think I dislike them as much as she does. I only like them if they are cooked in a certain way.

Say no to beansprouts if
1. they are placed in soup. Noodle soup definitely a no-no with beansprouts.
2. they come with the tail, I mean root, and the black heads.
3. they are soggy and overcooked.

I only like them when they are rootless (and headless) and stir-fried lightly with a bit of salt, prawns and meat like the way my father cooks. heh.

And I can't imagine why anyone would want to have beansprouts with their shark fin's soup! Yeech. What a waste! Spoil the taste! And it rhymes. heh heh.

And beansprouts usually taste good if they are only lightly stir-fried. They taste awful when they are soaked in the soup. But I do not go to the extent of making my friends pick up each and every beansprout for me. heh. I only make my parents do that. :P Always make sure order noodle soup without beansprouts too. :P

PM's birthday next week. Where would be a nice place for dinner?


Seems like my readership has gone up. hmmm ...

So to take this opportunity ... heh heh

Does anyone has Aki Maeda's Gomenne?

Is the Rice Table at International Building still any good? Was like 6/7 years ago since I last went there! Was very impressed when Wen brought me there! Is it still there?

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