Thursday, September 01, 2005

Of the past ...

I don't think I'm really a chess fanatic. It's more of a periodic cycle. Just happened to have a few interesting games which caught my attention.


So I picked up the violin tonight and tried to play a familiar tune which I overheard on the radio. Cannot make it. Need to look for a teacher. Bloody familiar tune singing in my head. I'm sure I have the score some where .... where is it?


Running low on fuel, effects of tea is starting to fade.

It was interesting to read about their blogger meets. :) And all their thoughts and description after that. heh. I feel like an outsider looking into a fishbowl, an intruder lurking at the side, waiting for the next installment of the story. heh heh.


I used to mudd when I was studying. There were the usual mudd gatherings, but I never went to any. When I mudd, I concentrated on killing monsters. Never really bothered to socialise or got very close with any groups. My friend introduced me to it and she had her own party and outings and stuffs which somehow I wasn't invited to. Perhaps I was simply a late starter, and I had my own 'guardian angel' who wasn't very popular with the normal gang.

But I did meet up with people, on a somewhat small scale. I met up with Hammie, but that was because of LY which was because of HY, and that was because of JH. And I met up with a whole bunch of people after that, and that was because of astronomy, weiqi, music and writing stories. I met up with hubby, and that was because of chess and music and cats. I met up with Wen, and that was because of interest group - food gatherings, then yoga then travelling. How strange life can be.

I can count HY as one of my closer friends, but I lost touch with JH. I still see LY around on icq, but I hardly talk to her. She and I were close once - piano, badminton and astronomy. It really takes effort to stay in touch. I've lost touch with the whole group of weiqi people, but I was never really good at weiqi. We used to play badminton together and it was fun smashing shuttercocks into each other. :) Hammie introduced me to blogging, I read his blog sometimes ... but I've nothing to say to him too. :P

Nowadays friends which I still keep in touch from the old days ... HY - because he's the main source of my yahoo games cracks. heh heh. Wen, because somehow we just clicked rather well, and she's a loyal friend, if nothing but getting me to spend more money on shopping. :P But perhaps we too are moving apart, as she has more friends from her doggy gatherings, while I become more domesticated. :P Only those two left from the past.


Perhaps it is time to move on too.

Got a new pair of pretty ear-rings. :)

And a brand new hair cut.

My head feels so light. yipee!

Min, myself and Lin met up over the weekend. It's been a long time since I saw Lin. She's ever the workaholic, going back to work after lunch and movie. Somehow I felt conversation with her getting difficult, for we now have very little common things to talk about. I think it has to be me, for when one becomes domesticated, one's world would shrink.

What do we talk about anyway. Her job, her ambition, her travels .... it's so hard to keep up. Our common interests move apart ever so slowly. We can't do many things together anymore. Perhaps that is also so with YS. Nothing to say to her. :P

People change as they grow older. Perhaps more so for me as all my girl friends I know are still single. Perhaps a few more years more, and we would have no common interests anymore.

Domesticated people like me simply gets more boring. :P

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