Saturday, May 31, 2008

I miss my dear boy

I realised that I haven't been writing about my dear boy for a long time now. I miss him very much, although life is like back to when I have no kids without him around. He's spending all his time at his grandparents' place and he watches lots of cartoons. I'm feeling quite unhappy about this, but there really isn't much choice is there? I remember last time when hubby and I discussed about it, we agreed that our kid should not be watching too much TV, as studies have shown that watching TV at an early age do cause ADHD when they're older. When my boy is with me at home, we hardly ever watch TV. The only programme I allowed him to watch, and it's watching with me is Animal Planet where I find it's soothing and there are lots of animals. Otherwise, sometimes he might watch some animes with me, but I don't really watch with him around, only when he's asleep.

So there he is, watching cartoons in the morning, my mom assured me they're educational cartoons, but still .....


Not that I spend a lot of time teaching him really, but most of the time, we'll be doing things together, like reading some books together, or playing some of his toys or painting, or just talking. He does not spend anytime with the maid at all when he's with me. But unfortunately, I can't care for him right now in my state, else I'll end up in hospital again, and this time my doc will definitely roll her eyes at me. It was so hard to get her to agree to let me get out!

My boy doesn't attend school. It was a bit regrettable that I had to withdraw him from his weekly enrichment class, but as I was expecting my second kid, and no one else wanted to bring him to class, I had no choice but to stop the lessons. My boy misses attending the school sometimes, but he has forgotten about it. Although sometimes he would carry his bag, put on his shoes and enthusiastically look forward to going to school. *sigh* Sometimes I feel so bad depriving him of such stuffs. One more month, and I promise to make up to him.

Nevertheless, he speaks extremely well and has a most logical mind ever. Cute things he would do:

In the car, he'll ask for the road directory, open the pages and proceed to direct his father which way to go. Go straight, turn right, turn left. Red light must stop you know. Papa, don't drive so fast. Drive slowly. Stop here. Etc.

We rented the rat chef cartoon on DVD. What's it called? Some Rat......(sp?) or something? It was a pretty funny cartoon, but it was a horror show for my poor boy. He watched with his eyes wide open, when the rats got attacked by the old lady in the kitchen, he clung to me so tightly like a koala bear and cried, and when I told him to cover his eyes and stop watching, he refused to close his eyes, instead he'll keep watching with tears running down his eyes, and kept saying nonono!

He cried and was sad when the papa rat and the hero rat was separated.

He screamed in terror and cried (but refused to look away or close his eyes) when the hero rat was chased in the kitchen in the restaurant.

After that I had enough, and switched it off and read a soothing book to him. Heh.

We also rented the cartoon CARS on DVD, and he enjoyed that very much. After which he took out all his toy cars and proceed to race around the house. Plus he pulled out the wheels on his model beetles and proceed to do change of wheels like that shown in the cartoon.

There was a three year old girl who came to visit her mother in the other bed, and she sang ABC to her mom. It was then I realised how impressive my boy is, for he can sing the whole song without a single mistake, with very clear and correct articulation at less than 2 and a half years old. Heh heh. The only thing my boy can't quite get it right is to speak proper mandarin, although nowadays he does know quite a few words, and the dialect as well. We're still trying to correct him on using too much singlish, but that's mainly our fault, because we use singlish ourselves. My boy may be very impressive in his vocab, but when it comes to numbers, he can't count for his life. He refused to count, he refuses to learn to count, and wild horses and chocolate bribes do not work on him. I guess when he's ready, he'll be ready for it.

I'm not sure if it's a bad thing not to send him to school yet. We haven't even looked at nurseries or kindergartens for him. I'm feeling a bit stressed about all this, but hubby seemed not too keen to send him to expensive schools (he doesn't want the boy to be atas), and I don't want to send him to playschools which are more child-care in nature - they're pretty expensive and they don't cover much if only in the morning. We tried looking at some church kindergartens but it's a bit difficult too. I'm not too keen on the Montessori, because they too are more child-care in nature, and there are so many different types, and there's no one to send our boy to school too. *sigh* I'm thinking that perhaps we'll skip the nursery all together, and just throw him a couple of enrichment classes, plus music class plus whatever he's interested in. How old do kids learn to read and write?

*stressed mother*

Now that I cannot spend much time with my boy, I feel that I'm losing him to lots of external forces. It's really so depressing, and I was looking so much forward to this time to bring him out to places with him and do lots of things together. *sigh* And why did this have to happen? I shall still blame the pple I work with for what happened to me. It's definitely their fault. So there. Humf. Not that they cared a single iota what happened to me. That's how it will be.

Hungry Hungry

Staying in bed all day makes one think of food. Now I have a craving for the Goodwood Park Hotel Durian Roll. Hmmm .... too bad, there isn't anyone who can get out there and buy for me. *sniff*

Home is definitely more comfy. There's music, when one's bored, there's work, and the bed is definitely most cozy. Of course, the downside is that I have to supervise my own meals, otherwise it'll turn out awful, like I went down yesterday and found that the maid did not turn up the heat on the oven when she roasted my chicken. Gah, she almost spoiled my lunch! I'm an extremely fussy eater. And of course, nobody will come and visit me at home, and the last of Min's chocolate was in my tummy a long way back. Heh heh. Still, one can't really complain since home is still the best.

The son has been banished to his grandparents, who take such delight in having him, that he has completely forgotten about his poor mummy who still misses him. It can't be helped, he's too energetic and everytime after spending time with him, things aren't too good for me. Don't wanna end up in the hospital again. My doc says I'm like a timebomb and I've got a feeling she's going to want me to induce again next week, but I'm so enjoying my holidays! It's rather bad to get baby out when she's still preterm ya?

So just lying in bed and listening to music, doing a bit of work here and there, and hoping for two more weeks of bliss.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Life's like that

I haven't been blogging for a long time already, I wonder if anyone still comes to my blog. Life simply caught up with me, all that work and stress and being a mummy. It's really not easy being a working mother, and I've decided that my children are going to be more precious than anything else.

It seems that my workload is extra heavy this year, even though they know that I'm expecting my second one. I'm not complaining, because it's not a big deal really. But I'm super pissed when my request not to do so much climbing stairs was turned down and inevitably a cause of my predicament now. Now I understand what politics is all about. Till now no one has called me to find out what happened to me. Except for one and it was work-related. Oh well, I guess I don't need that either.

So here I am, growing grass around my ears. I'm considering bringing my stuffs here to do, but those papers are rather important, and I don't want them to be moving around too much. Otherwise I'll need my work laptop to do real work, but there's no one I can think of to go down and pick the lock for me and bring it here for me. Was actually planning to get a good rest for two weeks and go back to do work, but my precious baby thinks otherwise. Everyone is very nice here, and I'm eating like a pig, not only the three square meals, but food from home, and sometimes begging my parents or hubby to get some dim sum for me to satisfy my cravings. Heh.

Plans went awry though, was planning to try out some Chinatown dim sum with PM and maybe Min, was planning to go Sentosa with my boy on Sunday, and the sale is on! But for now, I'll just lie quietly, watch animes, do light work on the bed and eat. :)

Things I'm impressed with my dear boy:

When I asked my boy a question in the negative form and change the same question into a positive form, he understands both and answers them consistently! Wow, I'm impressed.

Eg. You don't want this one right? - Yes. Do you want this? - No.

He talks non-stop and likes to tell stories.

He fed me my medicine. He said to me: Mummy, I hold the medicine for you. You drink water first, Mm. Then you open your mouth. And he pops the medicine into my mouth. Aaahmmm. And he gave me the sweetest smile possible.

Although the last time his hand was a bit wet and the antibiotic tasted awful after that. Euuugh.

He: Mummy Mummy! How's the walk, Mummy!
Me: Very nice, dear.
He: Mummy Mummy! Ask me how's the walk!
Me: How's the walk, darling?
He: Very nice, Mummy! *beamz*

We passed by the zoo, and he cried because he wanted to go to the zoo.

When he wakes up and opens his eyes and he sees both his mummy and daddy by his side, he smiles the most wonderful smiles every possible.

I love him so.


And yes, I missed him so.

His eyes sparkle with happiness when I give him chocolates. He says: I promise to wipe teeth! I told him to be a good boy and stay with ah gong and ah ma, and he bounces from side to side saying: I will! I will!

And he says in the sweetest voice ever possible: Mummy I love you!