Monday, June 22, 2009

Things that amused me today.

1. Man came and stood in front of counter.
Me: Yes?
Him: Locum.
Me: Huh?
Him: Locum dr from 2 to 5pm.
Me: Huh? Which clinic?
Him: XX
Me: XX clinic is down the corridor.
Duh. So super blur. Like how? I wanna roll my eyes and say something suan. Duh.

2. Pt trying to get MC although not sick. Came with friend, eating ice-cream, and conspiring outside the counter. Of course I'll 'warn' hubby first. Duh. After she got booted out, came and whine to me (and friend), so I asked her: Are you sick? no. So I advised her nicely: cannot come for mc if not sick, go tell your school that you tired never go lor. DUH. If really want to pretend to be sick, at least give a good excuse right? Stupidity level very high. I had to go back behind the counter to roll my eyes up my forehead.

3. Pt saying: I've been here before. Do I need to give you my name? DUH. Like I know the names of all the dogs and cats in the neighbourhood. Seriously trying hard not to roll my eyes in front of pt.

Apparently the pt from 2 went into the consult room and told the dr: I'm not sick but could I have an mc please? Me jaw dropped. Think she's prob sick in her head or too stupid. No wonder got booted out. Ha.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Have evolved.

The little missy finishes her lunch about the same time the son takes to finish his cup of water. Make that say ten to fifteen minutes.

Her poo is no longer the baby poo. It's round and well formed and solid brown in colour. Looks soft and moist too. haha.

She still refuses to stand and walk on her own. Crawl is the best transportation from one place to another.

Dinner tonight. Satisfaction level: high.

The fried tofu finally tasted quite decent. And it didn't splash so much in the oil. The last time I got bloody burnt by oil ... *mutter* The hint is to drain the tofu dry. Grrr. Neighbour didn't tell me that! That's why my cookbooks are good. Haha. Not that I follow any recipe from them, I just read them and get a general idea.

The pumpkin soup also tasted better than the last time. Maybe it's because I added a tablespoon of sake in it. Ran out of my cooking rice wine, so added a tablespoon of my expensive sake. Better be good!

Same for the roast chicken thighs. I think I need to change it to grilled chicken thighs! :P

Photography still need improvement. Photos still not as great as Obachan's. She's my source of inspiration! :)

roast chicken thigh.

pumpkin soup.

fried tofu with minced pork

And in case you're wondering, yep, I cooked everything myself. The maid only helped me chop the garlic, onions, potatoes, carrots, and debone the chicken. Maybe I should use a food processer to mash up the soup, but everyone kinda like the texture so far.

To self: must get a deep-fryer!

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

Those were the days when I would make dashi stock from stratch. Actually I only made it once, or was it twice? When I made chawan mushi. Nowadays I just buy ready-made dashi stock from the supermarket. Have evolved.

Am still toying with the idea of making dashi stock. Actually bought kelp and bonito flakes. But that was like more than a year ago before I was expecting my 2nd kiddo. Can I still use them? Or will I poison my friends? haha.

So I bought two more Japanese cookbooks. I think I have more japanese cookbooks than anything else. Will try making the dobinmushi soon. Looks easy. Just need the teapot. heh heh. Which I don't have. See. Got excuse to shopping again.

Come to think of it, it would be nice to have an ice-cream maker too. hahaa. Home-made ice-cream. Sounds yummy? Sure sounds good.

Am thinking of making ox-tail stew soon. My pork-rib stew hubby gave thumbs up. Parents also gave thumbs up. Then mom copied me and we also gave her thumbs up. haha. I put sweet potato, carrots, onions and tomatos and stewed it over the stove. Maybe I should consider putting the whole thing in the oven. Not sure if my coningware can fit the small oven. Time to take some measurements if I'm seriously going to do ox-tail. Heh. Hubby said that finally (after five years), I managed to cook something which my parents copied, and not the other way round. Hello, excuse me! I did quite a few things which didn't come from them too! Although most of the time I was just plain lazy. :p

Hubby just need to buy a bigger house so that I have a bigger kitchen to cook in, and he can have a basement for his home theatre, and another room for his lego display. ha. ha. ha.

What's with the movies nowadays? It's the June holidays and there isn't anything good in the cinemas! What happened to Star Trek and Wolverine? How come there's so few selection in the cinemas? Aiyoh ... no wonder people are not going to the cinemas. Still, we had a good time watching Chronicles of Narnia: The lion, the witch, and the wardrobe with the son today. At home. Too bad, no potato chips. haha. We love the hot stuffs. The son apparently likes it too, except that he'll beg for water after that. He only takes the hot stuffs if it's unhealthy.

More on swimming today later ...

Saturday, June 13, 2009


So I told my galfriend that I need to go back, since my fever was starting to come back, and it was almost time for the antibiotics. But I couldn't resist walking past the shop, it was on the way to the mrt anyway, and the shop was on sale!

Zoomed in, tried on the shoes again, and a few pairs more, while waiting for my galfriend to come over for moral encouragement or whatever, haha. Surprise, when one is busy shopping, one doesn't feel any pain or sickness at all.

Would have bought two pairs, except the other one did not have my size, just a little bit tight.

And I am really sick, otherwise I would have gone to Tods too.

What is up with Tods nowadays? I see so many people carrying tods shopping bags, tods bags etc. And someone a few floors down was carrying a Tods bag which I had my eye on for a while! Arrgh. No wonder Wen went upmarket and is buying Hermes now.

More shopping needed. Need to check out cookbooks at Kino, wallet? :P ... heh heh.

Now I need to recover quickly. Seems like this round of antibiotics is working slower.

BTW, Waston is more expensive than Guardian. And Unity is like $10 more ex than the other two. Hubby sure is blur though, he said that the chap was the same. haha. But the first time, he actually bought it at Guardian. I wonder. :p

And he completely misses the big green flashing light button at the entrance of the carpark. And it even says 'Press here'. He was looking at it (or rather the general direction), and tapping his fingers away. :P

Sing to the song 'Row, row your boat'

Loll, loll, on the bed,
lolling on the bed,
lo-o-lling, lo-o-lling, lo-o-lling, lo-o-lling,
lolling on the bed.

That's what the daughter loves doing best.

She'll lolling from one end to your tummy, and onto the other end, then from the other end back to your foot, and loll to one side and off to the other.

Her favourite pastime.

Besides biting people.

Interactions between the son and daughter

The two kiddos are getting along very nicely. Now the son also has war scars to show. Just yesterday, for no rhyme or reason, both of them were lying on the bed, the daughter went over to the son and gave him one big fierce toothy love bite.

We were wondering why the son was crying so much. That was a real cry with tears of pain. He didn't retaliate or anything. He just cried his heart out. We took a look and saw evil looking toothmarks on his arm. The daughter was looking as innocent as ever and was just doing her things as per normal. Wah.

heh heh. Okie, daddy smack the daughter's bottom and I comforted the son. All's well that ends well.

Then at night the son came home with another scar under his eyes. Mei mei scratched me, he said.

Ah well.

We always tell the son not to jump on the bed else he'll fall. So he jumped on the bed and he fell. And hit his head against the chest of drawers, got up a bit stunned, took a look at my face, and didn't even whimper. Not a sob, not a cry. And coming from the crybaby boy, very impressive. hahaha.

He played with the blanket, and rolled off the bed, and hit his head on the floor with a loud thud today. This time he cried, of course, did I mention that he's a crybaby?

Of course I comforted him!

The son has started swimming lessons and all they have been learning is blowing bubbles, that's what my mom says. He still didn't dare put his head under water. I guess it'll take some time. The daughter loves swimming. We have been bringing the kids swimming more often now. Perhaps that's why I got sick too.

The daughter loves what the son is eating. She finishes her porriage and looks at her brother's and started making a lot of noise. The son loves his sister's porriage and finishes up her leftover. So to make my life easy, from now onwards, I will cook porriage for both of them in the same pot. So there.

Both kids are awake now. More later, on adventure of shopping! :)

Sunday, June 07, 2009

Strike Three

No fear emily strikes again.

The daughter swims like a duck. She floats like a duck. She goes 'qwawawawawa' like a duck. She shows her butt like a duck. (Her swimsuit too big!) All in all, she loves the water. And this is only her second dip.

The son cries and clings to mummy like he's going to drown.


It took a long while before the son calms down enough to get some swimming done.

I managed to swim 3 laps, is one lap to and fro? Or does that make 6 laps? *scratch head*

Yeah! Tummy getting smaller? Gotta eat less. haha.

Too busy swimming to take photos or videos. :P

Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Before & After

Go swim!

I brought ah mei down to swim, and she still couldn't decide whether she liked the water or not. Must bring her to swim more often. Isn't she cute in her little swim suit? Daughters are way cuter than sons! hahaha.

Happy diamonds - i is also shallow, but happy

What I do when I stay at home all day part two.

Now I'm feeling bad for letting my parents talk me into not letting the son go for his school excursion. I think he'd have enjoyed himself. *sigh* And it's such a nice weather today. What the heck.

Feel like dim sum. Haven't had good dim sum for a long time. Felt so much for dim sum that I went to eat the frozen dumplings. Not as good but enough to satisfy my cravings. Especially when I finished the whole pack of 12 all by myself. haha.

I should tidy up the house a bit since the son is not around and the daughter is sleeping peacefully. But I feel like doing nothing and just idle around more. Excuse? I'm still sick.

Reading the news. So many sad articles, so many interesting articles. So many things happening around the world.

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

What I do when I stay at home all day

Watch korean dramas. Now I know how addicting it is. I'm not so addicted to it yet, since what I've watched is something I've taped on TV, the usual 7pm one. But man, you can just feel your butt sticking on the sofa and your brain juices flowing out of your ear.

So indulgent.

Maybe it's because of the bloody fever. I think it almost hit 39 degress last night. Hubby complained that I'm making him sweat and I didn't want the aircon on too. haha.

So I'm popping two paracetamol and going down to help hubby. Must start on antibiotics too. Augmentin original is still the best. Have to get at the pharmacy. Think hubby should just keep some in stock for me.

Without the son around, life is so quiet and peaceful. The daughter is so easy to feed and take care, except that she's really getting too heavy to be carried, and need to learn to walk soon!

Poor girl, because daddy took a picture of her with the flash, and she was surprised and fell down and whack her head and needed stitches. Good thing for glustitch!

Monday, June 01, 2009

What I think of when I lie in bed all day.

The weather is so hot. I feel like an ice-cream. Got sudden craving for good vanila ice-cream, kinda the one we had at bali eons ago. Heard that the chef is no longer working there though. Ah well.

Weather so hot, got fever.

Need ice-cream!