Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Over the weekend, baby quietly sneak up a few more kilos. As of today when I weighed him this morning, and again, in the afternoon ... he now weighs 7.4 kilos!!! And he's not even three months yet!!!


Beats the neighbour's girl already. Hahahah.

Baby is sooo cuddly, and round. He's like a compact little cannonball. When you're cold, it's so nice to hug him. He's like a nice big round hot water bottle. Heh heh heh.

Poor me, I'm losing a lot though. Now weight is less than what I used to be. *sniff* I feel like I'm forever hungry. Can go and eat buffet leow. What's the best in town?

Monday, February 27, 2006


There is something the matter with me today. I tried putting the box of clingwrap into the refrigerator, and broke a small porcelein dish. There goes all my painstakedly shredded ginger. *sigh*

My right wrist hurts. Don't know if I can do yoga. Can't put my weight on it.

Baby was making little grunting noises lying on the bed. When I sat him up, he gave two loud explosive poos, and was mightily contented after that.

Heh, captured right after the blasts. :P

I should go change him soon!

Woof! Woof! Grrr ....

The numero uno has spoken. Check out her site at downward-dog. Read all about her naughty greedy Holly who stole and ate a whole bagful of beef liver plus plastic bag and strangly enough, didn't eject them out. Gosh, are you sure she doesn't have goat dna in her? See cute Bis with his big batty ears. And check out the fanatic yogi ramblings.

Heh heh.


Hmmm, she seems to be going through my blog. I don't think I've written anything bad about her ... so relax lah. hahaha.

Dear hubby didn't help me clean off the spider incident. I had to scrape off its poor little smashed up body from the book. There's a difference between spiders and gaint ants. The little black speck on the book had a crunchy feel whereas giant ants are simply spongy.


Saturday, February 25, 2006

Inky affaires

Spiders are lucky, they say. Well, the little spider was lucky when he was up on the wall. But when he got bored and decided to come exploring down on the floor, then ... THWAK, went the book, as it landed right smack nicely in the middle. Silent Witness by Rebecca Forester. That's definitely one silent witness!

I'll leave it for hubby to clear later. haha. I didn't mind so much but you get the cobwebs that come with it. I can't see them if it's on the ceiling, but I'll have to clean it if it's on the floor.



...has a healthy imagination and displays a fair amount of trust. She lets new people into her circle of friends. She uses her imagination to understand new ideas, things, and people.

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Hmm, like very average typical kind of analysis. Don't you agree?

Well, check out Xena's. :)

I wasn't very keen to put up my email address actually, and immediately after that, of course, I started receiving 'junk' mail from them. Ha, what did I say.

So hubby is busy today, what should I do? I'm going to drop baby at my parents' house later, but it seemed to be drizzling right now. :( After that, should I ... go cut my hair or go for yoga? Or perhaps just walk around and hoard on the chocolates and cookies? Or perhaps just stay at my parents' place and get some shut-eye. I don't think I've ever had a solid good night sleep since. Not that baby is disruptive at night, just that I'm cramped to one corner of the bed for fear of flattening him, so it isn't exactly very comfy every night.

Work starts in a week's time. Part of me is looking forward to activity, part of me wishes to be able to stay at home and take care of my darling baby everyday. *sigh*

Friday, February 24, 2006

And so they become ...

I am sooo tired.

Just when you have thought that he has fallen asleep like the sweet angels, and that you've been rocking him since the stone ages, and you decided to creep downstairs and get some work done ... and down you go, straighten a few things, and you suddenly hear very loud crying and screaming like there's no tomorrow.

So up you ran again to see what was wrong, and all he wanted was you to be there to rock him to sleep again.


I need more chocolates.

Leonidas, Double chocolate chip cookies etc ...

I need to buy more chocolates!

Sunday, February 19, 2006

Smiling Buddha

My baby boy smiled in his sleep and even gave a little chuckle! I squated by his side, holding my handphone steady, waiting to catch the moment again.

Steady ... steady ... steady ...

Isn't he oh-so-cute? :)

In other news, I'm so damn stressed.

Friday, February 17, 2006

A wisp of time

We have finally bought baby a car .. I mean pram. Sure hope he'll like his new toy, although it didn't seem that way when we were going home last night. He still wanted to be carried. Oh dear!

I could get used to life like that. :) It isn't too bad when I am not imprisoned in my house all day all week. On Monday, I brought baby out on my harness to have lunch with my parents. My wrist hurt after that! But it was nice to get some fresh air and lunch was nice, especially when I could have a break from baby. Besides he slept throughout the outing, only woke up for his milk. Went home and cooked dinner after that. On Tuesday, I stayed at home and cooked and did the chores, only going out for yoga at night. On Wednesday, Mom came to baby-sit after lunch and I could go for a wonderful massage. Thursday is reserved for dearest hubby. And Friday is a rest day for me. :) Damn, I could really get used to such a week!

Baby is now sleeping so soundly. Will get a book to read and cuddle up with him. There's no American Idol today, I'm kinda hooked on the show. :P

It's easier to read baby nowadays. He's getting bigger and I could understand him somewhat. There are three cries to baby. When he screams, and screams real loud, it simply means he wants his milk and he wants it now. Non negotiable, thank you. No amount of carrying, hugging, twirling, rocking will humour him. Very fierce the little one.

Then there's the ekekek cry which tells you he wants to be carried. He wants to look at the world go by upright, and not just lying on his back. Oh, and he wants to be carried and walked about. Why are you simply sitting on the sofa. Get your butt off and show me around! Very demanding the little one.

And there's also this unhappy uhuhuh cry which tells you he wants you to change his diapers. I'm dirty down there, full of sticky poo, and it's really uncomfortable. Are you going to change me? Sob. Very particular the little one.


And beyond all those cries and sleeping, my dearest baby has the cutest and happiest of smiles. He'll be laughing and smiling and chatting non-stop when he has your attention, or sometimes when he's just be lying there looking up into the sky.

Happy baby. :)

Money is cheap. Everyone simply wants to be a sleeping partner. Ha.

Grandma went to stay in the hospice because her wound was taking a long time to heal. The nurse came and didn't think mom knew how to do a proper job and kept pushing for admission. It's good that mom could have a breather now, besides a piece of wound dressing was so expensive. Imagine four dollars for one square piece per day. Or perhaps two pieces a day when mom changed her dressing twice.

Within less than a week, the doctor said that Grandma is failing fast. Blood pressure extremely low and perhaps some kind of pneunomia. Preparations must be made. How ironic. To think that Grandma was to go in to heal her wound but ended up worse. She could have been better at home.

But Grandma pulled through last night, and we're just wondering if they were simply exaggerating. We're so used to her and she's always like that. The same, unaware of anyone, unable to talk, to laugh to cry to eat to walk to do anything on her own.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

My baby, my joy

Baby is officially two calender months old today. He's so cute! He's always all smiles when he's with strangers, even when his diapers is full of poo. Ha. Sure isn't like that when we're home alone.

My dear baby, sleeping so soundly now. Got a feeling he's going to cry very soon when he wakes up. Right now, we shall not disturb the sleeping cat. :P

There you go, more eye candy. :)

It can be quite depressing not to be able to go anywhere at all, but simply to stay at home all day looking after baby. It's nice to be with him, but sometimes it really bites the dust, and you just wanna get out of the house. *sob*

I don't even have time to go out and do any shopping! My friends birthdays have come and gone, and I didn't even have time to go hunt for presents. :( *sigh*

I guess, in a way, I'll be glad to be able to go back to work. At least I wouldn't become mush, it does get that way when you stay at home all day and have no one to talk to. Except baby, and that doesn't count. I need to go out and mix around with people, or I'll just become dull old me. *sigh*


Fun Quizes

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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Goo Goo Ga!

My dear baby is not yet two calender months, and he has just been upgraded to medium sized diapers. He sure got a big butt, and very healthy loud lungs. He will scream if he has to wait just a little longer for his food. Fortunately it's not very often, but my parents sometimes let him scream a little, to exercise the lungs, they say. *rolls eyes*

Dear baby doesn't like the cold. He loves to be in a hot and sweaty situation, the hotter and sweatier it is, the better. Ohh, I on the air-con to cool him down and he starts grunting in discontent. Humf.

Now he weighs slightly more than 6kg. One can never really tell with that weighing machine. It can go as much as 6.4 to as low as 6.1. Wen says it's all in the tummy. Heh.

I've stopped worrying how much milk he's drinking. As long as he wants it, he gets it. The weather is so ridiculously hot I'm afraid he'll be dehydrated. So he gets all he wants. :) I think he'll beat the neighbour's girl very soon. We're all betting on it. :P

I love my baby! Sometimes I'll get angry with him because he just doesn't want to go to sleep and I need to do housechores and he'll just be a kaobao (cry baby). Othertimes it's just so nice to lie back and play with him and see him laugh and smile and sleep. And it helps to be able to get out of the house now and then and go for yoga or go for a walk.

Yoga on monday wasn't as bad as I thought. V's beginner class was rather chickenfeed. Heh. Think I can go back to her gen class, although I might not be able to do somethings. But class on mon was like no kick. *bleah* She's really kind on her beginner students!

It's hard for me to stay indoors all day and all week. I need sunshine. I need fresh air. Sometimes I would be annoyed that my life has become so restricted. I just can't go anywhere! Because there's no one to look after baby. Dear hubby tries to help but it's hard for him too as he has long hours and when he's not working, I'd rather spend some time together with him. Fortunately, my father has volunteered to come around in the evenings to babysit. It helps greatly, even if I don't get out of the house, there is someone to play with baby.

Baby is getting more demanding. When he's not sleeping, he wants to be entertained. Put him alone for too long and he'll start exercising his strong and healthy lungs. Both hubby and I are getting old. Heh. Good thing we have our baby now. Can't imagine what's it like if we do get any older! *bleah*

So I managed to get some time off and went to the libary yesterday. Borrowed four books, and I've finished one of them.

Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. I liked the book! Lovely story! A good blend - meaning not too ridiculous like how TP can get, and not too confusing like how NG can be. Heh heh. I wonder how authors work together when they write a book together. Do they each write one chapter alternatively? When reading the book, sometimes I can see the heavy hand of TP, other time, the style really reads like NG. But it was definitely funny and engaging. I finished the book by evening, in between feeds, and cooking and washing. Never did find the time to clean the house as I had wanted to yesterday before I left for the library! :P

I had wanted to write this much earlier, but couldn't find the time. Full Metal Alchemist - the movie. I loved the series so very much! Did I mention it before? I remembered crying twice watching the series. Once when Captain Hughes died, and second at the end of the series. I think it was a couple of years back, but FMA was easily one of the best animes I've watched. The other is Hunter X Hunter. Now the movie was quite a let-down. I guess you can't really put too much into just two hour. Although it wraps things up nicely, it just doesn't have that beauty in it. The story was still good, but it seemed a little rushed and rather confusing, running from one world to the other. The explanation for the bad guys to attack the other world was pretty lame, like it was simply put in to end the story and wasn't given enough thought. Sometimes it's enough to just watch the series and be happy with it. Sometimes mysteries are not meant to be solved.

And to end it all, see how big my boy has become in just a few weeks! :P

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Baby thoughts

Why does baby smell like a hamster?

I'm serious!
Baby just peed on me! Even in diapers. I think the diapers is too small for his big butt. He's so big! He looks like he's more than three months! Sometimes he's so big till I forgot that he's not even two months yet, and must be more gentle with the vulnerable baby. Oh dear.

Baby must remember that Auntie PM is the one who said cannot feed him. But she gave up after he screamed his lungs out when we withheld the milk. Heh heh. He was certainly not amused. Nothing must stand between a big baby and his milk!

He's now taking more than four oz. Definitely going to beat the baby girl next door who was 7kg at three months and is now in the 97th percentile. We're building little sumos here. Will send baby next door to fight when he can hold his neck up. Heh. :P Why are the babies all so big here? Perhaps it's in the water, said PM. :P

Thinking about baby is rather theraputic. Otherwise I'm so stressed up nowadays. One month of leave left, and we haven't figured out what to do with baby yet. Sniff sniff. It's not nice to have babies in this world, in this time and age. How to take care of him and go to work at the same time? If don't go to work, then how to survive? Who's going to take care of my dear little baby? *sob*

We're trying to get Mom to come and help, but she has three big baboons to feed and wash up after them. Them three are just really big baboons. Huh. Can't even take care of themselves. Huh.


Friday, February 03, 2006

Jiggle Juggle - Second Thoughts

Planning things is always such a headache. But somehow I'm always ending up having to do the gathering, the planning, the getting the people. Actually this time I didn't plan to do anything, for she wasn't extremely enthusistic and I didn't think anyone else would be free. And it's such a headache trying to get everyone together. But it took one phone call, another phone call, one very persuasive person (not me!) and wala, tonight we will celebrate Min's big three together. Heh heh.

Okie, it's a bit last minute. If not for PM, I don't think we'll be doing this. After all, I'm always meeting up with Min, and we had dinner together much much earlier. Nevertheless, I sent out an sms, and if the rest can join us, that'll be nice. If not, there's always me and PM, and of course baby, to blow out the candles for Min later. heh.

So we decided that PM would get a chocolate cake. At the last most minute, I thought of getting an ice-cream cake instead. But guess what! PM has already bought the cake early in the morning. Gosh. She was afraid she'll be late. Oh well, I guess ... there's good and there's bad.

A couple of second thoughts:

1. We will have to get another layer of curtains for the living and stairs. The damn bloody freaking sun is too hot! I can do sauna while watching TV!

2. Perhaps we should get a telephone connection upstairs after all. If dear hubby reads this, he'll probably throttle me, since I was the one so adamant in not having one upstairs! heh.

My Baby

I need to rant, but I can't write it here. *sigh*

Deep breathing ... deep breathing ...

Instead, here's a picture of my cute little baby boy. Let's forget about the rant, eh. But you may ask, I might tell.

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Baby Talk 3 - A bundle of activity

It's been an hour since his last feed, and baby dearest isn't sleeping yet! I've tried all stuffs, and I'm dead beat. Am putting him in the harness and having stacy kent to soothe him. He's still laughing and kicking happily. At least he's not fussing.


And the last diaper change sees him peeing on himself yet again.

*slaps forehead*

Day One.
We had lunch at hubby's parents' place. Lunch was a lot of leftovers re-cooked. It wasn't too bad, I guess, it could have been worse. Baby was all dressed up in his new red clothes, which we went to buy a couple of days before. He looked really cute! But all parents would say that huh. :) As usual after lunch, the family would settle to play cards. This year hubby finally made something. I think it must be the absense of his brother and family. Or perhaps our dear baby is bringing him some luck. :)

Dinner we went to my parents' place. All my uncles and aunties went gaga over dear baby. Dear baby was very happy to be carried. Can see that he loves being the centre of attention. Ohhh, he was so guai the whole day. Tsk tsk tsk. At home where got like that? :P

Played mahjong with my aunt, cousin and brother. Was sitting in for my mom actually. It was pretty addictive, hmmm ... perhaps we could play somemore. At the end of the rounds, my father remarked that the overall winner should be my mom. Indeed. hahaha. the rest are nothing compared with the expertise of my mom. I did win a bit for her. :P

Day Two
We brought baby to visit friends. I guess we wouldn't have done that on our own, but it's rather nice to show off baby and collect some anypows for him. Heh heh. While he's still cute and allows us to bring him out. We went to P's place for lunch. Her baby girl is sooo cute too, but is suffering from stranger anxiety. She was quite taken with our baby though, and she was doing some major baby talk. Don't think our baby understand much yet though. heh. I called PM to join us, since she was going to visit her sister who lives in the next block. I say, free nanny ... heh heh. PM sure loves to carry baby!

After that, all three of us, and plus the nanny PM, went to visit HY. We stayed for a while, borrowed more dvds, then dropped PM back at her sis's place. Went home to nap, and went to hubby's friend's place for dinner. Everyone there was sooo taken with baby. The friend's wife, and the wife's friends were simply standing around watching baby sleeping on the bed. I thought they were going to play mahjong actually, but they seem so baby-struck. heh heh. Baby is definitely a hit this time!

Day Three
Hubby's parents and friends came over to swim. I think his parents just wanted to play with baby. We went out for lunch together at this interesting place which sells smoked camphor duck. The fat really melted in your mouth! Damn sinful! Oh boy. The butter prawns and the crabmeat eggs were delicious too! I wanna go back again!

All in all, many many things going on during those few days. I think this is the most busy CNY I've ever experienced! Nice though. :)

And baby enjoys himself very much. Sleeps very well at night after that. heh

Baby Talk 2 - Just how big is the tummy?

It wouldn't be so tiring if I could sleep when baby sleeps. But when he sleeps, I would have to rush through all the chores - washing clothes, vacumming, mopping etc. Now I'm exhausted. I need to do more exercise! My back is aching. :(

Dear baby likes to pee when his diapers are being changed. It's like a game between hubby and baby. Dear hubby would prepare tissue to catch any pee, but baby was still too quick for him. Whoopies ... and when the deed is done and he is oh-so-wet, baby dearest would give his cheeky little grin. We certainly weren't very amused when it was 3am in the morning!

It has become quite a routine for baby to drink as much milk as he could, thereafter to be followed by throwing up, and a most satisfied happy little chuckle he would give.

During CNY this year, us proud parents brought him a visiting many places. All the uncles and aunties and granduncles and grandaunties, not forgetting his grandparents all went gaga over him. Ohhh, and baby dearest loves to be carried. And being the centre of attention. And he certainly had a good harvest of angpows. Heh heh.

So I was talking to my friend the other day, and she was telling me all about how stressful it was to breastfeed. It made me think how fortunate I've been. To have such a wonderful supportive hubby! :) I wouldn't have gotten this far without him. Thanks dearest. I love you. :)

And of course it helps to be able to blog and whine about it. We just have to find ways to destress. It's definitely not easy to cope.