Monday, April 21, 2003

Do you ever feel kinda like 'brain-dead'? I'm a graduate, I got my degree which shows that I'm not that dumb, I did pretty okie in school, played some intellectual games, yet sometimes when I'm so busy at work, rushing from one place to another, I suddenly feel that I'm not 'thinking' anymore! My brains stopped exploring the mysterious world of creativity, where beautiful and wonderous things happen. Imagination - the breath of fresh air for our soul is buried in the midst of fog and haze of the real world. There is no time to pause and smell the sweet jasmine flowers - when you breathe, there's only the sour sewage tang of the blocked river. Do you admire the old wizened tree, so crooked yet so upright with bark so rough yet looked smooth - or did you only see the cars on the road flashing their headlights at you as you try to cross not at the traffic lights? Is that the sound of birds singing sweet piccolo-shrill notes, or just the squeeky electronic beep from your handphone screaming to wake you up at 5 in the morning? What is the world like now where all you see on tv is something dying or simply more bad news? Or should you be watching that in the first place when you can read a book and see the ancient castles and explore the strange pyramids with amazing characters? Sometimes I feel guilty seeing my friends continuing their studies. They are working hard and studying at night for some Masters. I'd rather not study but yet I want to learn new things and do more things. Is there a difference? But when am I going to start? That, my friend ... perhaps this little loft can give me some discipline and inspiration. :)

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Sunday, April 20, 2003

Finally, I managed to get this bloody blop err ... blog to work. There was a little trouble in the beginning, when I have to load and reload and alternate, control, delete. Whew ... all that's behind me now. Thanks to my dear friend Hammie ... I'm now set up and running. Dinner first, and I'll be back to my little loft where I can write just about anything and so there. :)

This is my first post.