Tuesday, September 20, 2005

A trip down memory lane

Dearest hubby restored all my music files!! yay! :)

Many many interesting songs I have. Listening to them brings back nice memories. These were the music which HY transfered to me over ICQ when I was studying. These were the music I listened to when I was doing work on the computer. These were the music I listened to when I was still YOUNG. damnit. Old already.

I don't listen to songs a lot. Usually only listened to classical music, jpop and a some jazz. Classical music because of Xel, Jpop and chinese songs because of brothers, and jazz because of dear hubby. And I only listen to songs when people introduced them to me.

My world is silent until they and their music come into my life. :) Basically because I'm too stingy to buy cds. heh heh. Except for classical music. But that was because I was a perfectionist and decided to 'collect' classical music.

And because I'm doing work now, smsing Min at the same time and listening to old songs, it reminds me of those days when I'm doing reports on the computer, chatting with Min and other friends online and listening to those songs. :)

Good grief! Would that be almost ten years ago now? At least eight or nine!!

And the thought of going to meet up with PM and Min brings back happy memories as well. Do we want to get YS and Lin too? Them both have drifted quite a bit, might be more fun on our own.

I must go back to my parents' place and 'borrow' some of my brother's jpop cds!

Time flies so fast. One month after one month, day through night through day. Those days when you do not have any serious responsibilities. When all you do is to eat, sleep and do homework, play and have fun. Go out with friends, share music, joy and laughter. Have crushes and dreams and exciting things to look forward to. In a blink of an eye, those days are slowly forgotten as work piles up and reality takes shape.

Dear hubby was not really in my group of friends. He has always been there but we were just hi-bye friends. It's so strange, sometimes to think about it. Sometimes I believe that it is like ... well, fate perhaps? I had a few groups of friends I used to hang around with, and slowly I drifted out of the group, and made new friends on my own. There was a period of sadness and loneliness, then Wen was there for me. Now I feel complete with dearest hubby by my side. :)

Come to a full circle. fullstop. :)

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