Monday, September 12, 2005

Project X

You know ... just so as to have something to blog about.

I'm bored. No more Xena's blog to read. And the only blog left worth reading is re-mi's. I just have to say that. :O


So ....

Did I mention I hate sewing? Finally finished the last mitten, and it's really a chore to stitch everything together.


Just don't look at them stitches too closely. :P Maybe I should have taken up hubby's offer of help. He definitely sews better than me!

But eventually things get done. :)

And I tried to do the 'ribbons', made by doing twisted cords.

1st attempt, 2nd attempt ...

Whoops too short! :P


And finally here is the complete set!

Pretty in pink. I hope A likes them for her baby girl. :)

And yes yes I know, the booties are smaller than the mittens. It's not a perspective error. I made medium size for the rest after completing a small size booties. Because small looked really ... well, tiny. Yes yes I know I shouldn't have done that. What? Redo ..*echo echo*? Nope, didn't hear anything. :P

Hmm, don't feel very excited about it though. Feel like youknowho and her many many pictures of exhibitions. *bleah*


I ought to be doing something more useful right now. But what the heck. :P

Next project coming up soon! :)

And I do hope Xena's blog will be up soon! I need entertainment! I need inspiration!!! *bleah*

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