Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Woe betides the unfortunate

Bad things always come in pairs or threes or whatever.

Bad tidings indeed.

Dear hubby banged up the car. There is a sudden disruption in the water supply. I am not getting on very well with my work.

When such unfortunate accidents happen, one has always got to look on the bright side of things.

In the first case, at least no one and nothing was involved. Thank god hubby is all right, though a bit shaken. I blame the overworked and lack of rest dear hubby has to endure everyday. It really sucks when the working hours are long. Too long. And sometimes one does get disillusioned with the people and the system. Poor dear. How could I be angry with him? Will give him a big big hug later. :)

In the second case, at least I managed to wash my hair. heh heh. Shampooed and conditioned and everything. Good thing that. Else I'll definitely be like she in the picture of flowers to Xena. :P

In the third case ... well .... procastination, procastination, procastination ... You see, the thing is that smart and intelligent people are often most times lazy as well. Extremely. *bleah*

I missed my friends online in icq whenever I have to do long tedious work on the computer. There used to be HY or LY to talk to, or even Wen would be around, and some other people, but nowadays there's no one at all. I have to multitask when I do work, for it relieves the boredom somewhat. And the brain doesn't get twisted so much with all those scientific jargon. No one goes on icq anymore. *sob*

So I end up writing more junk here.

I have been blogging for a quite a while now. There are many things that I would like to write about, if I could. But there are many things which I have to hold back, because the blog is too public and too dangerous a place to be too honest. Some thoughts are best left as secrets, and secrets are best kept locked in the heart and perhaps to be forgotten. Words can be dangerous, words can be used against you, and being too truthful with your thoughts can leave you vulnerable to attacks by devious people.

I've learnt to keep my mouth shut, and ears and eyes open. Watching, waiting ... and unfortunately for me ... forgetting. :P Perhaps that is how it is, to be immune to gossips and to avoid being targetted. Keep to yourself, keep a low profile, and just be happy doing what you like doing.

Sometimes one is tempted to reach out and be involved in things. Sometimes one is tempted to put a picture of oneself up and make new friends. Sometimes one is tempted to try to meet Xena and other bloggers for they are so interesting and funny and unusual. But perhaps one needs to dangle a juicier carrot. :P

Gone were the days when I was so adventurous where I would just about meet anyone and everyone just for the fun of it. heh. I wasn't wild or anything, just bored. And boredom is a fine carrot to salivate to. There weren't any regrets, and the best of it all, I made some wonderful and really great friends whom till now are still close friends. Life is so strange sometimes.

Perhaps it is just that we do have something in common. :)


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