Saturday, April 24, 2004

The world is an ugly place. It's amazing how unforgiving people can be, and how much their ugly nature comes in to take advantage of every single situation. True, we were partly to be blame. We had a shock, and we were willing to make amends. The Malay was not seriously hurt, just a few bruises from falling. His bike was a bit wobbly but nothing broken. It was a close shave. Thank God. A hard lesson learnt. Braked in time, we did not hit him, he hit us (or did he?) and fell. We were willing to compensate but how much? No, a whole group of Malays then descended down on us, like sharks out in a bloody frenzy. I'm sorry sharks, I think you're nicer creatures than men. Shouting and demanding all kinds of things. Were they trying to frighten us? Said one so furiously: you are not going to get away with this! I am a public servant! You will hear from my lawyer! While the Uncle kept quiet, the rest argued and demanded money and simply making lots of noise for some reason. Injustice! Do we have to pay with a pound of flesh? The other guy whose parked car got dented by the fallen bike also made hue and cry not unlike over a dead person. He cursed and sweared and shouted and argued and threatened. Riots all started this way.

So we made a police report. He came and saw and listened. Told them all to report to their insurance. I doubt we will be making any claims. I wonder if the Malay is going to, his bike doesn't looked like it needed the workshop. The parked car may not even be able to claim from us! How ironic. The Malay daughter called up to ask for compensation. Too late huh. I will laugh. From feeling terrible about the whole incident to becoming cynical about the whole thing. We shall see what happens next.

Same reason for my lack of compassion for charities. Sometimes I feel awfully evil. But to have the cans thrust out right under my nose and the person demanding ... yes, demanding that I give, oh to the cancer patients or to what-not charities, I don't know, it really turned me off. Especially in the light of the recent revelation from NKF. Compassion .... must it always be in the form of money? Is one lacking any if one wishes not to donate? Have we become a communist state where the average has to give to the poor and a capitalistic state as the rich gets richer? The G wants the families to take care of their own elderly and is unwilling to help. If the families are unable to, then everyone else must help except G. That's just it isn't it? Me, I shall take care of my Granny first and my familly and other less fortunate people I know personally.

TGIF. I get to go off real early today, first time since the year started! :)