Tuesday, July 08, 2008

A crab, K Drama, Headaches

Just a few weeks with my little girl, and now I'm wondering if I should change her name. Emily sounds too sweet a name, and she's so grouchy in the morning, grunting like a dinosaur whenever she's left alone, or when she's dirty or hungry. Gee, she really loves to be carried at ALL times. My boy wasn't like that when he was little - he just drank his milk and went to sleep immediately. Not so this little girl. When she's dirty, she refuses to open her mouth for milk, and you have to clean her up before she'll drink. And after changing her diapers, she'll want her milk immediately and she starts yelling for it. So of course, after her milk, she'll poo again. *wipes forehead* ... Does that reminds you of Lucy in Peanuts? I bet she's going to bully her brother when she's bigger. Leonard is very easy-going after all.

Now I understand why all my galfriends are so hooked on Korean dramas. And my mom too. I watched a couple of episodes of The Legend with her, a couple of the daily 6pm to 8pm Korean dramas on TV with her, and I'm also hooked on them. I guess it's because the actors/actresses are really good-looking, and although the dramas can be quite long-winded, the stories are actually quite interesting. And it's all the romance stuff. And when you have nothing better to do, like lack of good animes to watch, you'll end up watching TV. So now, I'm going around either asking pple to borrow the K-dramas, or asking hubby to rent some nice K-dramas for me to watch. Heh.