Sunday, April 30, 2006

The end story that interests

Okie, so I got hooked on Rome finally after watching the last episode yesterday. Now I understand why hubby reads books from the middle or even from the back. Or perhaps it was because I had time to sit down and watch it together with hubby and baby. And it wasn't late at night, for I'm always too tired by then.

And it was the last episode that I realised that blonde hair chap hero guy was called Vorenus. Dear hubby tried explaining the plot to me, but I didn't really catch what he was trying to say. :P So I found this.

During the show, when Ceaser was stabbed many times, and finally Brutus stabbed him, I was waiting for Ceaser to say, 'Et tu, Brutus?' Waited and waited and waited .... but the tyrant died without saying anything! Wah ... cheated! And I thought Mark Anthony was killed or ordered away by Ceaser before that fatal day? Why was he still alive at the end? Hmm ...

And the gauls came into the senate!! There I was telling dear hubby, You see, Ceaser conquered all the gauls except for a small village of gauls who refused to surrender to Ceaser. And dear hubby looked at me strangly and laughed and laughed crazily after that.

Yep, a skewered history indeed.

Whatever much I knew about Julius Ceaser was the little from Shakespeare and most from Asterix and Obelix. I don't think I've really read Shakespeare's Julius Ceaser, but somehow I know bits and pieces of the story. Don't ask me how!

Anyway I was hooked onto the story after hubby told me the most interestingly funny part: that Pullo was the only one who had a happy ending (he had the pretty slave girl in the end) and he was the one who created all the trouble in the first place. Heh. Cute.

So here I am, digging for more of the story. Yep, can learn from hubby: to read the ending/middle first of any story.

Friday, April 28, 2006

The Art of Nothingness

Goodness gracious triple damnations. The comments in Wen's blog is the pits. Now I can't even log in! What the ... #@$%!! And I don't feel any better after sending her an SMS to complain about her comments page. Grrrr. Seems only her patient cowabunga chap is still bothering to comment. That's what boyfriends are for I guess. Heh heh. :P

By the way, cows have four stomachs, not three.


I too, look forward to the durian season. This afternoon, I saw some pretty good ones at the central. Yum ... But my voice is still recovering, so I don't think it's going to be a good idea to take any at the moment yet. I like my durians a little bittersweet with soft smooth moist flesh. How do you like yours?

Today they got a parent to come and teach yoga. After five minutes into it, I was like thinking to myself ... huh? You call this yoga? Gee, I can teach them better. Duh. Everything was done haphazardly. I rolled my eyes.

If there is no one to contest, it doesn't mean that everyone supports you. Why do they all make it sound like so? Huh?

I miss my dear hubby even more now. :(

Baby is growing out of his clothes very fast. I will have to buy more stuffs for him soon. Me bad, hardly buy things for him! Most of the clothes he's wearing right now are from friends. :P We didn't have many hand-me-downs either. All his cousins are big boys now, and all their baby clothes are gone. Gee, I was really shopping at the last most minute, I remember I had to ask Wen to help me get more mittens while I was lying in bed after birth then. And we were still buying stuffs for baby two days before he was due!

Reading this makes me think of those times when I was carrying my baby too. Heh heh.

And we forgot to get diapers for him even after he arrived! Good thing we had some free stuffs from the hospital, and from our neighbours and friends. Very disorganised eh? :P

I think I'm teaching baby that stress = eat. Oh dear. *slaps forehead* Is he going to grow up to be like youknowho? He's definitely big for his size. Some neighbour a few floors down thought he was at least eight months old. Another was saying to his kids, you boys are so skinny! Look at that baby! He's so .... *ten minute pause* ... ... ... chubby! *rolls eyes* I could hear his brain ticking overtime to think of a politically correct relevant word. I could hear the echo of the original word resounding through his brain. Ya, say it. Fat. But baby doesn't look it. He's just big for his size. And baby's so cute! So cute and cuddly and I love him so! :)

Will put more pics up soon when I buy batteries for the camera. :P

Sunday, April 23, 2006

Non essential stuffs

Your Brain's Pattern

Your brain is always looking for the connections in life.
You always amaze your friends by figuring out things first.
You're also good at connecting people - and often play match maker.
You see the world in fluid, flexible terms. Nothing is black or white.

Your Personality Is

Rational (NT)

You are both logical and creative. You are full of ideas.
You are so rational that you analyze everything. This drives people a little crazy!

Intelligence is important to you. You always like to be around smart people.
In fact, you're often a little short with people who don't impress you mentally.

You seem distant to some - but it's usually because you're deep in thought.
Those who understand you best are fellow Rationals.

In love, you tend to approach things with logic. You seek a compatible mate - who is also very intelligent.

At work, you tend to gravitate toward idea building careers - like programming, medicine, or academia.

With others, you are very honest and direct. People often can't take your criticism well.

As far as your looks go, you're coasting on what you were born with. You think fashion is silly.

On weekends, you spend most of your time thinking, experimenting with new ideas, or learning new things.

~From Tetanus

Baby's gold

One would have thought that one is stealing all his gold by the way he whimpers and cries everytime one tries to wipe his snot off his nose. My dear baby hates to have his face wiped, or his nose cleaned for that matter. Is he going to grow up to be a dirty baby? Whacks his backside!

Baby's voice is also a bit squeaky. Seems that we both have the same symptomes! Heh.

Taking care of baby is not difficult, if he only eats, sleeps and shits. In between when he is awake, you have to be his entertainer, his walker, his voice ... basically, his everything. He wants to be carried, he wants to look around, so you have to carry him and walk to places which are interesting. He's bored, he wants to be entertained, so you have to make funny faces or read to him or play with him. He wants to hear your voice, you sing to him or talk to him or make funny noises for him to laugh. He wants to sleep, you have to rock him till he sleeps. He is the KING. And you're the slave.

If you have all the time in the world, and need not do anything else, then perhaps it isn't too difficult after all. :P

Otherwise you can be that kind of carer, who simply shut the ears and be oblivious to baby's whinnings and complains. Heh. Most guys are like that, that's why women are more harrassed taking care of babies than men.

Hubby does take care of me and baby. He has been bathing baby for the past few days, seeing as how I'm sick. At night, he'd wake up and get baby to sleep when he wakes up and cries, although I have to poke him to get up. :P What else? Well, he nags at me to take antibiotics, perhaps that's the way guys take care of their gals. I'm quite happy the way it is. :) Just can't help it that I'm sick and lost my voice. It was a very horrid cold.

Unfortunately I think those people at work don't understand how seriously ill I am. Their eyes bulged when I took three straight days of MC. Perhaps I should have taken for the whole week, now that I've lost my voice ... isn't it worse now? :(

How now?

Friday, April 21, 2006

Speak no more

And so I've lost my voice. Still.

Just one day back at work, and my recovering status took a nosedrive and everything simply escalated. My eyes also got infected.

Poor baby. He got everything from me, and he was recovering too yesterday. Last night was the worst. Poor baby and his blocked nose. He couldn't sleep well, and he cried quite a bit. I couldn't sleep well either, for every whimper he made woke me up as well, even when I was on medicine which was supposed to cause drowziness. Woke up groggy though.

Only dear hubby slept like a pig. Oink. Had to wake him up to take care of baby. Hey, I'm very sick what! :P

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


And so I told my head that I'll be reporting sick again today. There's not so much a 'take care' or anything from her. That's why I don't like this place and the people as much. What 'family' ... ha. Even when I had my baby, I didn't sense any care or concern or interest or geniune feelings emitting from the so called 'family'. Ha. And the worst is they want to be known as a 'family'. BS.

Work is work is work. Don't play around with words. The stink of hypocrisy is worse than the smell of cowpat.

I think this is the first time in my entire life that I've taken so many paracetemol. Popped in two for headaches, later another two for body aches, then another two for fever, then two more for sore throat etc ... otherwise how to survive taking care of baby and trying to help hubby? Good thing mom was here yesterday and today. It was not as bad as Monday. Monday night was the worst. I woke up in the middle of the night with a burning throat. Perhaps I should have popped two more then. But I only took them later in the morning. Gee. Panadol actually helps soothe sore throats! Heh.

Not many nice animes nowadays. They're showing Gakuen Alice on animax so hope I can catch it where I'm left off! :)

Self Preservation

Baby and I are both down with a really bad cold or flu. Whatever. Well, at least he's slightly better than me as he does not have any fever, but it's so worrying to see him and his stuffy nose. At least I know how to blow my nose! At night, he would be tossing and turning away and breathing through the stuffed nose, making so much noise that I can't sleep! :P So I had been applying some vicks on him, until last night I happened to look at the instructions and it said, for adults and children above two years old. Whoops!

Hmm ... hubby seemed to approve using vicks ... so I guess, can do, eh?

I feel a little bad taking so many days of MC. Today would be the third day, what would they think? Yet, if I go back and shout today, I'll definitely lose my voice. Been there, done that. Lost my voice (twice) before and now I couldn't hit the high notes. And my voice cracks a little when I sing. Don't wanna lose my voice *whimper*. Each time you lose your voice, you get nodes on the vocal cords and your voice becomes more harsh. I wanna keep my sweet voice! So too bad, I must take care of myself for no one else would bother about me.

It is only fools who think that they can go back and not shout. The last time I promised myself that I will not shout, but gave them work to do, and told them to be quiet because I could not use my voice, and they were the good ones too. Yet I ended up shouting in a hoarse voice. One can never never ever talk in a soft voice or not talk at all at work.

Lesson learnt.

I've always wondered. Why do people call a beefcake a beefcake? I mean, what exactly does it mean? Do you ever make a cake out of beef? There're butter cake, pandan cake, chocolate cake ... but beef cake? That's too much cow in it.

And Wen's honey C shouldn't call himself cow lah. I know I know ... C stands for cow, but hey, he doesn't have like a uterus or an udder or a vagina or whatever else cows have eh? Perhaps Wen should check. Evil laugh. Bull lah, BULL. That's the male/boy/manly/gay? version of cow. I didn't even notice - did he have a sex change?

That should have gone into her comments, but I've given out trying. We who walk the way of Om must not do things that stress ourselves.

We met up with hubby's sister and her kids a couple of weeks back. Kids grow so fast. I think it was almost one and a half years since I last saw them, and the boys are all taller than I am! No longer chubby, it's like they've been squeeze at the sides and pulled at the head and legs. Elongated and angular. The girls are also a bit more grown up, and did not seem to want to play as much.

They were all hugely entertained by baby though. Baby was a bit stunned to be with so many people all of a sudden. Throughout the early part of the night, he sat there quietly and worriedly and kept on wheedling his thumbs. Not even a sound of whimper from him. If I were to be paranoid, I think he looked petrified!

But later during dinner, he thawed a bit and started babbling a little. When dinner started proper, I walked him around in his pram and he fell asleep. That's my baby. :)

I ate a lot for dinner that night. Polished off quite a bit of bread, had a slice of pizza, half a portion of soup, half a portion of foie gras (which will be the last time I will take it!), 200gm of beef stirloin and one chocolate cake dessert. Beef is only nice with the fats on it! :) When I see those people on Japan Hour eating beef with that kind of fats, oh boy ... do my mouth water!

I also realised that her kids actually speak good English. Without the lahs and lohs and whatnots. Suddenly my lahs and lohs became very loud and harsh in the conversations. I must try to cut down on the lahs and lohs!!! I guess it's a kind of familiarity to speak in singlish, perhaps it makes conversations a bit less formal and a bit more intimate. I dunno, but it feels most strange to speak in perfectly polite english when talking to little kids. Ha ... must learn! Perhaps I shall train little baby to be like that too!

The coughs start today. Ready, get set, Cough.

Saturday, April 15, 2006

The Poo Index Too

The rage is all on talking about the daily poo index. Here too, is the latest news. My dear baby gave two explosive bombshells this morning. During diaper changing, there was a little reddish something about the size of a clipped nail, which looked suspiciously like undigested papaya. Yep, papaya. Dad gave him some last night, and he was tremendously entertained by the taste of it. Looked like the poor papaya pooped all the way out his intestinal tract without being absorbed into his system. Paws paws do not rock.

Yoga yesterday was pretty hot. The asanas Don did wasn't too difficult. Except that while you were into the pose, and you waited for the next instruction, and he went on and on and on to infinitidum. And you started dripping at the tip of your nose and at the tip of your fingertips, and if you could check, you'd be sure that your whole body was soaking wet too.

Damn, hold pose for so long!! Wah ... that increased the difficulty level plus plus. I haven't done such yoga for so long! A bit the rusty!

But I tried the backbend (Urdhva Dhanurasana) and yay! I could push myself up now without any help! Wrist hurt if stayed too long though.

Wanted to take up the challenge and do headstand, but perhaps it was due to lack of breakfast, I toppled over and almost crashed into Wen. Good thing she hadn't lay down on her mat yet. :P

Inspection was quite an anti-climax. That'd be one less stress off the mind. :) I spent the whole morning fixing up those ikea chairs. Now, if anyone needs help fixing one, call me. I can get them done in five minutes now! Hubby fixed the first one and he took almost half an hour! Guys never follow instructions. Heh.

Baby had his second five-in-one jab. This time there was no comfort milk. He started crying when the alcohol was applied on his skin! Smart boy knows jab was coming. But I guesss the jab wasn't as painful as he expected for he stopped crying almost immediately after that. :P

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dysfunctional thoughts

I really envy people who have supportive family in their lives. How I wish that I have such enthusiastic supportive parents too. But nooo ... what do I have? People who made me feel that I'm dumping my kid with them. People who made me feel that they have to take care of my baby until they have got no time even to eat. Or I don't know, many other things.

So what do they want me to do?

They aren't prepared to be grandparents at all. Who's going to take care of baby then? Perhaps at that time, we should have just aborted. Everyone would then be happy huh.

And I can't stop working right now because hubby is setting up on his own, and if things don't go well, the only income is from me. Am I also to be blamed for hubby's decision?

What do they want me to do?

After a stressful day at work, one comes home and hears one's father insinuating that one simply dumps baby with the mother until she has no time to eat, and she still has to do housechores - wash and cook.

I've told her before she doesn't have to do any housework. How can I stop her if she wishes to? And she doesn't have to cook if she doesn't want to. We can always buy back. Although she's one thousand times more particular about the food she eats. And if she doesn't take care of baby, who's going to take care of him? The in-laws are just as problematic, and they aren't always in town. I can't bring baby to school, and we can't afford a maid right now.

What do they expect me to do?

Sometimes I just hate them all.

Are they only happy if I go and sell baby off? Then of course we don't have to worry about no one taking care of him, or that we don't have money.

Even from young, that's what they'll do to me each time.

Will they be happy only if I go jump down from my bedroom back in their old house?

That's what they like to insinuate.

When mom came to take care of me for my confinement, it seems that I owe the whole family one big big huge debt. And so when mom takes care of my baby, it seems that I owe the whole family another huge huge big debt.

And there you read about some people whose parents are hoping to have grandkids, or your colleague whose parents stays with her to take care of her daughter over the week, or parents who actually love their children and are willing to take care of their kids for them.

I don't think my parents love me. Otherwise they're just really dysfunctional.

Or am I the only person who feels that she owes the family a huge huge big debt for even being borned into this world?

Sunday, April 09, 2006


Hubby has finally done it! He had been itching to do it for ages ... Dear baby has finally gotten a taste of how it's like to be upside down!

And he loved it! Well, both of them loved it. :P

For a short while only, because the mummy is worried that baby is too young for such rough play.

Headstand anyone? :P

Or armstand?

Inversions are always wonderful. Heh. I should go and do one right now.

And this morning I was rather stressed, and so I did ten Surya Namasakar! Feels good! Would have done more, except that I wanted to iron some clothes before everyone wakes up.

Nowadays I can wake up very early. Four-thirty sometimes, five most of the times, and six today. It's wonderful how much things can get done early in the morning.

During the pregnancy term however, I was most often tired, and couldn't wake up in the morning. I needed more rest and sleep then. I was slightly anaemic. And so I was severly penalised. And so I remembered, and so I will not forget. What goes around comes around.

We all agreed that MrWalrus was not a good leader at all. No purpose, not organised and dunno where he's going. In fact, many of them are like that too. Me? I'll just do what I need to do, and because of what you did to me, I shan't be too nice to you either.

*smiles sweetly*

Not as if you were very nice to me either. I can smell hypocrisy a mile away.

Although I do not try to be suspicious of everyone and suspect that they're all trying to cheat me. That would be paranoid.

One just needs to do what one needs to do.

If you do a good job, you'll get the credit for doing it. Why look for smoke when there's none? Maybe once bitten, twice shy, but it doesn't mean that you lock yourself up second time and curse everyone that comes knocking. Be wary, be prudent, but not be paranoid.


If I am paranoid, I would think that she had never trusted me or liked me very much. I'm to be blamed for the high cholestrol level because there's no nutritious homecooked food. I'm to be blamed for moving out. I'm to be blamed for having not enough money. I'm to be blamed for starving him when baby's hungry. I'm to be blamed for introducing a friend who's out to take advantage. I'm to be blamed for recommending a contractor who's out to cheat. Gosh. Aren't we glad that I'm not too paranoid after all?

Hmm, I wonder if people actually think of things that way?

Sometimes I do envy her. :)

But I'm a down-to-earth practical taurus, and I don't need other people to define happiness for me.


So saying ... this year I shall follow Wen and demand for my birthday presents from all my friends. heh heh heh.

P.S: Please don't give me any cosmetics because I can't finish any of them!

Wen is so right. Women spend so much on make up and at the end of the day, the colours are all washed down the drain. Translate: money literally down the drain. Then skin gets dry and they spend tons of money for facials and skin care etc. Heh.

Me? I just want to get rid of all those stupid whiteheads on my nose. :P

And please stop dropping hair.


Oh, and I bought a cute little eye-lash curler from BB. Now ... to learn how to use it. Hmmm. I wonder would it actually make a difference if I curl and not use mascara?

Damn sh*tty ... nowadays I dare not contact a friend of mine anymore. :(

Countdown: Moving on to Week Four.

I finally bought a nice hot oven! Time to try some baking. What shall I bake? Heh.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

No more cookies ...

Xena was asking me why I had not been blogging for a while. Has it been that long? I guess it is so easy to be so caught up with work, family and all. And I have yet to repay sleep debt. *sigh*

But still, finally ... one last touch, and it could be submitted. Piles of marking awaits though, and my brain hurts. No breakfast, and lunch at 3pm. Eyes also hurt after that.

I wish I could do more yoga. I wish I'm at Don's class tonight. I wish mom could stay for one more night, and I could be at yoga class tonight. I wish I could come home everyday and have baby at home waiting for me to feed and hug him. I wish I could go for yoga and come home after that to have baby here with me.

Wishes eh?

Baby is sleeping now. Mom said he's becoming very demanding and naughty. Bring him downstairs walk walk, when come home he knew it, and started whimpering in protest. Want to walk some more! Heh.

But he seems quite good today when I got home. And he seems quite good with MIL too. Perhaps he knows who to bully. :P

Baby doesn't seem to want to drink milk from the bottle nowadays. But she's trying to feed him like every two hours still. Force feeding? heh ... I know he knows when I'm around he definitely doesn't want his milk from the bottle, but I hope it isn't really a problem, just that mom doesn't really know yet to adjust to his habits. It would certainly be quite a problem if he refuses to drink from the bottle! As it is, he feels rather slim nowadays ... even though he's still 8kg. :) Big for his size ! Reminds you of someone eh? Heh heh.

Hubby and I would laugh at him and say he got too big a butt so he can't turn while other babies we know at his age have started learning to turn. :P Boy, he'll be four months in a week's time! How fast time flies!!

Countdown: 7 weeks left. :)

Note to self: must take more photos of him soon! :)