Friday, September 16, 2005

The art of blood vomiting

1. The worker came in at ten plus (almost ten-thirty) when you said to come at nine.

2. He placed the newspapers on the floor, and disappeared for at least 30 to 45 minutes.

3. He returned with a ladder, and got ready the paints.

4. He started sandpapering the wall ... a little.

5. He left again for many many minutes.

6. He came back after many many minutes and painted up down up down, and left right left right.

7. One room done, and it was almost twelve.

8. He left to wash the pail to pour in the new paint.

9. He set up the plastic sheet for the next room, then came out and tell us he had to go for his lunch break.

The art of blood vomiting is very easy. Calculate how much gallons of blood has been lost by now. The blood bank would be very happy to have all those blood.

Eventually we told him to give us the paint, which he tried to threatened us by not giving us the paint, but the superviser gave it to us nonetheless, the paint-brush (not so lucky there), and the ladder (he needed it). So ... at least we got the paint, and we shall paint it ourselves.

And before he is to go, he can jolly well mop the floor of his dirty footprints from all that walking in and out of the house.

10. He disappeared for many many minutes, and returned with pail and mop.

11. He started to mop the floor of the room when the sharp shrilling of his hp brought the house down.

12. He disappeared many many minutes to talk on the phone.

And he finally! really finally! finished mopping the floor (just a little bit of floor where he walked in and out)

The art of blood vomiting is too easy. We shall hold onto the papers and refused to sign them till we feel like it.

So there.



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