Tuesday, May 31, 2005

To do or not to do

Disgusting. They still raised the fares after all. I mean, what do you expect? It's just like the decision on the IR. They have decided already. It makes you wonder about the D word. Then again, we all know that's a lie. Oh well. Can't do anything about it. *sticks head back into sand*

It's depressing.

Something is icking me nowadays. Basically ... should we get them to redo the floor or not? Sloppy workmanship, cheap rotten products. It all adds up. That's what you get from the G you know. Really lousy. Lousy. If we don't do the floor, there's no way we can ever get any compensation. But to think of having to relive through three hellish months of retification works again, all that dust, workers going in and out ... really really unthinkable. So like what pple in this country do ... we'd probably have to resign to our fate.

I hate this.

One day, we will have to leave. There is nothing for us.

Monday, May 30, 2005


It's quite rare that I watch TV, but after a wonderful delicious dinner at my parent's place last night, there was nothing much to do except to sit in front of the telly. And since they didn't have cable, the only okie to watch channel happened to be showing Audition Me.

Gee, I think I'm very out of the news here, since I have not much access to home news.

So what was this Audition Me all about? Just another oh-so-boring reality shows that's the in thing right now. I mean if they want to hire someone, they could just do it without all this fuss, right? Pretty smart of them though, fill up a prime time slot, get some people to run the program probably for free, and generate more income by all those inane smses. That's three. Hmmm. So there I was wondering what Benedict Goh was doing in it. Surely ... surely ... he had some advantage since he had some experience right? Hmmm ... then again, after watching him ... he seems to look slightly better than last time, and especially when he doesn't smirk. Why was he smirking throughout his presentation? Eeeeugh.

First contestant seems to have something strange about her face. Can't put my finger on it, seems to be the eyes. Third contestant would be my best bet, actually thought BG could do it ... but after watching him smirking and looking so smug all the way makes me want to throw up.

heh ... so I wonder who would 'win'. Oh well.

How boring to spend an evening like that!


I haven't been doing yoga for a while, and my flabby thighs really got it this time. Urrgh. Still considering whether to go tomorrow. But I think it's going to be on the highly unlikely side. Old already.

I need to wash the dishes. Beef steak tonight with all the usual stuffs. Lots of things needed to be washed. But I'm not moving. Nope. Rearing pigs here. Hubby and I have this most unhealthy habit of needing to lie down after nice huge dinner. Oh dear oh dear.

There was something I wanted to write to remind myself about, but I've forgotten.

Really getting old.

I wonder who is lurking around my blog nowadays. I wonder who actually finds my blog interesting. I wonder why people read my blog. I'm wondering why my friend continues to read my blog. Perhaps it has become a habit. I wonder why I ask people to read my blog in the first place. Sometimes I feel like writing something which I don't want anyone to read, but I couldn't ... so they remain in my head ... and forgotten. Just as well, perhaps some things should not be remembered.

Now I remembered what else I wanted to write. Just finished reading Terry Pratchett The Last Continent. Took me a few days to plough through, which explains a lot. And the story left me ... extremely unsatisfied. What the??? Totally catch no ball. Nonsensical. Strange. Wierd. Would someone please explain. What the hell was going on? There was this part right in front where some miners (I think) found something underground, which was ... alive. And somehow I lost the thread. What the hell was that anyway?

PM just called. Seeing her tomorrow. Yay. :) She's fun to be with, though annoying as well. Now she got a handphone, so hopefully ... it might not be too irritating. :P Hubby puts his finger on the bull's eyes. The thing is that she's fun to talk to. Or rather, entertaining. She talks animatedly when something interests her, and she laughs very carefreely. Breaks all ice. But the problem hubby sees is that she's not exactly 'normal' in her line of work. Too happy, bright, cheerful and sincere ... not exactly very 'normal' so called, with people around her. Sad actually. They lost a gem of a friend. Extremely dedicated to her work.

I guess we all did had quite a good time the other day. Dear hubby, HY and PM certainly seem to have a good time talking shop. The wife was a bit quiet. And I was busy cutting fruits. The rest were completely glued to the telly. Heh heh. Asked PM to come over at night if she needs a place to study, but she didn't want to go all the way to sibera. Even with home-cooked dinner thrown in also no fish. *bleah* I hope she resolves things with her family. It's just very difficult.

Sunday, May 29, 2005

Differing views

Said the experienced: You mean you actually took the medicine? We don't take them, you know ... just let things be.

Said the professional: Take the medicine. Why suffer? Just take it. *and stop complaining*


So what should I do?

I hate it.

I hate being unwell.

I hate being moody.

I hate being depressed.

I hate being sian.

I just hate it.

I hate life.

Cleaning frenzy

Sunday is a day for cleaning. I don't have the mood to go for yoga anymore. I don't have the mood for anything nowadays. But it's good to clean. The house is so dirty. Perhaps that's why the lack of mood too.

I just feel depressed. Or perhaps depressed is too strong a word. I just feel sian.

Friday, May 27, 2005

solo friday

We tried thai tonight. It was neither hot nor spicy. Damn. But the mango salad was pretty good, except that everything else tasted salty.

I finally managed to go for my massage. They didn't recommend me to do it actually, but I had to reeaaally persuade them that I reeeaaallly needed one for my neck and shoulders and basically, hell ... I just needed a massage. And it sure was good. Yes, I fell asleep and drooled. Well, almost drooled, you know, you would always wake up in time to suck up the drool somehow. heh.

Really shiok. But standing all the way back in the train negated the good effects of a massage. I shouldn't even wear one inch heels if I'm ever going shopping! Time to take out my new Tods shoes. Oh, when is the sale?! I'm having my eyes on another certain pair, hmm, or pairs. :P

Shopping with younger bro can be quite a chore. He is, I swear, worst than, Mr Fastidious Sebestian O. We nicknamed him that. Don't you think Sebestian always give you an impression of an extremely fastidious and fussy guy? I took a walk around, bought my bread ... and finally he made up his mind what to buy. *rolls eyes* I'm the good sis who offered to pay for his purchases first so that he can get an extra ten percent discount. Now, where is my treat? At least a drink ya? My poor tired feet.


The GSS is now on ... going to check out a few stuffs when it is not so crowded. It's always crazy to shop on a Friday and on weekends. I hate crowds. Need to be hermit. That's why buy house high high in ulu place far far away from everyone. :P Hmm .. shopping. heh heh. Most unfortunately, I've already bought most of my house stuffs. What else shall I get?

My eyes kept going red nowadays, for no reasons. And my ear goes pop, like in an airplane. It's just annoying, and slightly worrying. Perhaps I might go and see my friend though I don't fancy him sticking anything into my nose. He suggested that I wash my bedsheets every week at sixty degrees hot water. Ya right, so troublesome. But it did remind me that we do need to change the sheets. Perhaps it might help the eyes. Need dear hubby's strength though. Mattress extremely heavy.

Nowadays hubby does lots of things around the house. He washes the dishes when I'm tired or simply don't feel like doing them. I am just so lucky to have such a wonderful guy. *warm fuzzy feeling* ... heh heh :) :) :)

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Tricky questions

Must learn to be evasive.

Like YS. She's good ... till you can become irritated with her. But still friends ya? Although patience very thin already.

Should not have waited so long. Should have given them away so much earlier. Now perhaps it's too late and have to be wasted. Sad.

Wished hubby doesn't have to work till so late every night. It is so quiet without him. Just don't feel like doing anything now ... except perhaps sleep.

Must find energy to do things. m u s t f i n d e n e r g y . . .

Monday, May 23, 2005

Things that go brumm in the night

Today we test drove the turbo powered golf gti. pretty pretty cool. dangerous though. too fast too powerful.

Hubby has a need for speed. 2. We somehow lost the first one. I used to sit and watch him play, but I think I'll skip this round. Feeling very sleepy after huge dinner.

The phone will always ring immediately after you left it upstairs to go down. And it will always stop ringing after you ran two steps up the stairs. I get enough exercise everyday.

All electronic gadgets should come with a electronic tag or buzzer. Like when you left your handphone on your bed under the numerous pillows or blankets or quilt cover or clothes, you know you can always rely on calling the handphone to find out its position. The same should go to things like air-con controller, watches, alarm clocks, you name it ...

Almost everything goes under my pillows nowadays. Handphone which serve as an alarm clock and the air-con controller. I haven't put my book under yet, or a tooth, reason being I'm not losing any teeth, thank goodness.

Latest craze is bejeweled 2. For hubby, it is driving fast cars. Why do guys always chase after fast cars?

I didn't notice Jar Jar Binks in Return of the Sith. Where did he appear?

I have eaten too much tonight. Strangely I seem to be losing weight. Now I am definitely feeling bloated.


Sunday, May 22, 2005

Thoughts of the day

Sin is ...
not doing any ironing for two weeks, or three washings.

Punishment is ...
spending three hours to iron three quarters of the clothes.

And have an aching back after that.

Sin is ...
drooling over the food again and again on Japan Hour.

Banana Nut Crunch

I swear that if hubby were to sing the few notes of the star wars main theme again, I will pound him on his head.

But then again, I just can't get rid of that cheesy tune in my head either.

And we take turns annoying each other by going tum tum tumdum tum tumdum ... etc

Arrrgh, my head.


I've invited a few friends over today. I guess the house isn't completely ready yet. We haven't got the lights and sofa. But I really want to see my friends and show them my lovely house before it became too obvious and tiring. But I'm a horrible planner. I bet Wen is rolling her eyes at me. Yep, that's right. What are we going to do for dinner?

Perhaps we shall order in pizza, or I'll go and da-bao something later. Oh dear.

Hmm, I ought to get some snacks too. And paper plates and cups.

And there definitely aren't enough chairs to go around.

heh heh.

Talk about planning, it's really a terrible headache. There I was, last night, trying to plan a holiday trip. A honeymoon to Japan. How does Wen ever do it the last time? I surfed the net for a while, looked at guide books, and decided to go to bed before my head burst. Perhaps when Wen comes later, I shall entreat her to help me a little.

Then again we might not go to Japan after all. It's a bit too expensive, especially when we have two pairs of eyes on a certain very expensive sofa set. Hubby drools away every time he thinks about it. Or was that supposed to be for that turbo-charged car? Well anyway, to cut costs, we might just go to Bali.

It seems rather boring when I think about going away. It's like ... go Bali do what? Been there done that. Go Japan do what? Been there done that. Oh dear. Perhaps it's the planning part. Oh, I enjoyed myself very much whenever I'm there, but to think of having to plan everything before going makes it quite ... boring.

I wonder how Wen ever does all that planning. I just tag along and enjoy myself.

And to think that we haven't even decide on where to go yet.


Friday, May 20, 2005

Home early

It's easy to become depressed nowadays, and feel extremely sorry for self. There isn't anyone I could complain to, or cry upon a shoulder ... and perhaps that's why I'm writing a blog.

And it's so easy to let some people dictate your life, just because. Did anyone ever say 'no'? Did anyone ever stand up against it, or to speak the truth, to say the actual feelings and to show that perhaps it's just very unreasonable, and it's making other people unhappy and it is heartbreaking to see that? There was totally not a single ounce of empathy. Things will never change, although it's supposed to be better. I dread, really. And I'm afraid that one day, perhaps that is all that will break a marriage apart.

I could not stand for it, and sometimes I do not have the energy to be patient, or graceful. And I'm not ever a nice person.

It was a nice day yesterday. we did a lot of things together and managed to squeeze in Star Wars as well. Not as if we were both hardcore fans, but it is a must-watch movie, to wrap up, so to speak. My favourite is still the fourth episode which captivated me when I was a kid.

Little spoilers, though why I'm writing this warning, I know not, for if you read it and pull your hair out a little, serves you right. :P

3 is okie, though the lines are just as cheesy. The acting was just as stilted, Hayden Christensen looked different, uglier; Natalie Portman older, but was never pretty; Ewan McGregor *rolls eyes*, the part where he saw for his own eyes the betrayal, and he was totally wooden, bad acting. Although I'd think the beard is rather fitting for the older him in episode 4. Count Dooku died so fast, so short, and to think that he fought so hard and so expertly with yoda. Everything seemed to be so rushed, to fit into one episode. Too many things, all chop chop hurriedly.

I guess no one can beat Harrison Ford's charm after all. :P

And definitely many many corny lines. heh.

Still entertaining ... in a way, I guess. And so strange to see them all wearing costumes in the sixties and seventies. heh heh. They looked more appropiate when we were kids, but right now, it's just so out of the world.

And I difinitely prefer Yoda wiser and calmer and sadder in the later episodes. Hard to see him so funky. Cute though, cute.

Monday, May 16, 2005

Pretty, not.

It's very hard to cook anything nice when one doesn't have an appetite at all. I do not know how hubby can feel hungry at this time, especially after lunch at almost 2pm! I certainly don't feel hungry a bit! And it's putting me off from cooking anything nice. So I whipped up something real simple, non-too-lovely, and wala, there it is!

Definitely nothing pretty at all.

Poor dear hubby. :P

I don't feel too good. I don't feel like eating. And I certainly don't feel like cooking nowadays. However, life goes on.

Here's my father's recipe for cooking fish. He made it so nicely the other day, I got him to tell me what it was all about:
Marinate fish slices with a little salt and soy sauce, pepper(?) and some cornstarch for about half an hour. Oh, I forgot to ask if he added rice wine. Hmm. Heat wok with oil, add garlic and ginger(?) and fry for a while. Add water and simmer a bit. I think that was what he said. Am going to try it tomorrow. Looks like I've to ask him again though. :P

Sunday, May 15, 2005

water lillies

Culture - it's certainly something we don't have for our own. Even beauty.

I'm always amazed by the gardens they have. So neat and pretty ... and beautiful. Each leave tamed, each branch disciplined, and the background of breeze and cool morning sunlight glows throughout. Paint in a waterfall or a sparkling lake and play the music of running water. Everything well-kept, and loved. You can see the amount of love and attention showered on nature, and how much everything is gingerly taken care of. Perhaps that's the difference.

Some may say there is beauty in wilderness too. I certainly do not disagree. It is the indifference and the artificiality that hurts the eyes, and the soul. What you build and create and leave ignored and abandoned, in a jungle of concrete and a monstrousity of smoke, pollution and metal. Unlike the wilderness, indifferent it is not, for there it is full of life and music. Would we ever to have a garden, to be overrun by our short attention span? Time and effort requires, to create a beautiful haven of peace and serenity.

We are a practical people. To the hawker centre we go, a plate of chay kuay teow, all noodles and sticky stuff, runneth on the plate. A sight for sore eyes, but you hardly throw a glance, or even stop to admire. Just the aroma, and hastily you shove into the mouth. As long as it is hot, and good, and full of sin, would you ask for something pretty to admire?

And so it is most different. With sushi and sashimi ... and many other of their little food. Even the soup, with the egg tofu. A piece of art, to be admired. The taste is exquisite, just a little mouthful. Leaves you wanting for more, and that is the secret.

Big is good ... but small is beautiful.

I dump everything onto the plate, tired and hungry when I'm finished. Cooking is a hot affiare, not something I can do elegantly. The heat, the wok and the adrenaline, makes you want to leave the kitchen, throw in the towel, and tuck in quickly before it gets cold. Would I spend time to arrange every piece of morsel on the plate, just so that it be admired? I don't think so. For we are a practical ... and hungry people.

But it would certainly be nice, once in a while, to sit back and admire, what you put in your mouth. To exclaim and feel your soul soar, with admiration and gladness, to partake that beautiful little morsel, which is most likely damn expensive as well.

We shall have to start planning for a holiday. To hell with the house. :P

Life's little misses

Nowadays I'm quite short with people. I'm tired of being nice and obliging. I don't want to have to wait one hour for a friend to turn up for dinner. And sometimes who couldn't turn up after all. I don't want to have to stay out late as well.

I was quite excited to know that she had arranged some sort of gathering for today, and I thought I could kill two birds with one stone by inviting them and other friends to my house for a mini housewarming since no one have been here yet. I guess I should have known better. Oh well.

Everyone might have to wait for a few more months then. I think we are seriously considering redoing our timber flooring. Carpet is not good, says an expert friend of ours, and it brings down the value of the place. rrrright. So you see, I don't need to have the stress of organising a gathering on top of everything else.

And I'm quite upset to hear that they are actually only able to come so late. If come so late and cannot stay for long, then why bother to come at all? Some more so far away. duh.

And it certainly doesn't help that Monday is going to be a horrible day again. Trust me.

I need to get a phone at home.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

tic tac toe

Thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday! :) It was a nice day after all. Mainly because hubby took the day off and spent time with me. Oh, we didn't do anything much, cleaned the house together, watched animes, and had dinner with my family. But it's nice to have time together. He has been working late almost everyday, and I guess it's rather lonely without him.

Strange things over the week:

My kids suggested how they should be 'punished'. The ultimate weapon. Writing lines. Hmm, I didn't know it worked. But it did. I wonder if they really enjoyed doing them. Some of them were quite ingenious, writing with two pens. Maybe I should get them to do double the number of lines then. heh.

I've becoming very good at putting on make-up in the car. Even when I'm driving. It's a skill born of desperation. I ought not to idle so much in the morning. Then again, it was too dark in the house. We need to get our lights soon!

Hogfather wasn't particularly funny. It was more sad I felt. I felt quite sorry for Death. His is a lonely job, and people do not like to see him. Definitely quite sad. I guess I must have an overdose of it since I had been reading Mort, Reaper Man and Hogfather in succession.

Oh well.

It's so easy to over-eat. You just sit down and eat and eat and eat, and before you know it, you feel damn bloated. I think I need to cut down on food. *bleah* Strangely, I haven't gained any weight yet. Was there something wrong with the weighing machine?

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Dinner for one

My feet hurt like hell. I should not have worn heels and done so much walking. I need a hot soak and a foot massage. Heels looked elegant with my blown curls. But it's too much to ask, walking around like that! :P

Nowadays, Wen has to rush home to feed her dogs. No one else is available for dinner. Sometimes it's rather lonely, even though I was trying to plough through Hogfather. Even Death felt lonely. I guess there are times. And especially so during this time of the year. Birthdays always make me feel sad.

YS smsed me today wishing me a happy birthday. I raised my eye-brows and wryly told her it's not today. I wondered if she truely remembered my birthday. :P It'll be nice to meet up with all of them, but I wonder who is going to initiate a gathering. I feel tired.

I bumped into an old classmate, who had the same birthday as me. What a strange coincidence.

There isn't really anyone to catch up with, and I've already met almost everyone pretty recently. I guess I would truely look forward to meet up with PM, but it's no fun not being able to go blading with her. Hmm, she sounded so professional and detached when asking her for advice. So different from the usual crazy friend I know. heh heh.

I feel old this year.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Of apple pies and grape juice

I rushed through my work today so as to get a lift home from hubby. It was raining, and I hate getting wet. Also, rain sometimes gives me a migrane. Of course, I was also lazy to take a bus back.

So I bought myself a big lunch, and dripped apple pie sauce all over my new writing table. And now it's time to take a nap ... that's what cats do on a nice rainy day right? I'm definitely getting fat and unhealthy. :P

Why does one always feel sleepy after meals? Perhaps I should continue reading my book instead.

*blinks sleepily*


Monday, May 09, 2005

Cookies and cream

It's actually rather dangerous to write blogs nowadays. People who fear and could not trust are starting to take notice. And it's sad, because it just prove to show that there is just a lot of hot air after all. Stop the nightingle from singing and she'll die eventually. It's just not healthy, and it's just pathetic.

What a scary thought.

I felt better after writing about today, and calling my mom up after that. I guess no matter how terrifying and uncertain the future holds, as long as there is dear hubby with me, things really aren't that bad. I'll have to create a new image for now, and perhaps it'll actually be a blessing. After all, I am definitely luckier than most people.

10 ml of blood doesn't seem a lot. And it wasn't even painful this time. heh. But I refused to look at the needle sticking out of my arm. I'm okay with giving blood actually, but I think my blood count is too low. Perhaps I shall go for those blood donation again. If someone accompanies me, that is. :P

When I used to live with my parents, I do take them for granted. Now sometimes I really miss them, especially my mom. I missed coming home to a house where my mom would be, preparing dinner or simply being around. I missed her telling me things about this and that, though sometimes I find them irritating especially if she said the same things more than three times. I missed being able to laze around and knowing that mom does everything for me. *bleah* Darn, I just admitted to being lazy. Yep, my house is still in quite a mess. It wouldn't have been so if mom's around. heh. I missed my mom's cheerful face, and her joy in discovering yet another delicious ramen place to eat.

I shall bring her out for ice-cream someday soon. Just that she's having her tooth fixed and couldn't take any sweet stuffs. And now it seems easier to call her and talk to her about things. It wasn't so much like that last time. I think sometimes I call her just to want to hear her voice. Perhaps it has to do with my state of slight depression too. I just feel comforted.

Yesterday we had my in-laws over. I didn't have time or the mood to cook, so we went out for junk food. Char kuey teow and oyster eggs and the like. Sinful oily unhealthy food. We trick ourselves saying it's once in a while. I get along with them pretty well too. Mother-in-law brought a huge watermelon over. And she got us durians as well. I felt a little bad for not cooking. I had promised myself to cook something nice and healthy for them. But they were quite nice about yesterday. MIL seems to be in a good mood anyway. I think everyone's rather just a little afraid of her sometimes. I know I am ... sometimes. But so far, she's nice to me. heh.

The difference between mom and mil is that mil tends to critisise a lot. Like after dinner, especially outside food, she would hiam about the food all the way home, with FIL, the two of them talking animatedly and we would be having a blank look. My parents on the other hand would be happy and contented and probably feeling sleepy after all that food. If it was not nice, they would just mention it off-hand and vowed never to go back again. If it was nice, my mom would be talking animatedly of how nice the noodle is. :P

So I finally cooked fried bee hoon. It was so nice I helped myself to hubby's plate. I definitely ate too much that day. Dinner tonight was fish and vege and soup. Nothing spectacular mainly because it was too early for me to be hungry and I really don't feel up to it. Just yet.

So a nice family-oriented post, just like some other person. Sweet, innocent and wholesome. So boring. Definitely muzzled.

The things that happen ...

Manically grining away as we aim the wheels over the kid's slippers left on the ground as gatepost in the middle of the road. brump brump ... brump brump. Last glimpse we had was of said kid running franctically to check on item.

Grinning knowingly and wickedly as kid put his finger over the gap as door slowly closes. And hearing the anticipated howl a while later.

Sometimes life can be sweet.

Blue black

Dear blog,

I feel depressed lately. Can you tell? Just a little every day. Just down, closed-in, gloomy. There are many things I do not write here, or show to the world. I keep a smiley poker face and wished there's someone I could pour out all my worries and troubles and indecisions. I used to be able to do that to a friend, not sure if that person is actually listening though, but at least having blab it all out, it feels better, not because it solves all problems, but at least you get a different perspective of how things are. Friend is just as cynical as self. Not sure about now though.

I feel stressed with so many things to think about. Even yoga didn't help much yesterday. It didn't feel like I've done enough work-out to make the mind go numb. Perhaps I shall go and do twenty sun salutations after this. Anyway I've decided not to go to work today. But that just add even more to the guilty feeling.

It doesn't help to tell hubby, because he gets stressed as well as there is nothing he can help. He needs to find solutions to problems, you see. But I just need to take the heavy stone off my heart and have someone laugh with me about how silly this whole world is, and how silly I'm being.

Trivial things: I don't like my workplace very much. I don't like the people there. They aren't friendly. I still feel like a stranger. I missed my old place. Even though not everything there is a bed of roses too. But I'm just whining.

I couldn't finish my markings over the weekend. There're just so many other things to do. I could have finish them at work today, but they lined up some activities that the precious time is taken away. And I thought those activities were supposed to give time for us to finish our markings! What a joke!

I'm worried about how things are going to turn out in the near future. My plans have gone willy-nilly. I can't think how I'm going to be able to straighten things out. Someone said before that I'm kinda of a control freak. Perhaps that's true, now that I think of it. Subconsciously, I do have a kind of control on my life so far. Moving along in terms of a general blur picture, the way I had wanted things to be. Now, like a watery image in the pond, a stone has been cast, and the image has gone to pieces. What am I going to do?

Actually I just need to whine about how things are not going as planned for myself. And I need someone to sympathise with me and not think that I'm just being a spoilt brat whining about how life sucks. ha. Actually I am, and I just can't stand it.

So there.

And now to think of how not to get into trouble for not going to work today. *bleah*

Actually I do have a good reason not to go to work today, but it just doesn't sound very plausible to my ears. I need someone to affirm that it's all right and it's a good reason not to go to work. And hubby doesn't quite help, because after all he'll always be on my side. *sigh*

Sunday, May 08, 2005

Flying fish

The sushi in today's Japan Hour looked absolutely heavenly. I was practically drooling away. Even after a huge breakfast. You just can't get such fresh seafood here. Oh ... sumptous sushi. *sigh*

Breakfast was more than I normally take. Too huge in fact, I couldn't really finish. We had tomatos, sausages, half-boiled eggs, bread and milo-milk. I only had one slice of bread with kaya and cheese and I couldn't finish that. I wonder how hubby can eat two slices everyday!

But nothing beats the fresh sushi. *drool*

It was a beautiful morning when I woke up. But dark clouds quickly gather over the horizon. I could see the city skyline at my balcony. As I watched, the sky precipitatedly turned omnimously dark. A flash of lightning ran down to Earth. It must be raining heavily in the city. In fifteen minutes time, while I prepared breakfast and did the laundry, the clouds moved with top speed and poured its woe on us. The unfortunate thing about this place is that rain gets in everytime, and all windows have to be closed. It's rather stuffy.

So it's still raining. I hope it dries up soon so that I can go for yoga. I hate going out in the rain.

*keeps fingers crossed*

Although it's really a nice morning to simply laze in bed and snooze. :P

In fact, I think I shall just do that.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


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Flowers in the morning

I've really screwed up most of my chess games. Out of the six games, four are definitely on the downhill. I look at the position, and roll my eyes. Don't feel like moving, as it's just another step into the quicksand. How did I get myself into such a sticky position? yikes.


I should go down for a jog or perhaps even a swim. It's such a beautiful morning today. But hubby is still fast asleep, and I don't feel at all motivated. The house is very nice now. We have gotten our solid teak writing table, and I'm now sitting properly upright. Goodbye neck pains! I hope. :P The floor is still badly done, but we are compromising on them doing carpet from wall to wall for us. Yeah, it's surrender on our part. What to do? Must write 2nd lawyer letter soon though.

Have you ever seen a Barbie doll cake? Quite amazing really. These 3-D cakes.
Yes. It's really a cake. You eat the gown, see. Chocolate cake init. Lots of icing. Very expensive cake. And that's a real Barbie doll stuck in it. Definitely. They rescued the doll by pulling out of the cake later. With shoes and clothes and all that. V liked barbie dolls, and purple colour. Those people who got that cake for her are really wonderful. I didn't get anything for her this year, because I figured she should have enough of dolls, but mainly because there were too many distractions too. So only an angpow. I guess I do feel a little bad. I should send her my ROM photo soon. Owed her since ... like last year. *bleah*

But it was nice catching up with good friends then. Hubby and I were rather ... lost for words to see HY so FAT. Yep, FAT. His wife sure must have pampered him with food. Or perhaps it's all junk food. I feed hubby almost everyday, thank goodness he doesn't bloom like that. hahaha.

There seemed to be less people visiting her this year. I feel quite paiseh to receive a present from her. The thought really counts. I must try harder next year! :P

I shall get an ice-cream cake for myself for my birthday. :P

Friday, May 06, 2005


This is pretty cool. :) Make your own here.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Being half-hearted

Everything that had been was just being half-hearted. Still rather undecided.

My hamstrings and butt ached from not doing yoga for so long. Too many stairs too.

On a funnier note, looking through the shopping bag, I was surprised to find hubby actually bought that nine-piece tool set. He was just as surprised when I waved it at him, catching his attention. OH. Dear.

Sunday, May 01, 2005


I think I've screwed up most of my chess games at chessworld. Winning games now look uncertain, perhaps a draw. Uncertain games look poised to lose. *clutch head*

Yesterday was major DIY work. Hubby got his good friend down and together they drilled holes in the walls, hammer in nails, drilled more holes, clank clank clank, wank wonk bish ... and they put up a shelf for me in my yard. Critical moi QCed, and told them it's slanted. Whoops. That was because the floor is slanted and they took measurements from the floor! yikes. Oh well, we aren't going to roll any marbles down the slope are we? I guess it'll do, the leaning tower of pisa.

Just rather irritating, so don't look too hard at it!

And more work goes into our cupboards. We fixed a filing unit into the cupboard. It's pretty ingenious actually, and it was a good thing that it fitted in nicely. They fixed it up after dinner while I was washing the dishes. I could hear lots of banging and heavy things dropping. heh. Now all we need is to cut a little bit off the front 'drawer' and cut a few more shelves to size. Wala. Our own build-in shelfing unit with everything. :P

I cooked roasted chicken wings, long beans with chilli prwans, egg with pork omelete and pea soup. The boys were supposed to go swimming, but they took forever to complete their task. Ikea stuffs aren't easy to fix at all! If just the two of us, we would probably never even know where to start! Thank goodness for the help! I supposed hubby was rather sly. He tempted his friend over for a swim and dinner and all they did were pretty hard labour. :P hiaks. And lots of drinks. heh heh.

Hmm, no yoga today. I am SO unhealthy now.