Saturday, May 30, 2009

More random musings

The son refuses to wear his pyjamas because they've gotten short. Duh. I was hoping he would wear them until they are kinda worn down. haha. Looks like the son is calling the shots. Need to buy him some more 4 year old pyjamas.

The daughter is not walking. Refuses to stand by herself. We used to put the son against the wall and he stood there like a deer caught in the headlamps. But not the daughter, she immediately squats down, or leans forward into our hands.

Too much tea musings

Have a bad headache again. Maybe I got a tumor in my head? It's always the left side which is throbbing.

Throat itchy! Nose itchy! Ear itchy! It's the left side too.

Happy diamonds so pretty. ;)

I've forgotten how painful it is to be bitten at the nipple.

The daughter is less forgiving than the son. She bit me because she didn't like to be forced to drink more milk. She bit me because she didn't like me to clean her ears. She bit me because ... I also dunno.

Maybe it's time to wean? But I kinda enjoy the bonding and besides the son had 2 years of it. Don't wanna shortchange the daughter. Besides I just bought nice new nursing bra at wacoal. Really pretty, unlike those I had been wearing since the son.

Hubby's friend said that chronic sinusities may be caused by fungus. Maybe I have mushrooms growing in my left brain?

Pred made me feel like I had 2 shots of real thick espresso coffee. Not that I drink coffee, but it made me super awake, super heightened sensitivity to surroundings, and made me feel like a super human. Went jogging on pred.

Now no energy.

Started doing some sun salutations in the morning. Body kinda ached after that.

Need to lose the bump, else pple think I'm expecting a 3rd kid.

Hubby is reliving his 2nd childhood. Lego train set and pirate ship. I think we need a bigger house.

If anyone is buying birthday presents for the kiddos, please go for either Lego or Playmobile. Personally I'd prefer Playmobile. Heh.

The son is requesting for a playmobile helicopter. He got a playmobile alligator instead. I will probably get the helicopter next week. Mummy gets playmobile, daddy gets lego. He actually has two Lego helicopters, and he can probably build many more, but playmobile is easier to play.

Most kids his age play with Thomas Toy Train. I think my kiddo is going to play with Lego toy train.

Most kids his age like Barney. He has all kinds of dinosaurs except Barney. Barney is too weird.

Watched Twilight half way. Too boring to continue. Now I remember why I always dislike vampire-themed movies. So boring. Agreed that Buffy was much more exciting, but never really watch that either.

Hubby wants to get the daughter a kitchen set. Went Toys'r'us and ELC. Will check out Better Toy Store soon. Personally I like the stuffs at Better Toy Store. heh.

Looking for a 'shock-proof' cheap camera for the son to use. Maybe even a laptop? So that he won't take ours. Gosh, kids nowadays are so lucky.

Maybe I should start taking anti-fungal medicine.

Daughter crawls very well and is refusing to walk. She is becoming more bold when standing and tends to let go her hands holding on for support. Fell on her bum twice but did that stop no fear emily? Don't think so.

Am thinking of looking for new violin teacher and violin classes for the son. Son has no chemistry with the teacher. For goodness sake, this is supposed to be Suzuki BABY violin class! If you don't have the patience to teach little children then you shouldn't be teaching such a class. For the teacher who is the principal of the school to say to my son to 'put away your umbrella', and totally shut him out for the whole lesson because it's a group class and my son isn't 'behaving' himself, I think I have the right to complain, and I think I will, and I will be withdrawing him once I finish this term. Why call it a Suzuki BABY violin class when you can't even teach a baby! Ha. My son was enthusiastic once but not so now, because the teacher is 'fierce'. He doesn't say so, but I can see that she's not used to teaching 'babies'. Most of the kids in class are already four years old. My son needs lots of encouragement because he tends to be more reserved and shy and extra sensitive, and by not encouraging him it's not going to work for him.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Thoughts of the day.

So ... in the space of ... what? a month? the dear friend got herself not one, but two loves of her life. Looks real beautiful. Us poor slaves can only drool from the gutter. I doubt I will even get to sniff something as close as something from Hermes. It's depressing to be poor.

Being poor means having to work so damn hard. Like 7 days a week everyday. And having to pay debts. *sigh*

Maybe I should see a fortune teller and see what my fortune is like. Definitely not one who is going to be rich for sure!

So over the course of the weekend, I am reinforced with the fact that I really really hate smokers. The horrible digusting smoke smell permeates insidiously and invades your right to have clean fresh air. You cough, you splutter, you sneeze because of the stupid disgusting smoke smell. The rubbish chute caught fire again for the third time in the month, and it must be because of a lighted cigarette huh? We could all have been killed in our sleep. Murders, child-murders, all these smokers. They should all be hurled to court and declared would-be murders for smoking and filling my lungs and my children's lungs with second-hand smoke, and causing me and my children to suffer from lung cancer and what-nots.

And what does the NEA say? Only if we caught them red-handed smoking a cigarette. That is not enough, you know. Can you be on standby twenty four hours? It's just lip service you're paying. What if the whole room has a stale cigarette smell? Can't you do anything? Otherwise your 'law' is just for everyone to ridicule. Come on, wake up and really do something about it. Non smokers are suffering! My poor dear kids are suffering! I am suffering!

I want to sue you for causing me to have cancer for breathing in your f**8ing second-hand smoke.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

3am musings

Just went to read about side effects of pred. I'm glad I'm stopping at 3 days. 30mg a day is quite a high dosage. One article says that anything more than 20mg a day is high dosage and may cause side effects. Should have given my son 3 days of pred only too. His was 5 days. Daughter still have quite phelgmy cough, but think 3 days is enough for her too.

All good things come with a cost.

I wonder if the hubby experienced any side effects when he was on pred. I wonder if he takes into consideration people's worry about having side effects when on pred. I think I am highly sensitive to drugs. Sabutamol gives me very bad palpatations. Had to take it during pregnancy and didn't like it very much. Even cough medication give me palpatations. So am only taking herbal cough medicine when I have a cough, otherwise I just don't take much cough medicine. As for runny nose medicine, I only take the drowsy types which means I only take it once a day at night so that I can sleep soundly and recover by the next day. So that means I'm the kind of patient who goes and see her doctor and doesn't want this medicine and that medicine and only want MC to rest and recover from stupid flu/colds. Well, except for paracetamol and mac extra for sore throat. And antibiotics when I get really sick.

And I found that there is a difference in quality between generic medicine and the branded stuffs. Take augmentin, the last antibiotics I took when I had serious sinus infection. The more expensive augmentin works better than the cheaper generic ones. And it was easier to swallow too. It doesn't dissolve so fast when it touches your saliva, which is a problem for me as it kicks up my gag reflex. So I insisted on getting the more expensive stuffs. Heh.

Anyway I am a paracetamol girl whenever I have headaches/migranes. Took ponstan once without gastric medicine and I had gastric problems for the next few days. My father has been urging me to take aspirin for my headaches, but I can do without the gastric problems it causes. Besides I'm still breastfeeding. And that's why I never put more than 2 medicated plasters whenever I have back pain. The main ingredient in these plasters are salicylic acid which is the main ingredient in aspirin.

BTW, paracetamol also have different quality and different taste. Yep, I dissolve all my paracetamol before I take it. The last round of paracetamol tasted ginsengy bittery, and its effect took more than an hour to kick in, and the headache didn't really go away. Maybe I should just stock up on a box of panadol instead of getting all those generic ones. Panadol is harder to dissolve though, I can't remember how fast the effects are, but usually paracetamol takes at least half and hour to work when the headache is already midway.

The best medicine I had for my headaches/migranes was one whose name I had already forgotten because it was withdrawn due to some side effect regarding some heart condition. I was very sad because that medicine was truely wonderful. Easy to swallow and works withing 5 to 10 minutes. No gastric problems too. That was like more than 5 years ago. I guess my migranes aren't so bad nowadays to require such drastic drugs, but having a headache is truely inhibiting, and my headaches are coming back again.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Random musings Part 2

Oh, I forgot to mention that my daughter loves biting me on my tummy too. I see all these tooth marks on my round belly. I guess it's more convenient to crawl pass me and take a bite out of mummy's tummy huh.

The son loves to take his medicine. I hope he doesn't become a hypocondraic in future. He will ask for this and that and show me his cough and so on. And we only give him herbal cough medicine. It actually tastes like honey.

The daughter doesn't like her medicine yet. She was tricked a few times before since I had been using her dinner spoon to feed her the medicine, but this morning and just now, she was bright enough to catch me pouring the medicine out from the bottle. Now she protested loudly and violently, which caused most of the medicine to spill down her dress. If this goes on, it's back to the syringe and force-feedings.

I think pred makes one very hungry and thirsty. It didn't make me sleepy. Afterall, pred is a steriod, it prob makes one more hyped up.

I realised that when I'm stressed or unhappy, I shop. Or maybe it is the pred.

Shopping nowadays doesn't restrict itself to buying things for myself. I have two cute kids to shop for. heh heh.

I bought my daughter a cute My Melody swimsuit. Yep, it's time to take her swimming!

The son needs new swim pants too. :) So does the hubby.

See, there's always a reason to shop.

It's kinda sad when no one makes any plans for you for your birthday. Either you plan it yourself or you do it yourself. And that makes you don't want to bother after all.

So it's nice to have a birthday cake from PM and Min, and the cake really tasted yummy. Thanks!

The son just had art class yesterday and he made a chicken with a dinosaur egg. After whining the whole of last night, I finally gave him permission to 'crack' open the egg. Unfortunately there was no baby dino in the egg, except lots of old newspapers which he happily strewn all over the carpet. I would have gotten him to clean up except that the sister needed to be fed. Grrrr.

Brown cow, moo moo

Okie, the verdict is out. Hermes is a whole level of quality and cost by itself. What is Tods when there's Hermes. For your information, I've never stepped into LV. Too many imitation floating around. And they're mainly canvas huh?

So over the weekend, when my girlfriend celebrated my birthday with me, hello .. where's the cake? heh. Okie, lunch was really nice, except that said girlfriend did not want to eat pork so I polished up her leftovers and everything else. All thoughts of losing weight has been thrown out of the window. How to diet like that? Then we popped down to Chopard, and I chose the happy diamond necklace I liked. The conspirator was even more helpful than the sales lady, although I must say, the service was not too bad. And I've decided I'd like a necklace for my brithday present and a ring for our 5th wedding anniversary which was last year. I didn't really get anything, did I? Not a single piece of jewellery from the in-laws or my parents since the day I got married and had kids. Only a wedding band and engagement ring from the hubby.

It's no wonder I always felt that the in-laws never accept me as their daugther-in-law. I wonder why I still bother to try.

Okie, I could just have bought the happy diamonds on the spot, but it's nice if the guy gets it right?

Then we strolled down to Hermes, since the girlfriend had a bone to pick with the staff there. Off we go, hand in hand (well, sorta), with her carrying her new Hermes birkin. The shop was kinda ... dingy, you know. It didn't feel grand at all. For such expensive things they sell in their boutique, you'd expect they improve their decor. And the service, like gf said, sucked big time. Atrocious. You have this feeling that the sales lady was looking down her big nose at you all the time. ha.

But that particular wallet. At first glance, I didn't think much about it. It wasn't really my type of design I'd like. But ... but but but, when you hold it in your hand, you are really amazed by the softness of the leather, the quality, the make of it. Gosh, it took my breath away. That's real quality, better than Tods anytime. I would have just bought it then and there, IF the quality of the service was as good as the quality of the wallet. Seriously, I still might go down and get it. But like what my gf said, why do we want to buy things from such lousy service huh?

Damn brain is on strike. 1. I did get my bonus this year. :p 2. Hubby still owe me salary from Dec last year. 3. I really want a new wallet.

But if I come back with a Hermes wallet now, it's going to be very hard to tell one's hubby that one just splurge one month's salary on a piece of leather.

How much does a cow cost?

Some people might think that I'm living the life of a 'tai-tai'. Especially when I talk about Hermes and Tods and Chopard etc. Heh ... even hubby commented on it once, and this is what I rebutted.

Who is the one who makes breakfast every morning? Not the hubby or the maid. Weekends we get sausages and tomatoes and cucumbers (big breakfast style) all in the comfort of the home.

The maid doesn't make the breakfast, because she doesn't get my milo right.

Who is the one who cooks healthy lunches and dinners everyday? Not the maid. The maid only helps me prepare the food before I cook.

Who is the one who bathes the kids and put them to sleep? Not the maid. Kids, we handle ourselves. Although sometimes I have to let the maid feed the older kiddo when I run out of time or when I have to feed the younger.

Who is the one who rushes to buy lunch/dinner for the hubby when she goes out with her friends?

Who is the one who rushes around to bring the kiddo to school and violin class? Okie, maybe this one doesn't quite count.

Who is the one who stands in to work whenever there is no one available, and who tries to do all the mundane stuffs in the office? I only pay myself for the time I'm there when there is no one else, and not for all the other times I'm there doing data entry and stuffs.

Duh, I only go for my spa and stuffs only since I still have an ongoing package. Will not continue with the spa anymore when my points are out, since putting medicated plasters on my back is just as effective, and requires less time.

And we do not even get to go on holidays. I don't even go on trips with my parents now that I'm not working, because it's not very nice to leave the hubby alone. Some other wives might have done it, yeah? And my friends ask me to go on trips with them, but I just can't, right? Would you go on a holiday with your family and friends and leave your husband behind?


The only Hermes stuff I got was a nice hippo tie for the hubby who now says that it's too long.


I also like the blue bag. Not my style though, I'm no longer going to carry heavy leather bags around. It's like carrying a cow around. Moo Moo.

Random musings

My keyboard shift key is a bit stuck after the girl went at it a while back. So sometimes I got lazy and use non-caps.

Have no fear emily strikes again by going down the one foot mattress head-on. I thought she would have fallen flat on her face, only to see her using her strong arms to support herself down the bed. She can do handstands now!

She can call mama, ah ma and a while back papa. Except now she only calls ah ma to everything. One of her first words was: duck duck or is it dark dark? There's no duck and it's not dark though.

She's into biting people again. I've got bitten on my thigh, my arms, my face. And the son got bitten on his hand and shoulder. The bite-marks showed up blue black.

I'm afraid my motivation for going back to work had fallen back to zero again since I can't possibly buy a 4k wallet even though I can probably afford it if I return to work.

If I return to work, I will not be able to 'enjoy' violin classes with the son, I bet he might be happy about that though.

At a tender age of 3 1/2 years, the son says he doesn't want to go to school because school is hard work and he wants to stay at home and play with his toys.

Prednisolone is the medicine. All cough and vomiting in the middle of the night has stopped immediately the night we geve them. The kids get to enjoy uninterrupted sleep. Every other medicine doesn't actually work. We gave the older one flumicil to get rid of the phelgm, but we are still undecided what to give the little one for her phelgm. Hmm

Some people are afraid of taking pred, I know I was last time especially when I lost my voice. Now I'm also on it for some stupid allegy due to the last spa treatment. But not before I scratched myself bruised.

I must really really cut down on spending. Otherwise I need to go back to work or do something cos I'm getting a bit bored.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Have no fear

The mouse has absolutely no fear. She climbs the stairs like there's no tomorrow. Breaks all records. Now you see her, now you don't. No sweat. Without a pause. And lots of noise.

She stands tall in the car. She stands tall in the bathroom. I bathe her standing up nowadays and she's supposed to hold onto the sides for support. Have no fear Emily grabbed hold of her brother's tumbler and proceeded to sing into it. And then tried drinking the water in it. I was caught off guard and tried snatching the cup away from her. Somehow somewhere, she did a humpty dumpty and cried buckets, and a lovely purplish blue now decorated her forehead.

Still no fear girl still does what she likes best. Standing and climbing and lurching. Think she can walk very soon.

She loves headbutting me. I think that's her idea of giving hugs.

She kisses on demands, but it feels more like a big toothy bite.

She grabs her brother's hair and pull. Hard. And scratches him back with all her strength too. Her brother is a softie when it comes to her. He only beat her up when mama is the prize.

She gets jealous when mama carries the brother and she cries just as loudly as when her brother cries.

She loves all the toys her brother is playing with.

She loves books and she loves flipping through them by herself.

She likes using the phone and she was caught hitting her head with the aircon remote control.

She prefers the aircon remote control to her doll. And she prefers the aircon remote control with batteries in it.

She eats like a greedy pig. She finishes her lunch in all 5 minutes. And her dinner too.

She's sooooo cute. I'd love to bring her out except that she doesn't like anyone else to carry her. And she makes noise when you eat in front of her.

Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy as can be

I am very happy today.

Went out shopping. Bought some birthday presents for myself. Met up with my girlfriend. She bought lots of pretty stuffs for me. *beamz* Not sure if I will ever use them, but they're so pretty! I promise I'll try to use them, k? :P

The son was very cooperative today and didn't protest at all when I asked him to stay with his grandma today. How strange. He didn't even protest when his father told him his 'five minutes' of bathtime is up. He just turned off the tap and came out of the bathroom by himself, without any protest. I was impressed. Gosh, he's like an angel today. Is it because he's getting closer to being in the fabulous four stage?

I bought my son a pair of jeans recently. He liked it so much that he's wearing it almost everyday, and was very upset when we had to wash it. He's even wearing it to bed, until I told him that if he pees in it, it'll spoil and we have to throw it away. haha. It was quite hard to find a good pair of jeans for him. I was looking for one which is of denim material but has no buttons or zip. You can't expect a 3 year old kid to zip and button his own pants himself can you? So finally found one at Giodano Junior. All of us liked it very much. Looks like I have to get him another pair or else we'll never get him to wash his jeans again! Most of his classmates are wearing jeans, and my dear son is now part of the 'in' group. haha. So fashion conscious, this kiddo. I got him a pair of sunglasses too. Man, you should have seen him in his getup.

The daughter finally has her fourth tooth out. Hopefully she'll be less grumpy now. She has been grinding her teeth quite actively, and I was worried for a while that she has an overbite. Will continue to monitor her situation. The other thing I was worried about was her urine. Hubby was commenting that her urine seemed to have an unpleasant smell. Hmmm ...

The son has been trigger-happy these few days. Looks like he's been taking lots of photos with the camera when I was not looking. heh.