Tuesday, September 13, 2005

Was it a stormy night?

The night is quiet and the air is still.

On a moonless night like this, Snoopy would be sitting at the top of his kennel and typing out ...

It was a dark and stormy night ...

Well, it certainly isn't a dark and stormy night right now. The streets are brightly lit and from time to time, a car or two would turn into the small street down below. The quiet night would be awakened by the heralding of the siren on a police car, or perhaps that would be the fire-engine going off to rescue some naughty cat which had climb just a little too high. Do firemen resuce cats here?

5 more questions for the first section. Damn.

I could see the traffic lights, turning green, orange, red ... then back to green and it's mersmerizing watching the blinking of the yellow light on the pedestrain crossing. The mind is quite numb from searching through banks of questions, and one just pluck out the words from the air onto the keyboard, for the fingers are the ones still sane, not the head. I can feel eye-bags forming under my eyes, and the fingers still go clicking clicking away totally detached from the rest of the body.

Imagine ... moving fingers ... without a body.

Not something one wants to think about on a lonely night.

Even the clock is silent, for the drone of the air-con serves as background music, while the clicking on the keyboard continues to tap out the melody of the silent night.

There are some strange things afoot tonight. The neighbour called to wonder about the strange and unusual fate of the water supply. Was it because of the new desalination plant? Is something terrorising us which we are unaware of? Or was there it because of all those magnetic fields one see in sci-fi which is finally coming to reality?

Speaking of which, on the news today ... the announcement regarding the desalination plant doesn't sound very promising. 'We try to follow as closely as possible to the guidelines of WHO' or something like that, which may read as extremely dubious. And certainly no more talk on our unusual toilet water too. heh.

Oh well ... a short break is good, but work beckons.

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