Friday, April 06, 2007

Kick Wireless Ass

Oh yeah. I didn't know that it was free. Yep, the best part of anything is always when it's free eh? I didn't even know that such things existed. Not until PM came over and started surfing on her laptop. Whoohoo, now I'm on it too! Hip hip hooray!

Of course the downside of it is that I can only open one window. Anything more than one hangs my computer and/or slows the whole system down. But heck, it's free, so who cares if one can only open one window?

It's free!!! And it's much faster than the 56.6k modem running on telephone lines. And I got connection with my laptop! Yay!! :)

It kills a bit of boredom, but it certainly gives me a good break. Now I can surf on my laptop. Anywhere. Well, almost anywhere. But most happily, in the clinic where I am right now.

It's 8pm, and I'm hungry. Both of us had not have our dinner yet. They came one by one, and lots of odd screwballs around tonight. Some drove hard bargains, but with firmness, they don't get what they want. Those people are really annoying. We don't need such people here. Shoo.

I spent the whole day on data-entry. Keying in invoices and stuffs. All these should be done month by month. Thank goodness, it's still less than a year. Will have to be more diligent in keying in then. Am supposed to do some work of my own, but now my eyes are tired. And I feel tired. What would be nice for dinner?

I dream of the Japanese place Wen and I went for her birthday. I dream of the riceballs we had. I love their riceballs! If only someone can go there and pack some for me. Hear my tummy? It's growling. :(

Anyway, I'm still suffering from post-GH blues. No more GH to look forward to. *sigh* Some kind soul is doing some novel translation snippets, but it's too little! Too little!! *sob sob* :(

To destress, I need to get out and do more shopping! *bleah*