Friday, September 12, 2008

Alone again

I sent my boy to his grandparents to stay for the night, and the maid went with them too. Mom was a bit grumpy about him staying tonight, because she wanted to go marketing on Saturday. I'm going out for lunch with Min tomorrow, and I'm really looking forward to it. Damn, I'm hungry thinking of that. After that, I'd want to go shopping. It's the neighbour's girl's birthday tomorrow and PM's birthday at the end of the month. Perhaps I might be able to bring my boy back early to attend the party. But I'm not so sure how it would go.

My back aches. From all the carrying of my heavy boy. I'm carrying about 30% of my body weight. Now my lower back hurts really really much. On wednesday after school, I brought my boy to the botanic gardens. Wanted to let him feed the fishes with the bread but we didn't bring any since it was a spur of a moment visit. So I tried to find the much talked about children's garden. We walked for quite a while, so of course the little one gets tired and needs to be carried. No way were we going any further. Sheesh, I carried him up a slope, and all the way back to the car.

We went for ice-cream after that. I wanted to go Hagen Daz, and thought of visiting Xel at the same time. Drove round in circles to get to the esplanade. Drove round in circles to get back to the clinic. Haha. Damn hard to drive, read a map and handle son in back seat of the car all at the same time. The roads have changed so much I'm just not familiar with them. Good thing traffic was clear. Ice-cream was simply lovely, but I felt that I didn't have enough. My dearest son loves what I like. And he eats a lot. I mean a lot. If I want to eat anything, I must eat my share FAST.

That is why tomorrow's dim sum lunch must not have son coming along. He'll eat all my share as well! *bleah* So of course my girl will come with me. I hope she sleeps through the lunch! It's a bit hard to breastfeed and eat at the same time. *sigh*

I got a bit addicted with online shopping and bought a lot of stuffs for my two kids. All thanks to my dear neighbour. Heh. Not her fault entirely, but she knows I so love to shop. Damn, it's so fun to put things into the shopping cart. And it's a bit different from shopping irl. It seems a bit surreal. And the cash amount just adds up. The stuffs are so cute, you just don't want to put them away. So I got a bit carried away and went to look up other sites to shop. Like some cute Hello Kitty stuffs. So I added lots of stuffs into my shopping cart. Fortunately, there's no way for me to ship them back here, so that one's just for fun! :)

Meimei's sleeping so soundly. She sleeps through the night, thank goodnes for that. I'm a bit worried though, because she doesn't drink as much as I felt she should be drinking. Like she can got for 7 hours without milk, then I get real worried. But hey, she looks like she's still all right. Think 97 percentile and all that. Must go weigh her again to ease my worries!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Being All Alone

The little one is sleeping peacefully. She can sleep for long stretches, unlike her brother when he was at her age. The bigger one is out with his grandparents. This is peace. Peace I hardly ever have now.

So I cooked my very simple lunch of udon and steamed shumai. It makes a whole world of difference buying the udon twice as expensive as those I usually get. This udon is those found in the frozen section. Very chewy texture. Yum!

Here's a picture of my lovely lunch.

I made some jelly too, last Friday. And added kiwi fruits in it. The jelly was a little big hard as I used agar agar powder. I think I need to add more water? Or maybe use jelly powder instead of agar agar powder? My boy loves it. That makes me happy. :)

I poured orange juice over it. Honestly speaking, I'm not really partial to jelly. It's just so much fun to make.

Hubby has said that it's not so nice to post pictures of our kids on the blog. I tend to agree with him. So as much as I want to show the whole world how cute my kids are, I must desist. Ah well.