Sunday, December 28, 2008

Things that go bump in the night

How to drive your husband crazy.

1. Complain of pain and refusing to take antibiotics.
2. Complain of pain and says that antibiotics is left at home.
3. Complain every few seconds that MANual car-ride is very bumpy.
4. Complain that people advance with technology and going MANual is not advancing with technology.

Heh heh heh.

My own fault for not putting my foot down and insist on auto. What got into me the other day? Seeing dear hubby's so excited happy face when he dreams of a MANual car. Sheesh, I couldn't even make my way out of the car-park. Totally forgotten how to drive. What clutch biting? HAR?


Things that make me roll my eyes.

Come up in front of me and pause. Like man, can I read your mind? Do you want to see the doctor or the dentist? Some people can only function by prompting with questions. New or existing? Some people starts speaking very fast immediately, without giving name. Hey I'm not the doc here! Some people just say: I want to get the medicine I took the last time. Yeah right, like who the hell are you. How the hell do I know what you took the last time?

I'm not in the bestest of moods right now. Forgot to buy Leonidas chocolates yesterday. Forgot to buy a few other things too. Not a big deal, but my back is aching like crazy and my sinus is also hurting. It makes you sour.

I feel like nice Japanese dinner but all we had was burger and soggy fries .. and coke? *sigh*

Otherwise, Wen gave me a very nice cheeeena teapot with very nice chhheeeeena teacups and I gave her very eeeeengland mint tea. I got so many teapots now I should buy a display case and display all my teapots! Which I hardly use!

And I hardly have time to drink tea except for those dunk-and-drink types. Shessh, I'm hardly at home. If I'm at home, I'm hardly having the time to make nice tea and drink!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

My daughter

My daughter is almost six months old. I realised that I hardly write anything about her, or take a lot of photos about her. That's what happen to a second kid I guess, but I love her just as much as my son. She's so cute, smiles so sweetly, and is soo cuddly. I love being with her, lying next to her and watching her sleep, and playing and tickling her and seeing her smile.

But my back really ache from all that carrying. My shoulders too. She. Is. Very. Heavy. At 8.15kg and not even 6 months yet.

Bathing her is becoming more and more of a challenge nowadays. She can sit upright quite well in the small, no, tiny bathtub, and boy, she loves to grab the wash towel and suck on it. With all the bath water and soap. Yep. Yep. And she'll be very upset if you pry it out of her hands. She loves to bathe though and is always happy in the water. I usually bathe her twice a day in the tub. I think for my son, at that age, my hubby and I were doing the car-wash routine. One holds him upright, the other wash, soap and rinse. I think I understand how that comes about. Daughter is now extremely squirmy in the tub. And extremely slipperly to handle for one person. I think she drinks quite a lot of tub water too, when I bathe her. :P

My dear darling daughter sleeps throughout the night from day one. She is a real sleepyhead. She loves to sleep. She can really sleep. But nowadays she doesn't seem to be able to sleep well, especially during the day. Keeps waking up. Like now. Gosh.

My daughter loves to put everything into her mouth, unlike her brother, who never put things in his mouth. She is curious about everything, and has learn to flip from back to tummy like an expert. I think she's going to learn to crawl very soon, seeing how she would stretch her hands out for her toys (and her brother's toys) and kick her legs in order to get what she wants. She also can sit upright for quite a long time, and she loves being upright. In a way, she is more active than her brother, always trying to get things (to put in her mouth).

Dear daughter makes the cutest sound. She is very vocal when it comes to telling you what she wants. Except that no one knows what she's saying. She loves to sing when she hears music, and she sure loves to complain a lot when she's being ignored. Darling daughter loves to look at her big brother, but sometimes she's afraid of him especially when he shouts all of a sudden. She is also wary of him when he comes too close, as she has been bitten by him a couple of times. My baby girl can really cry too. Very loud, inconsolable cries if she's angry or hurt. Otherwise she's always full of smiles and happy sounds.

I love my dear little girl very much.

Monday, December 08, 2008

Family and Friends

Today, we went to my aunt's place for dinner. A whole day with both kids out of my hair. The son was very happy with my cousins. There were Lego, drawings, and what-nots. The daughter was being happily carried by all my aunts. There was good food, nice air-con room where I can surf and play all day. When was the last time I felt so bored?


Bored. Bored enough to be playing games in facebook. :P That's what someone commented. I should have just taken the chance to go for a spa huh.

Anyway, it makes me realise that I'm really happy to have my two kids. I think I will not exchange anything for my life right now. Even though, sometimes I have regrets, of not being able to go far in my career, of not having time to do my stuffs like study a Masters, or ... I dunno. But it all pales in comparision when at the end of the day I have a darling husband and two darling little kids.

Come next year I will stop work for a while and spend time with the kids. It's a bit hard to let go, since no work = no money. It means I have to really cut down on spending. And going out. And I hope I will not end up being too down and dumpy. Humf. I shall play more piano and learn violin with my son, and carefully consider the options of what I really want in life.

It's really hard, in a way.

Min is away in HK for a much needed holiday. Shessh, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I miss talking to her online!

Nowadays, the number of friends I have seem to be dwindling.