Friday, December 30, 2005


Kilos? Sure or not? Weigh again. Yep, seems to be so.

Wah, not even three weeks yet and baby is really growing FAT! :) Too fat not nice. I tried telling him, but he pout his lips at me and showed me his fat chubby cheeks. Eating almost every hour and half. Good grief.

Baby and his first pee-sai.
Dearest hubby is sooo bad. He removed it and placed it neatly back there just to take a close-up shot. Heh heh heh.

Then and now

What I certainly do not miss ...

is having bloody freaking migranes. Nine months of migrane free period, and now they're back with a vengence. I'm not too sure if this time they're from tension, but my right side is definitely throbbing. And the pills didn't work yesterday.

Surprisingly, after fifteen minutes of a nap, plus many koyok on my neck and shoulders seems to help a little today.

And why did I only had fifteen minutes of nap? Or maybe even less.


I was in a state of deep sleep when mom called out to me to answer the call from guardhouse, because there was a delivery man delivering books, and what books? What books? I didn't order any either. Can't she just ascertain the owner and address herself instead of calling me to answer? Duh duh duh. I swear sometimes my parents do the darnest things. No social skill!


It's very hard for me to get back to sleep.


That's why this confinement period, what confinement? I've been running up and down and seeing to things and doing many many things. No wonder I'm falling sick.

And because I'm doing so much things everyday, I've resorted to bathing twice a day. I'm definitely going to fall sick sooner or later!

Grrr. Grrr. Grrrrrrrr.

Ha. Tell me about lying in bed whole day and recuperate. I don't even get such pampering. Next week, I'm gonna book my massage proper, go do my hair and eyebrows and maybe even go for yoga. So there.


Thursday, December 29, 2005

As requested

Really doesn't smell bad too. :P

I think I'm running on lack of sleep. Am having a headache and neck and shoulder ache right now. Would be a good idea to go and sleep, but I can't seem to be able to rest today! Baby is sleeping ever so soundly. He's on a growth spurt, so he's taking lots of milk, and I am soo drained. I guess I wouldn't feel so bad if not for the tension headache and the neck and shoulder pain. Must go back for my massages soon! Can't wait! Not sure if can find the time though.


The things we give up when we have kids.



Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thoughts at three thirty something

Dear baby is sleeping ever so sweetly now. Do we wake him up to change his dirty diapers?


Nah ... let him sleep, let him sleep, let him sleep!

He's getting heavy. I'm not very good at carrying him, he seems to be always slipping down me, or else when he smells me, all he wants is food. Darn, mom = milk = food. Always hungry the little fellow! Grrr. Moo moo moo!

I tried singing lullabys to him at night. It goes like that:
the-cradle-YAWN-will-rock-yawnyawnyawn ...

while he stares back as bright-eyed as anything as can be at me.

Definitely not a night person. Singing lullabys at night makes me fall asleep!

P.S: Did I mention? Baby's poo looks like scrambled eggs, the yellow hard boiled yolk type and when it's nice, warm and fresh, it smells like scrambled eggs, the yellow hard boiled yolk type.


Throughout the night

My dear baby doesn't seem to want to sleep when it comes to night. I am too sleepy to argue with him. Last night seemed to be another of those bad nights. Made worse by him regurgitating his milk onto me, my pillows, my bed ... and leaking his pee onto my side of the bed. Humf. I think dear hubby didn't put on the last nappy properly. Too sleepy to do so perhaps? :X One thing for sure, baby dearest loves to pee when dearest hubby removes his dirty nappies. hahaha. Hasn't done that to me yet, except once. :P

So this morning, when I'm finally feeling human again, I bundled him off for a bath after he finishes his morning drink. A quick wash, some new clothes and there ...

He's a new baby again. He gets to wear nice new clothes from Auntie Min. heh heh :) and what? More milk? I'm not starving him okay! See his little nose? Clawed that piece of skin off. Tsk tsk.

Today is our wedding anniversary. What shall we do? :) Last night we went out for a nice dinner, without baby. It's nice to go out from time to time.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Out of this world

To one and all,

merry xmas and a happy new year!

Although I really don't feel christmasy at all this year. It's the whole problem of staying at home all day. Confinement, ya? Can't go out, really boring. Out of the window everything looks quiet and peaceful. No Christmas jingle or crowds or lights to remind you that it's going to be Christmas tomorrow. Just another quiet day. And to top it all, we don't read the national papers anymore or watch any of the local productions. Zilch.

So .. it feels just like another day. Dearest hubby and baby are sleeping soundly, with baby sleeping in his favourite position - on his tummy on top of hubby. They looked so cute! :)

Baby swiped his nose the other day with his long sharp claws. We had to take off his mittens while bathing, and baby didn't like the water at all. He struggled violently, and pawed his little nose, and left two lines down his left cheeks. The mittens were bloodied. Poor baby. We ought to cut his nails real soon, but he seems too tiny to handle! I guess we just have to be more careful.

Another shot of baby. :)

Big-eyed. One week plus old.

Panda Eyed

I looked tired, although I don't necessary feel tired. Dearest hubby was supposed to feed baby last night. The graveyard shift. At almost 4am, I went down to warm up the bottled milk. And tried waking him up. He said OK, turned around, smiled in his sleep and didn't open his eyes. I nudged him a bit more, and he simply grunted.


I wasn't feeling too tired yet. Baby was very hungry, finished fast, and he fell asleep lying on my chest. At 5+am I woke up again and decided that it's time to change diapers. This time I wasn't going to let dear hubby get away with it! He did the same thing to me, but this time I poke him hard. heh heh.

Hubby said I'm the input and he's the output. :P

Earlier, when he was changing the diapers again, after he cleaned baby, the naughty little one phuted and peed and phuted again. Good thing we put a protective sheet underneath him. heh. Dear hubby had this exasperated look about him and threw up his hands. Baby wins. 1-0!

When baby is half asleep, he doesn't like to be left alone. Oh no ... he's smart. He'll go hnnhnnhnn, and we'll all go running towards him. His grandma spoil him already lah. Always carrying him. So I let her carry him when he went like that: after feeds and after diapers and he still went hnnhnnhnn at 6 am in the morning, wake grandma up to carry him. heh heh.

Friday, December 23, 2005

My Little Baby

Sometimes I'm still nitpicking over the fact that the epidural wasn't very well inserted, and it was too strong. So strong till I couldn't really feel the contractions coming. And there wasn't anyone there. What if? What if? Wouldn't it harm the baby if the mother couldn't feel the contractions and didn't start pushing and there wasn't anyone around?

Perhaps next time when PM gets out I'll go and see her instead. There are some people you feel you can trust and others which you can't really.


I should stop thinking about that. Baby is well and healthy. See, I shall follow everyone and put up a pic of my dear little baby. Isn't he looking so sweet? :) He's getting fat now. Plumb cheeks, juicy thighs. heh heh. And he's sleeping on my lap right now while I'm typing this. :)

Baby less than a week old :)

We went out to watch King Kong the other night. It seemed that everyone said it was a good movie. I think it was terrible. Really boring, but rather entertaining. Spoilers ahead, some stuffs I need to get off my chest!

1. Can't stand the actress. She can only do one type of expression! The big wide eyes and open mouth look. I guess it would actually look nice if she doesn't have buck teeth. After the upteenth time of looking at that stupid expression, I definitely felt sick. :P

2. It was too much of a rojak. There were the strange natives, dinosaurs?, giantic insects, and too many loose ends. Very chop chop, and cheesy. What happened to the natives after that? Where did they disappear too? Why did the giant insects not attack them in the ravine until one of them woke up and threw a flare to light up the area? They should be killed immediately while they were unconscious!

3. All the characters were definitely one-dimension. And there were too many characters. What happened to Jimmy? What happened to the Captain? Weren't the ship crew supposed to be transporting animals? When did they become vertern soldiers? And what extremely cheesy and silly lines they made! Whatever the first mate said to Jimmy. So duh and out of character!

4. The captain was all set to leave the place. Called for drastic move. Everything to be thrown overboard! Then when Brody rushed out and exclaimed, she's gone! They did a 180 degrees turn and decided to go back for her. Duh.

5. The scene when KK played on the ice with his barbie doll. Duh.

6. The empire state scene. Did you realise that the propellor planes were shooting with a machine gun. And that King Kong is a very HUGE ape? And that when the bullets hit the poor monkey, the wound was actually proportionate to the monkey? When did the bullets become so big? Duh.

7. Peter Jackson should just stick to making fantasies. Some of his breath-takingly beautiful cut scenes are just soooo out of place in the whole movie. So drama. *rolls eyes* And did you wonder, why did the natives stronghold reminds you so strongly from LOTRs the evil overload's stronghold? You know ... the gate part? Where Frodo and Sam and whatistname climbed into? Soooo familiar! I bet he recycled his stuffs. Don't waste. Dinosaurs looked like they're from the series 'Walking with Dinos'. Duh duh duh.

And there are many other things that I just have to roll my eyes. And it's too long. 3 hours plus. Duh. Perhaps he should just concentrate on King Kong in New York and forget about the rest. Or make a new show entirely. Or something. If you ask me, definitely not worth watching. *bleah*

Okie, the only thing I find funny is the guy who is the 'actor' in the movie. He, at least, is the smartest guy in the movie. Survival ya? And he speaks the most sense. heh. Damn, the last line said by whatistname? Beauty killed the Beast. Wah lao, I want to bang head leow.

*rolls eyes* :P :P

Okie, so I've never watch the original. heh.

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Dealing with Life

Second week. Things are slightly better now. I guess the main reason is because there is not so much physical pain now. It makes so much a difference when you are in pain and when you are not. You just can't do anything when the stitches hurt so much, or when the nipples hurt, and your whole world is filled with pain with each breath you take.

No wonder there is a shift towards the importance of pain management.

I'm getting used to many things now. Feeding baby at night isn't really so much of a problem. One just needs to conquer that 5 minutes between the sleeping and waking transition. Once fully awake, I can function pretty humanly, otherwise I just want to go back to sleep and will feel extremely grumpy. Dear baby, thank god, doesn't really fuss too much. And he's pretty regular in his feeding times too.

I'm getting massages for my neck and shoulders and it really makes a difference. Even with neck rolls during feedings, stretching and all that, just a simple hand-healing touch makes life brighter. I miss yoga. Perhaps I shall do a little on my own first. Not sure if I'll have the time to go out for yoga classes.

Traditions and cultures. The Chinese believe that it's not good to bathe during the confinement month, and all those food with lots of ginger and sesame seed oil. I'm bathing everyday. heh. Perhaps I shall get rheumatism when I'm old, then all those wise old women would say serve you right. Mom doesn't mind/bother with what I'm doing. At the end of the one week, she told me, okie you can go and bathe today. Then she paused, and exclaimed, what am I saying! Confinement month not supposed to bathe! And I told her calmly, Hello ... I've been bathing everyday since I got back. :P

The Malays would wrap up their women in Jamu oil, and massage the uterus back into shape. I'm doing that too. Not sure if it really helps. I just needed the massage to relax. heh. But they encourage bathing. They don't take all those ginger and stuffs, but they have their own herbs and stories. She told me the Japanese don't even do any confinement! And I think neither do caucasions right?

So every culture has their own beliefs. And we are all the same human beings. So what do you believe in? Perhaps that's the most important.

I believe that the not bathing part from the Chinese comes from way back in China, when the women after childbirth dies from pneunomia related illness when they fall sick after childbirth especially when they bathe and catch the death of a cold. Remember that it can be very cold there, especially the poor farmers, and they can be very poor too. Things are definitely different here and today.

Perhaps the only thing one has to deal with is the stress and depression of life's everchanging capricious moments. What would happen one month down? What would happen three months down? Where are we going and what are we doing? Will we be able to cope? Or do we simply avoid the issues and pretend that things are not going to change? And the uncertainty and unhappiness slowly gather underneath the surface, bottled up and no way to escape. And the music would stop.

Baby is sleeping very soundly now. There are two modes of baby after his feeding. One is that he takes his milk, we burp and cuddle him, change his diapers and he nods off to dreamland. The other mode that he takes his milk, we burp and cuddle him, change his diapers and he becomes super wide awake and bright-eyed, and refuses to be put to sleep. I think for that mom is really good with him. She would carry him around and eventually he'll doze off. Now, the second mode is good when it happens in the day. Not at night. But baby knows no time. And he's in that mode from 11pm to 3am. And that is when I'm the most tired. Since I'm a morning person, not a night person. :P

What am I going to do? *head bangs wall*

Monday, December 19, 2005

The past one week

A normal check up ended up with us going straight down to the hospital. Well, not straight down, we went home to pack, cooked dear hubby a quick lunch, cleared a quick nervous stomachache and ended up Doc waiting for the patient, not the other way round.


So there I was, still smsing my friends, and chatting on the phone while lying propped on the pillows, when the nurse came in to check one more time, and she exclaimed, it's time to start pushing!


The epidural worked so well, although I was poked too many times. We have now officially changed our status to daddy and mummy. :)

For remembrance, baby is bright-eyed and alert, has fine healthy lungs and he's really really cute. :)

He has hubby's nose, my ears; Dad says mouth like hubby's, people says eyes like me. Hmm, they do a thousand and one changes, so we'll see. He definitely has daddy's long legs, and yep ... my big foot.

I felt that the doc was somewhat impatient to get baby out so soon. I remembered feeling a bit abused, and bullied that baby has to come out. It was nice to have baby in tummy. All that lovely touch and thoughts one gets when one rubs the tummy. He was doing perfectly fine, and only PM agreed with me to do it naturally. During the waiting time, I was feeling rather resentful and slightly unhappy. Somehow her reasons weren't clear enough, and sometimes I would feel that way even.

However, there is a certain great relief that all this is over, and one good thing about all this is that now dearest hubby would be around longer to take care of baby and me. And most importantly, everything is all right.

Pain, pain, pain.

I swear that the afterbirth was so much more painful than during birth. My back hurt from all that holes I was poked on! I couldn't sit properly up, and breastfeeding hurt too. Everything hurt so much and for a while in the morning when I was alone, I just couldn't handle so many things.

In the afternoon, the sister came in and asked ever so sweetly, would you like some painkillers? Huh? You mean I can have painkillers one ah! Duh. Why did I not ask for any? :P

Okie, so I'm not so immune to pain too.

Wednesday to Sunday
The days passed by ever so quickly. There are so many things to get used to. Breastfeeding really hurts, no one ever tells me that. Fortunately, the worst has come and gone, and I've quite gotten the hang of that. Baby has extremely strong jaws and will clamp on them, hard. Ouch. But it seems ever so satisfying, still. And I wouldn't know what to do without dearest hubby. He would change the diapers after the feeds, and it's so nice to see him sleeping with baby, with baby on top him. Love him ever so! :)

Had to 'teach' him how to carry baby properly though. He was wondering why baby didn't stop crying when he picked him up, and I showed him to hold baby in a way close to his body, and pat him, sing to him and sway a little. Hubby tried. The holding was perfect. I laughed when I saw him patting baby. Pat dear, not smack. And dear hubby looked so cute dancing in step with baby. :)

Some things to remember:
Baby burps sounding exactly like his daddy. He loves sleeping on his tummy on top of me, or rather he simply loves sleeping on top of us.

Baby is learning to smile nowadays. He would try lifting up one side of his mouth and grin, then quickly looked innocently away. Baby smiles in his light sleep, especially when he hears our voices.

When he phuts (farts and poos, that is ... they sound like phut when they come out) between feeds, he would stop in the middle of sucklng and concentrate real hard to get that really loud phuuuuut out. Then he would go back to his sucking and pretended nothing has happened.

Baby cries like an alarm clock. He goes from quiet hnnhnnhnnhnn to normal loudness hnnhnnhnn to loud wahwahwah, and only very rarely when he's really angry and upset that he'll scream his lungs out. But he quietens down very quickly. Such a good baby eh? :)

Nowadays he seems to be sleeping so well at night, until I have to wake him up to feed him! Not sure if that is supposed to be worrying or not, but it does give me some control over my sleep. It's easier to wake up and feed baby than to be woken up rudely by his crying and feeling too sleepy to move.

And saying that, I should be getting back to sleep before his next feed. :P

One last note:
Perhaps old wife's tales are true. I came home and headed straight for a hot shower. Cannot stand it, stressed what. Came out and felt decidedly light-headed, and weak. Had to lie in bed for a while. :P I'm feeling achy and headachy now. Perhaps that is due to carrying baby and hunching over him and all those bad postures. But who knows right? *bleah*

Friday, December 09, 2005

The little black spots in front of your eyes

So we have finally gotten a new camera. Woohoo! :) I hope I'm doing the transfer of data correctly. Have not tried taking many photos yet, but here's a couple.

This was what we had for dinner tonight. If you looked carefully at the vege, you'll see little black spots. Nope, they aren't the black spots you see in front of your eyes. I burnt all the garlic tonight. boohoo. Someone was having a bit of a tummyache what, so it makes sense to take in some extra carbon for the pains eh?


Okie, lesson learnt. Wok was too hot and I was too impatient. And most importantly, must put in the conpoy first before the garlic.

This is the tiny kitchen I work in. Still trying to make it pretty. :) The refrigerator is right up against the wall on the left of the door. So small eh?

Wow, looking at the pictures, I'm quite impressed with the quality. heh heh. Time to take more photos! Time to revamp the blog! Must learn new stuffs man ... what a pain.

We seem to be fighting a losing battle with the ants in the house. Everyday I see little black spots in front of my eyes. It's quite irritating. I clean and clean and clean and still they come. *mutter* I should bait them out and find their little hidey hole one day.

Was reading some old newspapers earlier. Was ranting to hubby about an article earlier. Am afraid I can't even blog about it. That's what this place is like. *zipped*

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

One word too many

If only everyone would just say one word less.

Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Say your piece and leave in peace. Why be so adamant that it must be heard? And so it degenerates. Terrible.

If I had played ps2 in the morning today, dearest hubby wouldn't have a nice lunch and dinner today. heh heh. Good thing that my thumb is hurting from last night. Not that I played a lot, just that I think I cut my fingernails a little too short, and all that pressing on the pad just hurt my thumb a little.

Isn't it a blessing in disguise? :P

And no, I wasn't very kancheong either. I'm cool ... when it comes to killing monsters. heh heh.

But still ... ouch.

You know that hubby loves you when he protested loudly that what the ... is that horrible smell coming from!?!

And you know jolly well where it came from, so you let him take a deep breath in it. *grins* And he spluttered and moaned and shrieked that you're killing him.


Actually I don't like the Goatmilk fragance too. It's really not my type. But Wen gave it to me, and I can't like throw it away right? The only flavour I liked from Crabtree and Evelyn is the Sonoma Valley range. And only the handcream. The other one is the Gardener flavour, and that is very moisturising indeed. She gave me one whole box set of handcream last year Christmas, and I've not even used any yet. Haven't even finish the one I bought for myself!

Hubby said to throw away the Goatmilk one. :P *rolls eyes* I think I got two tubes of that!

I guess poor baby is not getting enough from me. So from today onwards, I shall eat more. Just had bread and milo. Not that I feel extremely hungry. But dinner was very early at 5pm, and I had a swim, so just thought I'd take something. Perhaps I'm just not eating enough for two. Poor dear baby.

I think I shall eat a bit more later too. Yep, still can eat if I put my mind to it. :P


Bam! Wing! Wham! Good god. I think they are dismantling the gondola. But it seems that they're just throwing everything around the roof. I won't be surprised if there are holes on the ground after that. Grrrr.

So damn hot today. Must go swim. :) Just a walk to the nearest provision shop leaves me totally wet. Self-preservation prevents me from jumping straight into the pool. I'll get too dark. heh. Swim later.

Lunch was tofu with minced meat and eggs. Hmm, a little under-estimating in the amount. Dinner will be my favourite kind of chicken and vege. All prepared. Yay! :D Now I'm smart, will prepare everything in the afternoon so don't have to do it twice. Just have to cook later. Can go swim too. heh.

What else was it that I wanted to write about? Forgot, too hot to think!

There is a fish.

Well, in case you're asking ... nope, we've decided not to induce after all. :P

Anyway, latest haul: foot cream and scrub. :) Have been waiting soooo long for the sale. Next round Thursday and Friday, most likely. I would always try to stock up my stuffs whenever there is a sale. Makes more sense, ya?

And you know that dearest hubby loves you when he tells you straight to your face that your breath smells of smelly sour feet. After sniffing all over you to find out where that sniff of a smell comes from.


And you take revenge by laughing at him when he gets killed by the dragon. So easy also can die, and so kancheong for what. And you snatched the controller off him and showed him the *correct* way of killing monsters.


And you roll your eyes right up into your head at all the rooms he missed or left unexplored. Perhaps it's time to get the walkthrough? :P

I love him. :) Still. *bleah*

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Headless Chicken

The good doc said that since I don't seem to be gaining any weight, baby has got to come out ... soon. We set a lovely date, but guess what. I'm freaking out.

It's too soon!!!!

Arrgh. *runs around like Headless Chicken*

Damn, not prepared yet.

What else do we need?

Gotta buy:
A mattress for baby. A piece of water-proof cloth for baby (to sleep on the bed). Towels for baby (to bathe). Diapers? Baby shampoo and soap (gonna get them from Wen on Thurs). ... What else is needed? Bath tub? They say the hospital will give one. Really? Baby's room not ready yet!

*runs around like Headless Chicken*

Also gotta buy:
Mattress for Mom for her to sleep when she stay over for the one month. Mattress for Grandma who has to come over too.

*runs around like Headless Chicken*

And I want to do more shopping this week. Got sale leh!

*runs around like Headless Chicken*

*runs around like Headless Chicken*


*runs around like Headless Chicken*

Does baby really need to come out so soon? Asked PM, who said not necessary, but I forgot to tell her about the static weight gain. *bleah*

*runs around like Headless Chicken*

I think I shall go and have some ice-cream.

P.S: And we've not caught Harry Potter yet! And Chicken Little!

PPS: And we've not gotten our new camera yet!!!

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Shopping Spree

Shopping is always fun.


I got these yesterday:

Baking at Home
Cooking at Home

I want these.

And this.

Yep, that's what I want for Christmas. :)

And maybe a proper oven too, so that I can try out all my new recipes. heh heh.

Sekai no Yakusoku; The Promise of the World

namida no oku ni yuragu hohoemi wa
toki no hajime kara no sekai no yakusoku

ima wa hitori demo futari no kinou kara
kyou wa umare kirameku
hajimete atta hi no you ni

omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
soyokaze to natte hoho ni furetekuru

komorebi no gogo no wakare no ato mo
kesshite owaranai sekai no yakusoku

ima wa hitori demo ashita wa kagirinai
anata ga oshietekureta
yoru ni hisomu yasashisa

omoide no uchi ni anata wa inai
seseragi no uta ni kono sora no iro ni
hana no kaori ni itsumademo ikite

Lyricist: TANIGAWA Shuntarou
Composer: KIMURA Yumi
Arranger: HISAISHI Joe
Vocalist: BAISHOU Chieko

All I want is this song to be sung by Kimura Yumi.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Forgotten Little Things and New Resolutions

How could I have forgotten? I'm still looking for the lovely song Sekai No Yakusoku. Hopefully to be sung by Yumi Kimura. Perhaps I ought to go CD shopping. Sometimes the house is so quiet, and the music is still. Sometimes I really ought to play more music at home. There must be more new beautiful music out there.

I've always only been cooking Chinese only. Time to try out new stuffs. Perhaps pasta, meatballs, and all kinds of Western stuffs? Perhaps baking too? Strange desserts and all that? Hmm, can the microwave oven bake?

And there are still a few baby stuffs to get. Oh, what are they? What else do we need? Poor baby, nothing much for him yet. Procastination, that's it.

Sometimes I think dear hubby and I should be more adventurous. We always go back to the same place to eat, where we know it's cheap and safe. Perhaps we should try elseplace. Otherwise it's always homecooked food. And I'm always only making Chinese. Simple. Like dinner for yesterday was simple steamed fish and stir-fry vege. He doesn't complain, but it's starting to feel so monotonous. Mundane. A little change might be interesting.

Perhaps I shall buy Japanese rice and make sushi. :P Perhaps I shall try a little baking before baby comes.


May the twain shalt meet

Dear hubby is a night person. He spends his night manufacturing stuffs and trading them, fighting monsters and ... ahem, well, basically pushing mouse. Poor mouse is a little dead. That's the problem with rechargable batteries!

Me? I'm a morning person. I've woken up when the sky was still dusky, showered, breakfast, read the daily blogs, and will try to clear up the study desk later. It's always messy, somehow.

It'll be another quiet day today.

Hopefully we should be getting our new camera sometime next week. Perhaps I shall revamp this old blog. It looks really boring.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Idle Surfing

This is a lovely blog. :)

And this is something really interesting surfed from the above. :) :)

It's so nice and peaceful listening to Stacy Kent's Dreamsville. And waiting for dear hubby to knock off. It's almost time already. I do miss him when he's not around.

No more cookies

It's December already! Sometimes one just cannot believe how fast time flies. Looking back at what I did last December, hmm ... doesn't seem to be very much either. Was busy with getting ready to move house. This year seems even worse. Very boring actually.

And one interesting I found, last year dear hubby was busy playing Half Life 2. This year? He's busy playing some online computer game. *rolls eyes* Some things will never change. Heh. I feel soooo neglected. :P

Anyway, I'm bored to death. Yep. Bored. I guess I need to do things constantly. Find new stuffs to do, being kaypoh or something, or just keep myself meaningfully occupied. It's so easy to fall into a spiral of depression because there doesn't seem to be anything meaningful doing. I mean, all my friends are so busy with their work, and I can't really go out much, and there really isn't much things to do around the house, and I am SOOO unmotivated.


*kok myself*

I think I actually miss going out with Wen. Shessh. It would be nice going for nice English Tea again, but one can't even get to dress up nicely for it. So no point too. *sniff* I guess in Feb then, when she can finally go on leave.

Oh well.

Gubby gubby Friday

There are days when one wakes up and feels like an extremely uncooperative and grouchy wombat. With a sore leg. And that's how it is. It doesn't help that the Sun is shining so happily and HOT, you'd wish that it would just disappear behind a cloud and don't even peek out! You just want to draw the curtains and go back to sleep, but there's breakfast to be made, and there's a lazy cat waiting to be fed.


Thoughts of going yoga is thrown out of the window. It's too hot to get out of the house. hahaha. Not a very good excuse, a better one would be didn't sleep well last night because leg was aching. And it was a damn warm night.

And you're just feeling grouchy and lazy. Because the day is too bright for the eyes.

Nothing can ever be right eh?


Thursday, December 01, 2005


12 noon. The swimming pool is even colder than yesterday. Yup, at 12 o'clock noon sharp.

Then again, it was raining before that. But the sun peeked out a little at 12 noon.

I will have to take a break from all this swimming. The water was so cold, I can see my hair standing in the water. It took me two laps to feel slightly warmed, but the wind chill was freezing. Ridiculous! Anyway, I think too much energy has been sapped. I'm feeling damn tired today.

So so tired. Cannot shop anymore. Shopping is so fun! :) Would have loved to shop more.

And no more cookies for a while. I woke up coughing like crazy a while ago. Ack ack. :P


There's always something lost in the retelling of stories. Something which may seemed exciting, furious, passionate may lose some of its ooohm, and a feeling of lassitude palls over your emotions.

So I leaned onto the horn furiously when the F*** of a taxi-driver stopped right in front of me. And we were on the THIRD lane. THIRD!!!! To pick up a passenger. He didn't even have the courtesy or common sense to filter and stop at the side lane! Wah lao, so damn bloody f***ing dangerous! Stupid passenger of course ran out onto the road to the waiting taxi. I wouldn't have been so annoyed but I was in the middle of accelerating and changing lanes, and there could easily had been an accident! How terrible some people are!

And earlier, just a few seconds ago, some dumb jay-walker was running across the road, wearing dark clothings, and I almost missed her too. Bloody f*cking O road and the stupid people on the streets. They want to get killed don't damage my car!

And much much earlier, I was already on tenterhooks because the handbrake wasn't working at all now. And there was a slope I had to stop on. Damn damn and damn.

Oh well .... rant over.