Saturday, April 30, 2005

Big breakfast

Writing blogs can be rather theraputic. Sometimes when one is feeling overwhelm, it helps that one has to reorganise the thoughts to put them down. In a way, the mind settles as well.

This morning, I was feeling decidedly light-headed. The world spun around when I got up from bed. Was it because I slept too much last night? Oh, yeah, I remembered. I didn't really have dinner last night. Didn't have my usual intake of carbo - rice, that is. At 5.30pm last night, I wasn't hungry enough to have dinner together with hubby, so I cut the rice and ate only the rest. There was egg with prawns omelete, stir-fry shredded pork with ginger and big green not-so-leafy vege (leaves were a bit spoilt). I guess I'm really a rice person. I needed the rice.

So I just made myself a nice big breakfast. Hot milo with milk (full cream, hell, I hate skim milk!), a slice of bread with thick, and I really mean thick, wallop of strawberry jam, cherry tomatoes, yum! and sausages from a can. Top it up with a slice of cheese, melted. I loved cheese sausage, you see ... those fresh ones you buy over the counter, with cheese stuffed in the sausage, but since I did not have the chance to get some, I just have to make do. Sausages in a can doesn't taste as nice, but beggers can't be choosers. That should do for my glucose level. :)

A big breakfast as good as anywhere. Home-made is still the best. You can't get it anywhere. Later when hubby is awake, I shall make half-boiled eggs. Love the eggs. Runny in the inside, and soft on the outside. Heh heh.

Sometimes I would love to have bacon, for you can use the oil left by the bacon to fry your eggs in. Sometimes it's nice to have honey-baked ham as well, and I should get some lettuce too. Once I get my non-stick frying pan, I shall be able to make egg omelettes, like those you get for breakfast in hotels. I shall have to buy more fresh strawberries too. It's lovely to have fresh strawberries for breakfast.

And now if only the river doesn't stink so much, I can have my breakfast out on the balcony, overlooking the park and the city skyline on a clear day. It's the bloody low tide. I think the moon is too powerful this round, and had really sucked the river down to its bed. It never was that stink!

Friday, April 29, 2005

Being tired

I finally managed to find a way to get those kids entertained. Created word search puzzles, crossword puzzles and the like, and boy ... did I have peace after that. Oh, not so much really. The girls could finish them in five to ten minutes! So the next day, it was a 25x25 puzzle. That got them stumped. :) And I had lots of backups after that. Maze games, more crossword puzzles ... they seemed pretty pre-occupied with their work.

And that pretty much settled for revision. Yay me.

And yes, it's Friday again, and Monday is a holiday. Yay me.


I must stop finding excuses and get my butt down for yoga, before I become fatter and more nua. Like a slug. I'm feeling like a slug nowadays, simply oozing around trying to stay out of the heat. heh. Speaking of slugs, there was a program on BBC about snails. Eating them I mean. They were pretty good, the producers. Hubby and I felt that we could really eat snails after listening to them expounding on the virtues of snail eating. And they were starting to listen delicious.

Then again, we were hungry. On our way to my parents' place for dinner. :P

What's wrong with eating snails anyway? They're just like clams, or oysters, or prawns or ... well. And probably cheaper too, since you can just pick them up from your garden. *bleah*

And so what do I really want for my birthday? It was definitely a straight forward question, and I did think about it.

And am still thinking about it. :P

I got a $50 voucher from my favourite clothes store. Shall go shopping soon! heh heh.

Perhaps I could want the set of four comic books from the anime Howl's Moving Castle. They're selling them at Kino. I had the series for The Cat Returns.

But I still prefer the original story by Diana Wynne Jones. Howl in the anime doesn't feel like Howl in the book. He's too fake, not charming or wicked enough. And too much is removed from the story. Oh well.

I'm suffering from a dearth of animes. Gakuen Alice is pretty good. But it seems to be coming out once a month. Torture!

Giving your hp number to your students can end up as a chore. Was spending quite a long time exchanging smses to a student's questions. Pretty dumb actually, especially since all those questions I had gone through before in class. Seems that some people just don't pay attention and expect private tuition at any time. I wouldn't have minded very much if the questions were something I've never touched upon. But they were the same ones again and again! Good grief!

Then again, I have not much of a life nowadays. To spend Friday night holed up at home with cooking, cleaning and washing ... and feeling tired and lazy. *sigh*

Lin is so very busy. It's very hard to meet up with her. She has turned into a workaholic. To think that we waited for her for one whole hour the last last time. And recently we didn't even managed to meet up because YS couldn't wait for her and wanted to start dinner first. When she did that, I knew somewhere in my heart that Lin wouldn't be turning up anymore. It can be quite tiring to be with YS. I ended up reading my book. :P She does whines quite a bit. All in all, it was quite disappointing, because I never liked Sakae Sushi. It was only bearable and even fun if eaten with someone who is tremondously enthusiastic about it. I certainly didn't enjoy myself and it wasn't cheap either.


We saw a big fat lion cat sitting majestically outside a kopitham. Oh yes, extremely fat and cute and regal. Damn kewl!


Thursday, April 28, 2005

another day

I had wanted to go somewhere and chill. Find a nice comfy place, lounge about and read a book, and drink ... pause ... that's the problem. I don't take coffee, and I don't really want to drink tea. So I didn't know where I could go, and ended up wandering like a meaningless ghost.


Just a little down.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Comfort food

Ahh, haggan daz tramisu and strawberries from Japan. For breakfast. The strawberries were very expensive, but very sweet ... and pretty. I wonder if the normal ones are just as good. Hmm. Four times more ex. :P

But such a nice breakfast would surely cheer anyone up. :) Quite.

I think it is my blurred eyesight that is irritating me to no end. And of course the dear thumb. Bad thumb. I don't feel 100% yet.

Oh well.

Update: 10.12am

Just checked my wound. It's about 12mm in length, and real deep at one end. One part of it is nicely healing, but the deep end, the meat from inside is still showing. You know like when you cut a raw fish, and the meat spills out, or when you cut a piece of your medium rare beef steak, and it budges out all red and bloody? Anyone grossed out yet? Well, I was quite. Better wrap it up and keep from sight.


Called my mom yesterday to get sympahty. Didn't quite dare to tell her I cut my thumb on opening a can. Felt very stupid to open can with hand. That was one of those things mom drilled into me when young. She assumed that I cut myself with a knife. It helps somewhat to talk to mom.

She doesn't think it's a good idea to simply do the carpet. I'm somewhat two minds about it. Doing carpet seems to be letting them off too lightly. Now that they are so willing to redo the entire room for us. But both of us just can't bear to go through three months of that again.

What a headache.

The decision is between the devil and the deep blue sea.

I shall watch animes instead.

The most stupid thing ever!

Opening the can with my hand. And promptly cut my thumb. Of course. Damn deeply. Damn painful too.

Bled all over the kitchen sink. Can even see them meat peeking out of the wound. Gross me off lunch.

Had it glued. Stitches is so last generation. Thumb now good for nothing. *sniff*

And of course it had to happen on the day we invited hubby's family over for dinner. I still managed to cook, abiet slowly. We did: lotus shoot soup with pork ribs, egg with onions, prawns and squids with red bell pepper, chicken nuggets with seaweed, and stir fry bak choy with scallops. Hubby and I both agreed that we won't do this again.

I learned to peel prawns and cracked eggs with my left hand. What's that? Ambidextrous? :P

Still not worth it. :(

Today is sunday. I am so not looking forward to tomorrow. *sigh*

The big boss came down to look at the timber flooring. He was very obliging and extremely polite. Agreed that indeed they were sloppily done. Yes yes, nod nod, very sorry. This cannot be so. We'll redo the entire room. Both of them. We'll hack down part of the wall to repair. I think it had got to do with the letter. However, I'm not sure we want to live through the nightmare again. *sigh* Three more months of that, I'll go crazy. The curtains are up. Life is quite comfy now. *sigh sigh sigh*

So how now, brown cow?


I should go for yoga today, but I don't feel up to it. I just feel like wallowing in depression at home. Besides my eyes are still a little dry, and my thumb is injured. Definitely excuses.


And I've made a miscalculation somewhere, and going to have to pay for it. Was winning earlier! What happened?

Tuesday, April 19, 2005


My steamed pork-ribs in black bean sauce was a success! Hubby liked it. Even me, ever so critical, felt that it was pretty good. heh heh. Except perhaps it could do with less salt, not that I added salt in, just less of the black bean sauce to make it less salty. The bittergourd wasn't too happy init though. I was thinking of putting them in later, but the lazy half of me said,'what the heck' and dumped everything in together. The pork ribs were tender, and the bittergourd almost disappeared into the gravy. *bleah* Perhaps my subconscious was telling us that the bittergourd which had been kept for too long should not be eaten.

At least we finished that. Although I had to throw almost half of what was left away.

We also had snow peas with prawns and minced pork, stir fry. Snow peas weren't in a very good condition either. I think I ought to check the container more often to see what's in it. :P

I think I shall try Western dishes next time. I'm thinking of making couscous. I like the couscous at Esmarada, and the seafood soup. Hmm ... perhaps my birthday. :P Although it's so expensive, we're just waiting for any discounts.

Hubby's birthday is coming. I'm making beef steak. What else? :P It's special, because I don't cook beef steak very often, but otherwise I think making beef steak is one of the easiest thing to cook. The mash potato is a little troublesome. And I always cheated with the mushroom soup. heh heh. Hmm, what style should I cook this time?

And now the pile of dishes are sitting happily in the sink waiting to be noticed.

I'm not seeing them. But hubby is not moving from the tele either. I'll forgive him this time, but when he's on holiday, he'll do the washing. :P

I'm glad xena's back on writing her blog. It's different reading other people's blogs. Hers has a quiet charm, it make you want to read again. And again. And waiting for her to write more. The other fellow who writes just as intense and silent is re-mi. I guess perhaps they leave a lot of things unsaid, and perhaps a little in between the lines. That's charm.

Me? I just rumble along like a little cloud. Sometimes fluffy like a flying turtle, sometimes dark as an angry wombat. *bleah*

Did I say I also like Jo Sharp's knitting books? :P It might be a little too late to order them online to be in time for my birthday present though. *bleah*

Okie, right now the stuffs I still lack (or rather want) are ... [I'm greedy!]
1. slow cooker (they say toyami brand good)
2. small non-stick frying pan (wen says the german brand benados or something is good)
3. electric juicer for squeezing oranges (different from those apples one lah) ... [I'm also fussy!]
4. ...

Can't think of any right now. :P

Bumped into L the other day. Everyone's asking me what I want for my housewarming. I feel quite paiseh to tell them, because the stuffs I want are rather ex. Maybe I won't even throw a housewarming party. heh heh. I'm too lazy to prepare food for so many pple. Hmmm ....

Some idiot is playing the four knights again. How can I run from that? Arrgh.

Monday, April 18, 2005

Monday again

Yup, the horrid day again. I was feeling extremely hungry and sorry for myself by 3pm. Managed to find some biscuits to eat. It's just such a depressing and stressful day. I don't believe I've ever felt like that before in my previous workplace.


Anyway, it's good to be home.

Cooking can be very stressful, and destressing ... and it's fun. :)

Have finished preparations for dinner, going to cook soon.

I was shocked to find three quarters of a bittergourd in the tupperware. Dunno put how long! I guess we would be having bittergourd for the next couple of days. Today's menu: chicken with mushrooms and bamboo shoots, bittergourd with egg, and bittergourd soup. I was actually thinking of putting bittergourd in the chicken as well, but I think both of us need a break. :P

So tomorrow, I've decided it'll be bittergourd with pork-ribs in black bean sauce. Steamed. heh heh. And hopefully that'll be the end of the bittergourd. :)

I need more ideas for cooking. It's really very fun to cook. :) One of those days when I'm freer, I'll try to cook something interesting. :)

Saturday, April 16, 2005

For lack of a better title

I wrote a blog on Monday, but it was eaten up by blogger. I saved it somewhere, but it didn't seem appropriate to post now, since I don't feel that way at the moment. Basically it was a rant of how I hated Mondays. No lunch break and extremely blued Monday. Then again, I was still sick on Monday, so that added to the misery.

But now I'm ok. Well, much better. My eyes had gone dry. I wondered if it was because of the antibiotic eyedrops. They're still red and a bit sore, because of the dryness, and especially bad in the mornings.

And hubby got sick too. With compliments from me. Exactly the same symptomes. Waking up in the middle of the night, feeling as if someone stick a knife down the throat. It's just as tiring if he gets sick.

I can't sleep a lot nowadays. By 6am, I had to jump out of bed. Anything but lying down. This is bad. Even when I was sick, I couldn't sleep much either. Oh dear.


I feel depressed at work. Did I mention I don't like the people here. I prefer my colleagues back at the previous place. Perhaps it was the familiarity. And sometimes now and then, I think about my ex students. I wonder if they are managing the chess club ok. One of my good boy smsed to ask for help. I hope he manages to continue playing more chess. I hope the CG club is doing well. Gee, I miss my former form class.

Perhaps I'm just tired.

I have to do other stuffs besides working and cleaning the house. I've checked out violin lessons at the not-so-near-or-far music centre. I hope they have good teachers there, and not someone who was just green behind the ears and didn't even know that G minor has an F#. I wish I could bring my piano over soon, so I can bang on it a while, and pick up all those pieces which I've tried to learn over the years. I wish those players at chessworld would hurry up and make their moves, since that's the only entertainment (well, besides reading), that I derive ... and there's a couple of games I'm winning, and I can't wait to get satisfaction out of them. Well, there were a few extremely unclear games as well. I've run out of moves in those. Closed games, that's why. Both of us were simply dancing around the position.

We went down to Park Mall again and drooled at the furniture there. They got beautiful chess sets too. I don't mind getting one for my birthday, you know. :P The cheapest one lah. Very cute pieces. heh. They don't come with the chessboards though. But the pieces were very unique. Very cute. Yeah, that's the word. Cute. cutsie chess pieces. You've just gotta see them. heh heh. It's the wood. I like wood stuffs. But then, why would I want so many chess sets for? hmm.

If you want to challenge me to a game of chess, go to

Saturday, April 09, 2005

Idle Saturday

Daa! Daa! Daa! is really sweet. heh

Just finished watching them all. Really really sweet.

I guess we're going to idle the whole day away. Gonna make dinner soon. Steamed chicken, steamed tofu, vege and maybe soup. :) But there's no substitute for the stuffs my parents cook! Dinner cooked by them is still the best!! yum yum!! Friday night's dinner especially tasted wonderful. I had not two but three helpings! yum yum yum! It's just taste different, the way they cook. No matter how awful the week had been, no matter how sick one had been, and how lack of appetite one was in ... that Friday's dinner was really heaven. Simple stuffs like bittergourd with eggs, prawns with mushroom and soup ... was enough to make me go for three helpings. I'd never tasted anything so superb.

I've not reached their stage yet. There's just something missing in my meals.

And that so wonderful dinner, I fell asleep immediately after. Wished hubby was there that night to have dinner with me. :P But he declared he loved my japanese noodles soup I made for him before we left ... so I guess that's fine too.


I'm glad to be well now. No more bad throat, no more fever, no more coughing, no more sore eyes ... and I suppose no more lazing at home. heh.

But that also means ... ice-cream later. *bleah*

Driving Terror

1) Singaporean Drivers are just plain allergic to their indicator lights.

2) They will never, even upon pain of death, ever indicate when they are about to change lane

Oh yes! Ohyesohyesohyes!! When they do that and nearly cause an accident, I really wish lightning would strike them twice and fry them quick. Or rather, just a hard tight slap would do. Didn't their mama ever teach them manners?

Just the other day, some bastard of a driver cut into our lane at the traffic junction. What? He thought he was a fast porsche huh? When the lights turned green, he drove straight cutting into our lane. Blarddy arsehole. Keep to your lane. And it was a straight road, mind you! And it was in the morning too. Some people have got no cow-sense. *fuming mad*

4) Taxi drivers always indicate before they change lanes, but don't give a rats ass whether you take notice or not, ergo (I watched the Matrix...) all drivers give way to Taxis.
I'm not sure if taxi drivers always indicate when changing lanes, but one thing which sure as hell pisses me off is that they always stop anywhere they want with very little notice. If you ever drive behind a taxi, for all you know, suddenly the hazard lights turn on, and they would almost stop one second after, anywhere from a slip road to a single lane road, and always just right in front of you. Stay away from them!

6) If non-Taxi changes lane anyhow (I'm a fast learner), The Singa Driver (tm) does make way but honks indignantly.
Actually ... from the point of the driver who honks, not that I ever honk, since I just can't multi-task with too many things when I'm driving, and honking requires a third hand and a third eye, which thankfully I'm just a normal girl ... well, what I mean to say is that there are people who indicate and expect the right of way to get into your lane, without considering that 1. they are driving rather slowly and they want to change into the fast lane, and 2. there is a car coming down on them fast and to CUT into that lane like that is damn rude as well as dangerous ... you can't expect one to brake so suddenly just because you think the road is clear. And no, I do not agree about the accelerating part, I think it's just that you have a bad judge on the speed of the incoming car. So it is indeed irritating, when there you are driving fast in the fast lane, conscienously leaving a good distance from the car in front of you, and there some idiot decides to CUT into your lane thinking he can just go as fast when there is actually no where faster to go, causing you to jam on your brakes. I would like a third hand to horn.


And just the other day I panicked and had to fumble with the silly cashcard when I went under the ERP gantry. I'm not sure if I managed to get it in in time ... one needed four hands for that, two set of eyes and an extra brain. Bloody erp, bloody cashcard slot. 9am and there's still erp?! I didn't know which way to insert the card. :P

I guess we'll be expecting a letter soon. *sigh*

On a good note, I guess I'm driving quite nicely now. No more panicking when changing lanes on an expressway, pretty good at the parking part, and definitely more relaxed on the whole. Still just a little misjudged when come to stopping along the curbs, usually ended up bumping a little. heh. :)

Friday, April 08, 2005


I haven't been writing because I had been sick. It is already more than a week. My MC rate has shot sky-high, but you know ... they don't really give you much sympathy. Today I dragged myself to work, even though I was coughing away, and I pretty much lost my voice and had to go home early. But nooo ... no sympathy there either. *sigh*

It just makes one thinks how awful this world is huh.

Anyway, it's nice not to go to work, but it sucks to be sick. I can hardly eat any nice stuffs. I bought two tubs of Hazgan daz the other day when they were on offer, and I had not even touch any of them yet! *sob* I felt stress, but I could hardly indulge in that canister of potato chips back home. *sigh* It isn't that nice to be sick after all, especially when you get suspicious looks in that order.


So I've been playing quite a bit of chess, watched quite a few animes ... latest craze is Daa! Daa! Daa! Very cute one. heh. Cooked and cleaned the place quite a bit too. I seemed to have problems sleeping lately, perhaps that kinda make me hard to get well, I guess.

Oh well ... it's kinda ... depressing ... in a way.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

Butter Biscuit

Last night I moonlighted as a taxi-driver and drove Wen to pick up her puppy. We had to go all the way to some super far and ulu warehouse. Now, when I mean ulu I really mean it. We got lost a few times and went round the place twice, made a few illegal u-turns as well ... but good thing very little traffic.

Her puppy cried for ten hours. Tears caked onto her eyes. Poor little mutt. Oh .. I mean purebreed.

Eventually we got her to quieten down and she seemed quite happy ... after some snacks, lots of hugs, a walk and a pee, and dozz off on the long journey home. Wen said the Changi Nasi Lemak was very good. I just couldn't resist getting one for hubby. :P

And it was really good. Especially when we were fighting over one packet only. :P :P

Ack, my throat.

I took a few pics, but they didn't turn out quite well ... and I don't have any software to cut a few stuffs out. So here's only one.

So sweet eh?

Biscuit was very happy to have a playmate ... until she saw his toys. It became a tug of war, a shove and a push, and low menacing growls. We definitely saw him pushing her away, and she fell with tud. Ohh, and she hasn't learned how to brake yet, and hit the glass door extremely loudly on the head.

Bis is definitely much much bigger. heh heh

But she's prettier. At least her ears are in the proper alignment.

Wen wanted to call her Butter ... but one of her friends had Buttercup. Then perhaps Button might be nice. I prefer butter ... butter biscuit. heh. Then C went like ... ohh, Button .. Butt Butt ... Hey Butt ... ha haha. So I guess Holly she will be till her mom can come up with a better name.

Welcome to spore, little holly! :)