Saturday, December 24, 2005

Panda Eyed

I looked tired, although I don't necessary feel tired. Dearest hubby was supposed to feed baby last night. The graveyard shift. At almost 4am, I went down to warm up the bottled milk. And tried waking him up. He said OK, turned around, smiled in his sleep and didn't open his eyes. I nudged him a bit more, and he simply grunted.


I wasn't feeling too tired yet. Baby was very hungry, finished fast, and he fell asleep lying on my chest. At 5+am I woke up again and decided that it's time to change diapers. This time I wasn't going to let dear hubby get away with it! He did the same thing to me, but this time I poke him hard. heh heh.

Hubby said I'm the input and he's the output. :P

Earlier, when he was changing the diapers again, after he cleaned baby, the naughty little one phuted and peed and phuted again. Good thing we put a protective sheet underneath him. heh. Dear hubby had this exasperated look about him and threw up his hands. Baby wins. 1-0!

When baby is half asleep, he doesn't like to be left alone. Oh no ... he's smart. He'll go hnnhnnhnn, and we'll all go running towards him. His grandma spoil him already lah. Always carrying him. So I let her carry him when he went like that: after feeds and after diapers and he still went hnnhnnhnn at 6 am in the morning, wake grandma up to carry him. heh heh.

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