Wednesday, December 07, 2005

There is a fish.

Well, in case you're asking ... nope, we've decided not to induce after all. :P

Anyway, latest haul: foot cream and scrub. :) Have been waiting soooo long for the sale. Next round Thursday and Friday, most likely. I would always try to stock up my stuffs whenever there is a sale. Makes more sense, ya?

And you know that dearest hubby loves you when he tells you straight to your face that your breath smells of smelly sour feet. After sniffing all over you to find out where that sniff of a smell comes from.


And you take revenge by laughing at him when he gets killed by the dragon. So easy also can die, and so kancheong for what. And you snatched the controller off him and showed him the *correct* way of killing monsters.


And you roll your eyes right up into your head at all the rooms he missed or left unexplored. Perhaps it's time to get the walkthrough? :P

I love him. :) Still. *bleah*

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