Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Thoughts at three thirty something

Dear baby is sleeping ever so sweetly now. Do we wake him up to change his dirty diapers?


Nah ... let him sleep, let him sleep, let him sleep!

He's getting heavy. I'm not very good at carrying him, he seems to be always slipping down me, or else when he smells me, all he wants is food. Darn, mom = milk = food. Always hungry the little fellow! Grrr. Moo moo moo!

I tried singing lullabys to him at night. It goes like that:
the-cradle-YAWN-will-rock-yawnyawnyawn ...

while he stares back as bright-eyed as anything as can be at me.

Definitely not a night person. Singing lullabys at night makes me fall asleep!

P.S: Did I mention? Baby's poo looks like scrambled eggs, the yellow hard boiled yolk type and when it's nice, warm and fresh, it smells like scrambled eggs, the yellow hard boiled yolk type.


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