Monday, December 19, 2005

The past one week

A normal check up ended up with us going straight down to the hospital. Well, not straight down, we went home to pack, cooked dear hubby a quick lunch, cleared a quick nervous stomachache and ended up Doc waiting for the patient, not the other way round.


So there I was, still smsing my friends, and chatting on the phone while lying propped on the pillows, when the nurse came in to check one more time, and she exclaimed, it's time to start pushing!


The epidural worked so well, although I was poked too many times. We have now officially changed our status to daddy and mummy. :)

For remembrance, baby is bright-eyed and alert, has fine healthy lungs and he's really really cute. :)

He has hubby's nose, my ears; Dad says mouth like hubby's, people says eyes like me. Hmm, they do a thousand and one changes, so we'll see. He definitely has daddy's long legs, and yep ... my big foot.

I felt that the doc was somewhat impatient to get baby out so soon. I remembered feeling a bit abused, and bullied that baby has to come out. It was nice to have baby in tummy. All that lovely touch and thoughts one gets when one rubs the tummy. He was doing perfectly fine, and only PM agreed with me to do it naturally. During the waiting time, I was feeling rather resentful and slightly unhappy. Somehow her reasons weren't clear enough, and sometimes I would feel that way even.

However, there is a certain great relief that all this is over, and one good thing about all this is that now dearest hubby would be around longer to take care of baby and me. And most importantly, everything is all right.

Pain, pain, pain.

I swear that the afterbirth was so much more painful than during birth. My back hurt from all that holes I was poked on! I couldn't sit properly up, and breastfeeding hurt too. Everything hurt so much and for a while in the morning when I was alone, I just couldn't handle so many things.

In the afternoon, the sister came in and asked ever so sweetly, would you like some painkillers? Huh? You mean I can have painkillers one ah! Duh. Why did I not ask for any? :P

Okie, so I'm not so immune to pain too.

Wednesday to Sunday
The days passed by ever so quickly. There are so many things to get used to. Breastfeeding really hurts, no one ever tells me that. Fortunately, the worst has come and gone, and I've quite gotten the hang of that. Baby has extremely strong jaws and will clamp on them, hard. Ouch. But it seems ever so satisfying, still. And I wouldn't know what to do without dearest hubby. He would change the diapers after the feeds, and it's so nice to see him sleeping with baby, with baby on top him. Love him ever so! :)

Had to 'teach' him how to carry baby properly though. He was wondering why baby didn't stop crying when he picked him up, and I showed him to hold baby in a way close to his body, and pat him, sing to him and sway a little. Hubby tried. The holding was perfect. I laughed when I saw him patting baby. Pat dear, not smack. And dear hubby looked so cute dancing in step with baby. :)

Some things to remember:
Baby burps sounding exactly like his daddy. He loves sleeping on his tummy on top of me, or rather he simply loves sleeping on top of us.

Baby is learning to smile nowadays. He would try lifting up one side of his mouth and grin, then quickly looked innocently away. Baby smiles in his light sleep, especially when he hears our voices.

When he phuts (farts and poos, that is ... they sound like phut when they come out) between feeds, he would stop in the middle of sucklng and concentrate real hard to get that really loud phuuuuut out. Then he would go back to his sucking and pretended nothing has happened.

Baby cries like an alarm clock. He goes from quiet hnnhnnhnnhnn to normal loudness hnnhnnhnn to loud wahwahwah, and only very rarely when he's really angry and upset that he'll scream his lungs out. But he quietens down very quickly. Such a good baby eh? :)

Nowadays he seems to be sleeping so well at night, until I have to wake him up to feed him! Not sure if that is supposed to be worrying or not, but it does give me some control over my sleep. It's easier to wake up and feed baby than to be woken up rudely by his crying and feeling too sleepy to move.

And saying that, I should be getting back to sleep before his next feed. :P

One last note:
Perhaps old wife's tales are true. I came home and headed straight for a hot shower. Cannot stand it, stressed what. Came out and felt decidedly light-headed, and weak. Had to lie in bed for a while. :P I'm feeling achy and headachy now. Perhaps that is due to carrying baby and hunching over him and all those bad postures. But who knows right? *bleah*

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