Saturday, December 03, 2005

Forgotten Little Things and New Resolutions

How could I have forgotten? I'm still looking for the lovely song Sekai No Yakusoku. Hopefully to be sung by Yumi Kimura. Perhaps I ought to go CD shopping. Sometimes the house is so quiet, and the music is still. Sometimes I really ought to play more music at home. There must be more new beautiful music out there.

I've always only been cooking Chinese only. Time to try out new stuffs. Perhaps pasta, meatballs, and all kinds of Western stuffs? Perhaps baking too? Strange desserts and all that? Hmm, can the microwave oven bake?

And there are still a few baby stuffs to get. Oh, what are they? What else do we need? Poor baby, nothing much for him yet. Procastination, that's it.

Sometimes I think dear hubby and I should be more adventurous. We always go back to the same place to eat, where we know it's cheap and safe. Perhaps we should try elseplace. Otherwise it's always homecooked food. And I'm always only making Chinese. Simple. Like dinner for yesterday was simple steamed fish and stir-fry vege. He doesn't complain, but it's starting to feel so monotonous. Mundane. A little change might be interesting.

Perhaps I shall buy Japanese rice and make sushi. :P Perhaps I shall try a little baking before baby comes.


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