Friday, December 23, 2005

My Little Baby

Sometimes I'm still nitpicking over the fact that the epidural wasn't very well inserted, and it was too strong. So strong till I couldn't really feel the contractions coming. And there wasn't anyone there. What if? What if? Wouldn't it harm the baby if the mother couldn't feel the contractions and didn't start pushing and there wasn't anyone around?

Perhaps next time when PM gets out I'll go and see her instead. There are some people you feel you can trust and others which you can't really.


I should stop thinking about that. Baby is well and healthy. See, I shall follow everyone and put up a pic of my dear little baby. Isn't he looking so sweet? :) He's getting fat now. Plumb cheeks, juicy thighs. heh heh. And he's sleeping on my lap right now while I'm typing this. :)

Baby less than a week old :)

We went out to watch King Kong the other night. It seemed that everyone said it was a good movie. I think it was terrible. Really boring, but rather entertaining. Spoilers ahead, some stuffs I need to get off my chest!

1. Can't stand the actress. She can only do one type of expression! The big wide eyes and open mouth look. I guess it would actually look nice if she doesn't have buck teeth. After the upteenth time of looking at that stupid expression, I definitely felt sick. :P

2. It was too much of a rojak. There were the strange natives, dinosaurs?, giantic insects, and too many loose ends. Very chop chop, and cheesy. What happened to the natives after that? Where did they disappear too? Why did the giant insects not attack them in the ravine until one of them woke up and threw a flare to light up the area? They should be killed immediately while they were unconscious!

3. All the characters were definitely one-dimension. And there were too many characters. What happened to Jimmy? What happened to the Captain? Weren't the ship crew supposed to be transporting animals? When did they become vertern soldiers? And what extremely cheesy and silly lines they made! Whatever the first mate said to Jimmy. So duh and out of character!

4. The captain was all set to leave the place. Called for drastic move. Everything to be thrown overboard! Then when Brody rushed out and exclaimed, she's gone! They did a 180 degrees turn and decided to go back for her. Duh.

5. The scene when KK played on the ice with his barbie doll. Duh.

6. The empire state scene. Did you realise that the propellor planes were shooting with a machine gun. And that King Kong is a very HUGE ape? And that when the bullets hit the poor monkey, the wound was actually proportionate to the monkey? When did the bullets become so big? Duh.

7. Peter Jackson should just stick to making fantasies. Some of his breath-takingly beautiful cut scenes are just soooo out of place in the whole movie. So drama. *rolls eyes* And did you wonder, why did the natives stronghold reminds you so strongly from LOTRs the evil overload's stronghold? You know ... the gate part? Where Frodo and Sam and whatistname climbed into? Soooo familiar! I bet he recycled his stuffs. Don't waste. Dinosaurs looked like they're from the series 'Walking with Dinos'. Duh duh duh.

And there are many other things that I just have to roll my eyes. And it's too long. 3 hours plus. Duh. Perhaps he should just concentrate on King Kong in New York and forget about the rest. Or make a new show entirely. Or something. If you ask me, definitely not worth watching. *bleah*

Okie, the only thing I find funny is the guy who is the 'actor' in the movie. He, at least, is the smartest guy in the movie. Survival ya? And he speaks the most sense. heh. Damn, the last line said by whatistname? Beauty killed the Beast. Wah lao, I want to bang head leow.

*rolls eyes* :P :P

Okie, so I've never watch the original. heh.

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