Friday, December 02, 2005

Gubby gubby Friday

There are days when one wakes up and feels like an extremely uncooperative and grouchy wombat. With a sore leg. And that's how it is. It doesn't help that the Sun is shining so happily and HOT, you'd wish that it would just disappear behind a cloud and don't even peek out! You just want to draw the curtains and go back to sleep, but there's breakfast to be made, and there's a lazy cat waiting to be fed.


Thoughts of going yoga is thrown out of the window. It's too hot to get out of the house. hahaha. Not a very good excuse, a better one would be didn't sleep well last night because leg was aching. And it was a damn warm night.

And you're just feeling grouchy and lazy. Because the day is too bright for the eyes.

Nothing can ever be right eh?


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