Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Throughout the night

My dear baby doesn't seem to want to sleep when it comes to night. I am too sleepy to argue with him. Last night seemed to be another of those bad nights. Made worse by him regurgitating his milk onto me, my pillows, my bed ... and leaking his pee onto my side of the bed. Humf. I think dear hubby didn't put on the last nappy properly. Too sleepy to do so perhaps? :X One thing for sure, baby dearest loves to pee when dearest hubby removes his dirty nappies. hahaha. Hasn't done that to me yet, except once. :P

So this morning, when I'm finally feeling human again, I bundled him off for a bath after he finishes his morning drink. A quick wash, some new clothes and there ...

He's a new baby again. He gets to wear nice new clothes from Auntie Min. heh heh :) and what? More milk? I'm not starving him okay! See his little nose? Clawed that piece of skin off. Tsk tsk.

Today is our wedding anniversary. What shall we do? :) Last night we went out for a nice dinner, without baby. It's nice to go out from time to time.

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