Thursday, December 01, 2005


There's always something lost in the retelling of stories. Something which may seemed exciting, furious, passionate may lose some of its ooohm, and a feeling of lassitude palls over your emotions.

So I leaned onto the horn furiously when the F*** of a taxi-driver stopped right in front of me. And we were on the THIRD lane. THIRD!!!! To pick up a passenger. He didn't even have the courtesy or common sense to filter and stop at the side lane! Wah lao, so damn bloody f***ing dangerous! Stupid passenger of course ran out onto the road to the waiting taxi. I wouldn't have been so annoyed but I was in the middle of accelerating and changing lanes, and there could easily had been an accident! How terrible some people are!

And earlier, just a few seconds ago, some dumb jay-walker was running across the road, wearing dark clothings, and I almost missed her too. Bloody f*cking O road and the stupid people on the streets. They want to get killed don't damage my car!

And much much earlier, I was already on tenterhooks because the handbrake wasn't working at all now. And there was a slope I had to stop on. Damn damn and damn.

Oh well .... rant over.


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