Friday, December 02, 2005

No more cookies

It's December already! Sometimes one just cannot believe how fast time flies. Looking back at what I did last December, hmm ... doesn't seem to be very much either. Was busy with getting ready to move house. This year seems even worse. Very boring actually.

And one interesting I found, last year dear hubby was busy playing Half Life 2. This year? He's busy playing some online computer game. *rolls eyes* Some things will never change. Heh. I feel soooo neglected. :P

Anyway, I'm bored to death. Yep. Bored. I guess I need to do things constantly. Find new stuffs to do, being kaypoh or something, or just keep myself meaningfully occupied. It's so easy to fall into a spiral of depression because there doesn't seem to be anything meaningful doing. I mean, all my friends are so busy with their work, and I can't really go out much, and there really isn't much things to do around the house, and I am SOOO unmotivated.


*kok myself*

I think I actually miss going out with Wen. Shessh. It would be nice going for nice English Tea again, but one can't even get to dress up nicely for it. So no point too. *sniff* I guess in Feb then, when she can finally go on leave.

Oh well.

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